adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2 Pack)

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2 Pack)
  1. 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex
  2. Imported
  3. Two-pack of sport-performance boxer briefs each featuring logoed elastic waistband and double-lined mesh support pouch
  4. Smooth non-chafing stitching
  5. 5" Inseam
price 24.99
keywords underwear
rating 4.5
customer reviews 2227
sku B00QG7ZA6U
Category sporting goods
brand adidas
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These are pretty comfortable boxers. The legs don't seem to ride up when worn and the sizing runs slightly on the small side. They are 91% polyester and 9% spandex. They are rather smooth to the touch and they make your jeans seem like the want to slide down, unlike cotton boxers. Overall they are not bad and I would recommend them.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

So far these Adidas athletic briefs have provided me with a snug and comfortable fit while playing tennis, jogging and just walking around the city. But it's not so much what they DO, as what they DON'T DO: 1) They stay in place, never riding up my thighs, even when I'm lunging, twisting and bending. 2) The waistband never digs into my waist, even when I've put on a few extra pounds.

My hunch is that the great fit and feel of the briefs has to do with two factors. First, the briefs have a good shape to them, a good cut, if you will. Second, the material -- 91% Polyester and 9% Spandex -- seems to provide a good level of elasticity and form, which in tandem with the cut of the briefs gives a good, snug fit, but without riding or bunching up in any spots.

Another agreeable aspect to these briefs is that they are super lightweight and feel cool on even the hottest days. And best of all, they come in a 2 pack. I think they're a bargain at this price point.


I am 6'1 & 185 lbs with a 33/34 waist. I purchased the Size Large and they fit me great.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

Balls right

5 stars

These are great. Really excentuates the package.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear


4 stars

Fits well. Will update if I notice anything.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear $24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

What? Why?

3 stars

This has been a great product, in the idea that it does not fit too tightly anywhere, but still fits really well. It's difficult to explain, but has been the best fitting and comfortable work out boxers I've ever purchased, compared to other brands that I've tried.

This is the first product review I am writing on these as I find it kind of odd that the same size across different colors was found to differ as seen in the picture below. The longer ones actually fit better and tend to not "ride up" so much or expose so much of the leg. In other words, I prefer the longer one, but I would have to say that we can all agree that the product should fit the same across any color that's chosen.

Last but not least, I think there needs to be a heavier investment in the available colors. With such a great product, the colors are very boring.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

Had them for 3 months only. Always cold-washed and air-dried on a rack. Then the tops of the waistband started "curling" (pictured). The same thing happened with their " Adidas Men's Relaxed Performance Stretch Cotton Boxer". I've had other brands of sports boxers that lasted years without this issue.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

I wouldn't advise buying for basketball - Doesn't eliminate the chafing etc.
Material is of poor quality, cheaply made.

The Thread in the picture has actually come undone and I have requested a refund.

I am 5'11 168LBS and I ordered the Medium. Fit kind of small when I wear everything else medium.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

Seams will rub

2 stars

They fit nice. Though if you bought these like I did to do sports such as running, they were not good for me. I will say one was a bit better than the other.

The problem is all the seams. They will rub, and cause a sore spot. Why can't companies find a way to reduce the amount of seams or reduce their impact?

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

I bought a pair of these and after wearing just a few times, the waist band has stretched out and become wavy, and totally doesn’t fit me anymore. It’s either defective or terrible quality, and it’s after 30 days now so I can’t send it back. Super disappointed with this purchase...

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

These briefs were balled up inside out, sprayed with perfume and stuffed back in their packaging. I have purchased these briefs in the past and really like the product, but I must admit I was more than a little grossed out with this particular purchase.

$24.99 adidas SPORTING_GOODS sports underwear

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