The Huntsman: Winter's War - Extended Edition

The Huntsman: Winter's War - Extended Edition
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I really really enjoyed this movie. I don't see why everyone was bashing it so much. Was a bit predictable? Yes, but aren't all movies? I have to admit, Freya is my favorite character. Emily Blunt just portrays her and her emotions-or lack thereof-so well! And the banter between the dwarves and the Huntsmen is hilarious. The fight scenes are pretty cool too. And the ending is quite....emotional, but a good ending. You will be pleased with it.

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

I do have to say that this is a pretty good "prequel/sequel" to the original movie a few years ago. It basically gives you a backstory to the two sisters and Eric/his love for the woman he thought was dead. Well done! No Kristen Stewart in this one, but we do see a scene where her character has her backed turned to the camera in front of the mirror the Wicked Stepmother used. While that mirror still was in the Castle of Snow White, I will never know. lol While on route by Snow White's soldiers to take the mirror out of her Kingdom, they encounter trouble. The mirror ends up missing and The Huntsman is once again called upon to recover it, with the help of some dwarfs and his former wife, so he thinks.
All in all, a great one here and it looks really good in 2160p on the Ultra 4K TV.
Everyone does a great job in their respective roles.

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

This the story as it began....and beyond.
When her young baby daughter has seemingly been killed by her lover 'Freya' (Emily Blunt) uses her long-since
forgotten 'Ice-Powers' to vent her grief killing him.
After which she abandons her sister 'Queen Ravenna's' (Charlize Theron) kingdom to create one of her own in
the north.
The kingdom she builds is in effect an ice-bound world, she commands that there will be no love in her domain..
she sets out to create an elite army with children trained-up to become her all-conquering soldiers...among those
'Eric' (Chris Hemsworth) and 'Sara' (Jessica Chastine)....the two after years of fighting for 'Queen Freya' break the
golden rule by falling in love and marrying.
The Queen confronts the two and creates an ice-wall to separate them, 'Eric' is cast out of the kingdom believing
'Sara' to have been killed....
Many years have passed, seven years after the evil sorceress 'Ravenna' had been killed, 'Queen Snow White' has
fallen ill after hearing 'Ravenna's' magic-mirror calling her.
'Snow White' orders that the mirror be taken to a safe place where it can do no more harm, however en-rout the
mirror goes missing.
'Eric' who these days ekes out an existence living of the fruits of the forest is asked as a fabled Huntsman to track
down the mirror and prevent it falling into the wrong hands.
'Eric' is joined by two dwarfs on his mission, when attacked by Huntsman in the service of 'Queen Freya' they are
saved by 'Sara' who 'Eric' had thought dead all these long years, but where do her loyalties really lie ??
The Mirror now in 'Freya's' using the words 'Mirror Mirror on The Wall who is the Fairest of Them All'
she draws out, unexpectedly 'Ravenna' who's spirit had been trapped in the mirror these last seven years....
'Ravenna' demands control of her sisters army so she can march upon 'Snow White's' forces and reclaim the Kingdom.
Can 'Eric' and his small band prevent 'Ravenna' from imposing her evil intent upon the Kingdoms in the South ??
The Story will i'm certain is not the end ?
Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron revisit their roles from 'Snow White and the Huntsman' to again fight the
battle of Good versus Evil
The fairy tale continues, though Snow White is nowhere to be seen, she remains a key-figure in the plot...
With much light humour and some enjoyable fight-sequences along with the visual powers of Freya and Ravenna
the film is an enjoyable spectacle and is in my opinion certainly the equal in terms of entertainment-value to 'Snow
White and the Huntsman'
The presentation has both the 'theatrical and extended version on-board along with the option on the two-discs to
view in either 3-D or Blu-ray.
A word of caution for younger viewers there is some coarse language along the way.
Features -
Gag Reel
Dressed to Kill
Love Conquers All
Behind the Scenes with the Cast
Blu-ray Exclusives -
The Two Queens and Two Warriors
Deleted Scenes with Commentary
Meet the Dwarfs
Magic All Around
A Look at the Visual-Effects
Directors Commentary with Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white $14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white


4 stars

I like this movie , even though it didn't do well. I never listen to the critics .

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

Three Stars

3 stars

Was written very well....

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

I stopped watching movies for a little while cause I just wasn’t into sitting down and watching someone else’s version of a beloved story like Divergent, the Hunger Games, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Perpetual Children, shall I go on? I loved all these movies don’t get me wrong! But I just imagined the characters so differently and the stuff they leave out and add in and ug! But when I saw this movie at work I had to grab it. I loved the first one and really wanted to see the second. With Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, and of course Charize Theron coming together for round two, this movie really hits you with a bang.
The humor is something that really wasn’t in the first one which was somewhat refreshing in such an intense film. The action is intense, the effects are intense, the characters are intense. Intense is just a great word for this work. The storyline is simple. Love will conquer all. Or will it? This movie explores how true love can bring people together in harmony, and destroy the soul.
Now me being a fashion major I couldn’t help but look at the costumes that the queens wore especially and oh my gosh! They were absolutely incredible. I wanted to become an actress just so I could wear those stunning gowns and capes and jewelry. 
 Overall, I liked the movie. There was action, eye candy, beautiful clothes, and a good story. So I was a happy viewer.

$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

One Star

1 stars


$14.99 Chris Hemsworth DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download snow white

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