Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset

Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset
  1. Explore the world of medicine with Barbie
  2. Barbie's two baby patients come with their own exam table and tubs
  3. Give these babies a clean bill of health with the stethoscope, baby towels, bottle, and medical chart
  4. Spin the mobile, give babies a bath, or create your own imaginative stories
  5. Barbie is dressed as a real nurse with scrubs and professional white shoes
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Bought as a Christmas present for a 13 year old who still enjoys barbies. Love this! brought me back to my Barbie days!

$10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba

Great set!

5 stars

This is a great fun set! My kids love playing with this! They put the babies into the crib and high chair that came with their doll house.
The babies are 2 inches long and are very cute. Their neck doesn't move but their arms move up and down and their legs move up and down but only a little.
The barbies left arm stays bent to hold the babies and her right arm moves up and down, her legs move up and down, and her neck moves side to side.

$10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba $10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba $10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba $10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba

Great packaging

5 stars

Happily surprised that the box arrived undamaged as this is for a gift.
All parts are intact

$10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba

I bought this for my 4 year old daughter and she was so thrilled that her Barbies could now have babies to take care of. The playset comes with a blonde Dr. Barbie in scrubs with a stethoscope and white detailed doctor shoes, 2 babies, a changing table with two removable baby beds, and a few small bottle accessories for the babies that are sure to get lost. She loves the babies, but I'm disappointed that they can't sit up - their arms are movable, but the legs don't budge, so they can only lay down. The changing table is made of cheap feeling plastic so I'm not sure how long that will last and the mobile over the changing table doesn't even spin. I also don't like that Barbie's legs don't bend at all and neither do her arms - she can't even hold the baby really because one arm sticks straight out.

What I'm most disappointed about is that Barbie has a huge bald spot in the back of her head right out of the box (see attached photo). I can't believe that Mattel thinks that passes a quality control check. Barbie is in need of some Rogaine!! I've purchased many Barbies for my daughter over the last few years and just like all the others in recent years, the hair feels almost greasy and thin and gets frizzy very quickly. I always have to put their hair in a pony tail to try to prevent that. Mattel needs to bring back the high quality hair of the Barbies I had in the 1990s because what they are selling now is way overpriced for the lacking quality. $24 for the playset when all I really wanted was the babies is too much, especially when it comes with a BALDING Barbie.

$10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba


2 stars

Not too happy with this specific barbie's quality. Her hair is that cheap bleached looking type that feels like fishing wire and it is not even covering her entire head. It looks like her hair is thinning lol. I'm including pictures of a 'bald' spot. Also the actual plastic for the baby holder thingy, looks cheap too. I haven't opened this for my daughter as of yet because I was kind of unsure about keeping or returning, but this has babies and the babies are okay. I actually bought this one at for $19.99 because it was almost $40 here on Amazon. I don't think it is worth more than $15 :/ honestly. Cute idea though.

$10 Barbie TOYS_AND_GAMES toy barba

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