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This was my 5th Pink Floyd 2016 Reissue/Remaster vinyl AlbumI had bought because the other four were absolutely perfect. "The Wall" was exceptional as well. The sound is absolutely incredible and packaging was exactly as it was in 1979 and if I dare say so, even better quality. I've never been disappointed with these reissues so you can bet that I will buy another one! My next will be "Meddle." Highly recommended!

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Pink Floyd's eleventh studio album The Wall was released in December of 1979 and is a classic and regarded as the band's most ambitious masterwork.
This double album ranks up there with other noted classic rock double studio albums like The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Tommy, Exile on Main Street, Quadrophenia, Blonde on Blonde, London Calling, The White Album, Physical Graffiti, Electric Ladyland and many others.
The concept for The Wall still holds up over 30 years after its initial release.
The idea came to bass player/singer Roger Waters whom was upset with himself after spitting on a fan on the last gig of the Animals tour at Montreal's Olympic Stadium.
In 1978, Roger was writing and recording demos that would become The Wall (many to appear on the Immersion Version in 2012). Meanwhile, drummer Nick Mason was off producing other acts (ranging from punk rockers The Damned to prog rocker Steve Hillage) whilst the other two principle Pink Floyd songwriters whom were guitarist/singer David Gilmour and keyboard player Rick Wright were recording their first solo albums in France which both came out in 1978.
In late 1978 the band, along with KISS/Alice Cooper/Peter Gabriel/Lou Reed producer Bob Ezrin, began demoing the songs for The Wall at Britannia Row Studios in London (these too are to appear on the Immersion Version in 2012).
The band properly began recording The Wall in April of 1979 in two studios in France (and later at studios in Los Angeles and New York) with Waters, Gilmour, Ezrin and engineer James Guthrie producing to avoid the crazy English tax laws as the band was almost bankrupt due to their agents stealing the money in a way that they still owed the British tax companies taxes.
All of the songs, save four, were written by Roger. The album's three best tracks "Young Lust", "Comfortably Numb" and "Run Like Hell" were co-written by Gilmour. Then, "The Trial" was co-written by Ezrin.
The Wall was a concept album which told the story of a character named Pink (a composite of Roger Waters and Floyd co-founder Syd Barrett).
After we begin with the bombast rock of "In the Flesh?", The Wall story begins when Pink goes through a traumatic childhood of losing his father in war ("The Thin Ice" and "Another Brick in the Wall (pt.1)"), cruel sarcastic teachers ("The Happiest Days of Our Lives", the chart-topping single "Another Brick in the Wall (pt.2)"), an overbearing mother ("Mother"), problems with adolescence ("Goodbye Blue Sky") problems with success ("Empty Spaces"), relationship troubles ("Young Lust" (wife leaves him), "One of My Turns" (snapping when the groupie comes in room and many other problems (like the wife beating in "Don't Leave Me Now") one goes through before walling himself off from the rest of the world ("Another Brick in the Wall (pt. 3)" and "Goodbye Cruel World").
The second disc starts with Pink walled off from society (starting with the classic "Hey You" and "Is There Anybody Out There?") then ponders his life in a hotel room ("Nobody Home") and thinks back to his father's death ("Vera" and "Bring the Boys Back Home"). The highlight of the album is "Comfortably Numb" which tells the tale of Pink being confronted by a doctor to take something before he could go on with the show. The song was first intended for David Gilmour's 1978 solo debut but was thankfully left off and saved for The Wall. The track is a classic and is always in the Top 10 greatest rock song/guitar solo polls! The track "The Show Must Go On" is Pink being led to the show and then as a fascist dictator Pink is performing like a madman as depicted in "In the Flesh", "Run Like Hell" and "Waiting For the Worms" before having his own trial ("Stop" and "The Trial") and is ordered to knock down his wall to start life fresh ("Outside the Wall").
Band turmoil during 1979 reached an all-time high and Roger eventually kicked Rick Wright out of the band citing Rick wasn't doing squat when in fact Roger was setting Rick up to fail from the word go. Rick was let go but stayed to finish the album and did The Wall shows in 1980/81 as a paid musician (the other three members lost money from staging the shows). Rick played on most of the album (even co-producer James Guthrie stated Rick played on more of The Wall than given credit) as does Nick whom is not on drums for half the record (Jeff Porcaro played drums on Mother, Jeff's father Joe played snare drum on Bring the Boys Back Home and there's no drums on some of the tracks).
Despite the band turmoil, The Wall became Pink Floyd's third US chart-topping album (stayed at #1 for 15 weeks), sold over 25 million in the US alone (second highest selling album of original material of all time here in the US and best selling double album ever though some configurations were on one cassette and one heavily edited 8-track cartridge), spawned the greatest rock concerts ever produced (documented on Is There Anybody Out There and many boots available) and a classic film.
As part of the 2011 Why Pink Floyd? campaign, the band re-release this masterwork with a remastered CD painstakingly done by James Guthrie (one of the original co-producers of the album and the engineer of the album) and Joel Plante. Out of the CD issues I have owned of this album, this is probably my favorite version (sure beats the lifeless EMI Europe remasters from 1994) apart from the original vinyl record. Also the booklet is excellent and does a great job replicating the original vinyl LP art apart from the change in color text of front cover writing.
As of 2016, the album has been re-released on Pink Floyd Records (distributed by Sony Music) with different artwork on the CD compared to the Discovery edition from 2011 and 36 plus years on is still the best album of the 1976-83 phase of Pink Floyd (the Roger Waters power trip).
The Wall is still a classic today and is highly recommended!

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink $19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink $19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Grew up listening to Pink Floyd, so of course I had to have this. Definitely worth the money.

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

This is a freaking masterpiece.

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink $19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Considering somehow my original digital purchase of much of this album has vanished from my library after the innovation of the "cloud", I decided to finally buy another copy of the whole thing. IT would be NICE if the damned thing would load correctly. Meaning that the differentiation between album one and album two does not translate into mp3 players or media players, so the albums are overlaid with the SECOND albums tracks playing first, track 1 from album 2, then track 1 from album 1, then track 2 from album 2, and so on. So I have to go in and renumber the tracks, potentially messing up their metadata.

Thanks, as usual, for delivering half-good products and service.

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Like fast shipping. Dislike lack of acoustic dynamics there have been many printings of this album. It’s not exactly the same but maybe it’s my CD player. That’s right. I just blamed it on the equipment.

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Pink Floyd's The Wall double-album is not just a collection of pop and rock songs. It is a sonic saga meant to be auditioned, not just played, from beginning to end. The songs are organized with varying tempos and styles and lyrics in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In between the sequences are a very creative use of spoken words and sound effects. The small handful of singles are meaningless by themselves other than for marketing and promotional purposes. Some of the songs are truly unforgettable like "Vera" and the David Gilmore's amazing guitar-solo in "Comfortably Numb" will leave you awestruck. This is a must-

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

Let me start by saying that this review reflects more the products description and Amazon's handling of this product. The music is awesome and timeless and I will include a section reviewing the actual product that I received below.

Ok, so as some other reviewers have pointed out, there seems to be some kind of mess up on Amazon's side and the "Product Description" section of the items page despite the version that you are actually looking at for purchase is for The Wall - Immersion Box Set. This is a box set with all kinds of little goodies in it, the regular studio recording (remastered), a live recording, demo recordings, a DVD and just all kinds of fun stuff (currently $107.88 on Amazon). I, however was looking to buy The Wall on vinyl and was under the impression from the description that I would be getting all of this great stuff, but in a vinyl format instead of on CD. Simply opening the Amazon box proved me wrong. What I received is exactly what is in the picture that I posted. 2 records and a code to download the mp3's. This is still nice and great, but not what I was expecting.

Once I saw this, I looked into it and found that ALL of The Wall items have the same description which really only describes ONE item. Also, any review left for one item shows on all of the item pages. I would not be surprised if someone reading this is looking at the regular CD, another at the vinyl and maybe even another considering buying a cassette tape. So, as FAIR WARNING, look look look and make sure that you are buying what you think you are buying.

Now, to review the actual item that I received. Mmmmmm Nice! 180 gram vinyl of a classic. It looks, feels and sounds amazing. The only thing even slightly disappointing is that the album cover is just "the wall" bricks and the text "Pink Floyd The Wall" is a sticker stuck to the front. It looks a little cheesy and you can even see the brick lines through the thin sticker. It was a pretty lame choice by the manufacturer, but whatever.
After removing it from the plastic, there is a sticker that falls off of the back. This sticker accurately describes exactly what is included in the package. I am really not sure why it is a sticker, but I am glad that it was not stuck to the back of the album cover.
Opening the package reveals a large poster with The Wall bricks and the lyrics to every song between the folds of the cover. Very nice. :)
Each album is in it's own plastic bag, but also has a thin cardboard slip cover with the lyrics to each side of each disk, very similar to the poster.
Finally, there is another small piece of paper that includes a code for downloading the high quality mp3's.

This is probably the eighth copy of The Wall that I have bought over my life, but the first vinyl copy. Over all, I would say that it was $50 well spent.

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

I received the order and there was 3 damaged vinyl.
The box wasn't damaged.
I am your regular customer and was unplesant surprised.
I can't send back 3 vinils it is very expensive.
What can you offer me as compensation?

$19.99 Pink Floyd DOWNLOADABLE_MUSIC_ALBUM music_download pink

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