Captain America: Civil War (Plus Bonus Features) 'MARVEL KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!'

Marvel studios have finally outdone themselves with Captain America: Civil War,the film is the collimation of eight years of fantastical film making, this film handles it's characters in the best of ways by expanding and developing the already introduced Marvel superheroes that we have come to know and love, whilst ingeniously introducing new characters into the midst of the Marvel Film Universe whom all deliver a breath taking performance in their respective roles. The plot focuses on Steve Rogers/Captain America leading a newly formed task force of super-powered heroes; The Avengers into battle in their ongoing mission to restore peace and justice to a chaotic world, while a reluctant and guilt consumed Tony Stark/Iron man sides with the American government to put the avengers 'into check'. The two's different ideologies result in a civil war between the earth's mightiest heroes, feeding our eyes and ears with awe filled action scenes and a superbly executed plot. By any standards, Captain America three is definitely a 'dream come true' and a new record set by the Russo brothers (the directors) in terms of Comic-book inspired film making, undoubtedly a 'must-see', I'm giving it a score of: 9/10 - 'DAMN NEAR PERFECTION'.
Captain America: Civil War (Plus Bonus Features) 'MARVEL KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!'

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