Classic 8-piece Premium Quality Plastic Tumblers | 4 each: 12-ounce and 16-ounce Clear

Classic 8-piece Premium Quality Plastic Tumblers | 4 each: 12-ounce and 16-ounce Clear
  1. Made in USA | 12-ounce and 16-ounce maximum capacity | BPA-free
  2. Perfect everyday drinking cup; great for indoor dining and outdoor parties
  3. Durable material that will not shatter like glass | top rack dishwasher safe
  4. 3-3/4-inches and 6-inches tall
  5. Set of 8 clear | also available in additional sizes
price 19.99
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rating 4.3
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brand US Acrylic
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This is my second time purchasing these. I bought the first set about 2 years ago and they are still in perfect condition, I just needed more. These are truly high quality acrylic glasses. We have a pool so we use acrylic poolside. They get dropped, we always wash them in the dishwasher and they are still clear and look great!! Best acrylic glasses I have ever bought.

Glass on left 2+ yrs old. If you look closely you can see some scratches. Glass on right is new (already gone through dishwasher a couple of times though).

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

These "glasses" are sturdy, large, and high quality. I've also washed them once on the top rack of the dishwasher just fine. Just be aware that because they don't taper as much as other brands, you will need more space to stack them (they go about 1/2 into each other) and they tend to stick together a bit more than others i've owned. You will need at least 10.5" of height to stack two glasses. I just happen to not have that much height in my cabinet. I'm not downgrading my review of them or anything, but it might be helpful for some of you that have limited storage as i have. Stackability never even entered my mind.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

*update after 2 months*
I was rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher and one of these small cups slipped out of my hand and chipped/cracked after somersaulting down on the dishwasher and then to the floor. A normal glass would have shattered so the plus is that I didn’t have to panic with my 2 year old less than 3 feet away, however it did break easier than I was expecting. This was the first time I’ve dropped one of the cups. I think if I drop another and it breaks then I’ll be more concerned about longevity, just a little disappointing right now. Still 4 stars for nice look and no danger to my children when a cup slips out of my hands.

Original review:
Debated a while between these and the Tritan cups, but I am pleased to say that I like these cups and they cost less than the competitor. They look nice and are very light. They do get water spots quite easy but I wouldn’t say it’s any worse than a glass would be.
They don’t stack inside of each other but I am able to stack the smaller ones on top of each other for space-saving without issue.

Edit to add that I’ve noticed the fit in the dish washer very well! I previously had larger glasses that took up more space in my dishwasher and had to placed in just right to fit—these fit easily anywhere on the top rack.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

Great Product!

5 stars

Wonderful Plastic Glasses! You wouldn't even know that they aren't made of glass until you hold them! They are sturdy and well-made! Perfect for kids! Purchased them for a party and they were great for displaying drinks (haha) and drinking from too.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass $19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

I liked the size and style, but at the bottom of the glasses was a sharp pointed plastic piece that looked like it needed to be taken off. The glasses would not sit flat because this part was longer than the bottom of the glass. When we tried to take them off (we assumed they would just pop off) they were extremely hard to remove. When we finally removed a couple, it left a sharp piece behind that we considered dangerous for kids. We will be returning.

UPDATE: Originally gave these two stars because of the above defect, but company responded immediately and sent me another perfect set at no cost. The new set is exactly what I wanted. Excellent customer service and quick turnaround.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

First, the customer support for US Acrylic is excellent, and if I was rating the company rather than the product, I would give them a full 5 Stars. I received the glasses, used the large 18 oz glasses for water only, hand washed, no hot or cold temperatures, and within two weeks, two of the glasses had cracks in the bottom bases of the glasses. The 14 oz tumblers seemed in good condition, and the cracks did not go all the way through the bases, but my wife and I were afraid to use the glasses in case the cracks worsened. I contacted US Acrylic, and they very readily offered to replace the whole order. While we were waiting for the replacements to arrive, we discovered that one of the two remaining 18 oz glasses also developed a long narrow crack in the base. Considering we don't dishwash or even remotely roughly handle the break resistant glasses, 3 out of 4 cracking is unacceptable quality.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

1. See photo comparison.

2. DON'T trust ANY reviews on quality that are older than 2018.

3. The quality on the US Acrylic tumblers has gone WAY down since 2016.

It's possible that the company has changed hands since then, moved over seas for production, or, are at least in part obtaining some of their product from a third-party, and selling them as their own) as I can't figure out why else they've changed so much in two years; There's just no logic to it, because nothing deters repeat business like surreptitiously replacing a good product with a bad one.


I bought the 14oz rock tumblers two years ago; We liked them so much Hubs jumped back on Amazon a few days back and bought what he thought was replacements for those.

The second I pulled the new tumblers out of their protective sleeves I knew there was something NOT right: The plastic walls are thinner, and, more damning, THE LIP IS SHARP.

Let me repeat: No matter what past reviews say, it's no longer smooth and rounded right where your lips touch the glass, a micrometer below the apex of the tumbler's lip (technically, on that spot where the lip an the side meet), and I can imagine that repeat exposure of one's soft lip-skin to these things cannot be comfortable or sustainable. This sharp edge is probably due to the walls of the tumblers being so much thinner now that they couldn't meet the minimum curve angle required to mold a properly smooth and rounded edge (due to the now-deficient wall depth).

Even stranger, the size of the 14 oz tumblers arrived as 12-oz tumblers. This was NOT an order error on our part: All Hubs did to replace the 14 oz rock tumblers was click "buy again" in our past orders list, but it seems US Acrylic has replaced the 14 oz rock tumbler with the 12 oz tumblers ON THE EXACT SAME PAGE. In other words, there was an unannounced switch-a-roo on the part of the seller that resulted in us automatically purchasing the wrong size and model. IF they don't sell them anymore they should just retire the product via enabling the "No Longer Available" notice on the page.

I have to ask: Did they think no one would notice the difference in any of this? How dumb do they think people are?

This leads me to:

4. The "Classic 16-ounce Premium Quality" tumblers:

We'd also wanted to get some pint glass size of the 14-oz we'd owned since 2016, so he found them through the US Acrylic page. Surprisingly (but not surprisingly :P) , they are of even MORE sub-standard quality than the "replacement" "14"-oz tumblers (that arrived as 12 oz): SHARP LIP. Ridiculously thin plastic, in fact, even thinner than the new 12 oz version.They were clearly NOT manufactured by the same company as the 2016 14 oz tumblers, or even the 2018 12-oz we just received (see photos).

AVOID these if you value consistency, comfort, and basic quality.

P.s. We're sending them all back.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

So I bought another set. These have an ugly plastic notch on the bottom of the cups that the old ones I have didn't have. I'm very disappointed. I guess they changed the mold.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

Do not buy!

1 stars

So bad. One night of use, not even dropped. The next day it's cracking all over.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass


2 stars

I’m giving this two stars for inconsistent sizing & not getting what I ordered. I ordered one multi size of 4-14oz & 4-16oz to see if we liked them. We liked them so I ordered a second set of the multi size. My second order had different size (smaller cups) than my first order. We were suppose to get 4-14oz and 4-16oz, but instead of getting 14oz we got 4-12oz with our 4-16oz. The cups are different size width and just don’t match. The 12oz cups fit inside the 14oz cups as they are more narrow width. I’m really disappointed. We’ve had the cups for a few weeks and they seem to be holding up well. They look like glass, but feels like a durable plastic.

$19.99 US Acrylic KITCHEN  glass

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