Melissa & Doug Doll Accessories Bundle

Melissa & Doug Doll Accessories Bundle
  1. TWO BABY DOLL SETS IN ONE: The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set consists of two individual sets: The Diaper Bag and the Baby Food & Bottle Set.
  2. BABY-FEEDING ACCESSORIES: The feeding set includes an easy-close embroidered bib, disappearing orange juice and milk bottles, a divided dish, two jars of pretend food, a spoon, and a spork.
  3. COMPLETE CHANGING SET: The Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Accessories Changing Set includes a cloth diaper with self-stick closure, a plastic wipes dispenser with six removable wipes, and a jar of pretend ointment.
  4. GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS 3 TO 6: This toy set is an ideal gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years. Add the Melissa & Doug Annie 12? Drink & Wet Doll to round out the caregiving play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.
  5. “THE GOLD STANDARD IN CHILDHOOD PLAY”: For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.”
  6. 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: We design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts. If your child is not inspired, give us a call and we'll make it right. Our phone number is on every product!
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I bought these accessories to go with my daughter's Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Maria doll. The jar lids really open, the wipes container opens to REAL dry baby wipes, and the liquid in the bottles empties and fills back up. The diaper and bib are easy to put on and take off a baby doll, and the diaper bag fits all of the accessories as well as several baby additional baby clothes. It really is a cute bundle of baby doll products, and I am very happy with this purchase.

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys $10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

Everything that a little girl needs to take care of her dolly. It has been a lot of fun watching her be the "mommy". Imagination play for a three year old. Perfect size for toddler hands. Best of all it comes with a BAG to hold it all instead of having pieces of it going all over the place. The bag has velcro at the tops to help keep the pouches closed. We also purchased a Melissa and Doug doll that comes with a potty chair and water bottle. It has been super using both "kits" for potty training. This bundle comes with "diaper underwear" and "diaper wipes". We use those also in the "potty training" routine.

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my 2 year old daughter. She's a huge baby doll fanatic. When she opened this she promptly stopped opening gifts and spent the next two hours taking care of all of her babies! It wasn't until later that afternoon that she was interested in opening the rest of her presents.

It has only been a couple of days, but she can't get enough of this set. Sometimes I'll realize that the house has gotten very quiet, I'll see her in her room feeding, changing, and rocking her babies. It's great seeing her pretend play so sweetly and peacefully!

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

We like it

5 stars

While the bag does not close with everything inside and the closures are not very good, this is an adorable and playful bundle. My daughter likes to play picnic and this works very well. The "wipes" are long gone (lol) but she enjoyed taking them out of the container. This works with all kinds of dolls, stuffed toys or puppets and she plays with it, or parts of this, often.

The wipes container is still a favorite and usually houses some small unrelated toy (and once toilet paper). Since we've had this for over 6 months some of the toys have been mixed with others, and truly this goes together with dolls or my daughters stuffed dog who also needs milk and juice :)

This toy was not a huge hit at Christmas. However, months later, it gets used over and over. I like that we can use the bag to place play food items and put the toys away.

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys $10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

The set came missing pieces. I don't have time to return it due to the fact it's a gift I need in 2 days. The little fork and spoon is missing from the package.

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys $10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

This is a cute set and perfect for our toddler. However, the quality is not what I expected from Melissa and Doug products. Sticker labels on the toys were upside down and not easily fixable (see photo).

$10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys $10 Melissa & Doug TOYS_AND_GAMES toy baby doll toys

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