Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll So cute!

I got this Melissa & Doug doll for my niece for her 2 year old birthday. She just loved it and it was really cute and the perfect size for her. It comes with a cute potty that the doll can use after drinking water from the bottle that comes with her. This was great because my niece is starting to potty train, so it will help her out to put her doll on the potty too. The doll also comes with a pacifier and a diaper. She is wearing panties under her cute dress and hat. Her eyes also open and close so she can really take a nap at nap time. I love all things Melissa & Doug and this doll did not disappoint. Annie, her clothes, and accessories all seem very well made and they should last quite awhile, even in the hands of a 2 year old. Just look at that face :D
Melissa & Doug Annie Drink & Wet Doll So cute!

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