OtardDolls Reborn Doll 22" Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Soft Vinyl Doll Children Gifts (Snowflake Girl) Sweet babydoll review..

The size of the doll is good. The limbs are harder more like vinyl...the head is small. Its not in proportion with the body. The face is adorable. The doll is not an authentic reborn babydoll like you would see in you tube videos. However, those dolls are much more money. The doll is very stuffed which makes it impossible for her head to sit properly. The paint reminds me of the paint you would find on any other doll. This doll cannot pass for an infant. With that being said, she is quite adorable. A child would love her! And i think she would fit in real newborn baby clothes but i havent tried any on her. Again, she really does have a beautiful face. I never intended to take her out on a stroll so she will do fine for me. I am an adult doll lover.
OtardDolls Reborn Doll 22

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