SteelForce .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun

SteelForce .177 Caliber Steel BB Airgun
  1. 300 round reservoir
  2. Powered by two 12 gram CO2 capsules
  3. Select fire with a 6 shot burst "full auto" mode and a single shot semi-auto
  4. Flip up front and rear sights
  5. Polymer, collapsible stock
  6. M4-style BB machine
  7. 6-shot burst and 300-round BB reservoir
  8. Powered by a 12-gram CO2 capsule
  9. 430-FPS
price 105
keywords co2 bb gun
rating 3.1
customer reviews 349
sku PY-3105
Category sporting goods
brand Umarex
availability in stock


I'm currently without a Steel Force again for the 6th time returning these poorly designed and flawed guns. After calling Umarex again and again, I finally spoke with someone who said it's the gear wheel that breaks and Umarex USA is are nothing more shipping center share with Walther firearms,that send out new guns that are under currently under warrenty. Also they don't carry spare parts and confessed the employees are not gun tech's. She claimed there are very few Steel Forces out there that have "not broke yet" as she was claiming only a matter of time before they do. Umarex Germany is aware of the problem and does nothing as of yet to fix this gear wheel flaw. BUYER BEWARE the chances your gun will prolly break but when u call them ask for Umarex to pay for your shipping ( as they did for me several time ) and be ready to have it break over and over again with no idea if they will ever fix this designer ongoing flaw of 3 years!

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun $105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

An excellent adittion for small pest control, or plinking; this gun exceeds the expectations.

Light weight polimer Body, steel barrel, and low profile fixed sights gives this weapon a durable, flexible performance.

The FPS vary some even exceed the 460 mark for single shot, it drops on burst fire but not too much, and with picattiny rails makes this a very adaptable platform for most plinking or varmint hunting. Don't forget to Add a sight, holo preferable, a grip with light, UTG brand and A laser light for added fun!

Pros: • Rapid Fire, 6 rounds per burst 30 bb per mag, 300 rounds inside the Inner Drum.
• 3 Picatinny Rails so 1 for the scope and 2 attachment.
• Retractible stock which equals 3 preferences: SMG, Carabine, Assault Rifle (considering length).
• Light weight and little to no recoil.
• Accurate most of the time

• there are ways to mod the gun to work full auto.

Cons: - consumes two Co2 cylinder per 200 to 300 shots.
- Needs lubrication some times as some firing mechanisms tend to get dry.
- Some users report leaks, some report inner pieces break.

- shoots stray bbs sometimes.
- you have to shake it to reload the 30 round clip, as there is no crank or motorized gears to feed the clip.

I like it even with its design flaws as not all of them are fixable and, people with little knowledge on gun smithing are able to fix it (Warning the gun Tends to spring apart if not opened carefully.)

Hope it helps!.

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun $105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun $105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

Well, mine worked right out of the box, (don't forget to fully seat the magazine and pull the charging handle) A load of fun for sure. Eats BB's and CO2 cartridges very quickly, good thing both are very reasonably priced these days (I remember my first C02 pistol, probably around 1988, there was no such thing as a 40 pack of cartridges for 20 bucks! It seems to be a full scale M-16 but with an 11" barrel (which I really dig) I think I'll finally pull the trigger on that SBR tax stamp and build my next AR exactly like this one. I've got boxes full of AR accessories that I've used on previous rifles, so mine got a tactical illuminator, a reflex sight, and a vertical foregrip and a tactical sling. I'll try to post a pic.

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

In love with it came so early I couldn't believe it I totally love this it's so much fun it's unbelievable thanks guys I'd tell anyone to buy this
If your a gun lover ! Get one ! I live in the uk and it was well worth the money and a weeks wait so pleased

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

Those fine, hard working elves @ UMAREX have produced an AIR WEAPON that will exceed your wildest dreams, Those of you that have a 'STEEL STORM" know the 'power'. This ALL plastic rifle will out do the storm in the areas of noise, ease of mounting scopes' hardware etc. (DAMN! There are so MANY variations available-this thing 'bristles' with
Such a 'clone' of the M-16/AR-15 I've had former Service members/gun owners that really feel this gun's simulation is so good that they being used @ home instead of the range saving lots on ammo.
If you're looking for that "FIRST" airgun this is it.
SUPPRESSOR - Made with a 4" POP-UP LAWN SPRINKLER CASING **-->(see the suppressor pix in my STEEL STORM review)<<**
+UPDATE+ Wlile doing some 'PM' on my Steel Force thought about trying the same suppression materials I adapted to my Steel Storm on the 'Force'. Cut the 5/8" grommet attached it to the bottom of the 'Force's barrel . With pressure and twisting at the same time the 4" pop up underground lawn sprinkler casing makes for a perfect fit! It really make this piece even more impressive (and of course quiets it)! Have pic's but it seems that Amazon won't let you post them. When this feature is up I'll share 'em. Snip

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -------------------------------------- <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
UPDATE: This wonder gun DIED on me! To the Month--- April 2013-April 2015! TWO years! ---Those who bitch about the quality of these guns must be cursed! Realize this: After the 2 years of use I have LOTS of empty BB Containers,-- well OVER 10 ..., @ 6,000 per bottle. Got to be that thru its 'brief' life I fired over a whopping 60,000+ shots!
Purchase price of this weapon came to about $45 bucks a year!
Yep, sure scored another.......!!

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun $105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun $105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

Great rifle I'm really fun to carry and shoot products came as advertised and was shipped and delivered within a week I immediately mounted a red dot scope and I've been hitting targets at 30 yrdz dead to rights. I still have about 35 CO2 cartridges left but I will buy the bulk air system as unlimited maximum velocity sounds like a blast. Also the Bull air is enticing due to the known fact that the CO2 cartridges get cold when shot rapidly especially burst mode this diminishing velocity. reports of people using 20 pound bottles are shooting for hours upon hours on burst mode with no drop and velocity. This gun is great for mounting on the wall it's great for getting used to handling an AR and it's insanely addictive to shoot. I also mounted a flashlight on the right side of the quad rail system as well as a fore grip and the single point sling adapter good to go

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

[[VIDEOID:b21bd08943b82749acc11856086d4cb4]] I bought this gun off of eBay so this technically qualifies as a buyer's product review.

Wow this gun is amazing. It packs so much power for such a low price. This gun shoots 4.5mm steel BBs not airsoft BBs. It's also powered by CO2 and has an internal blowback system which is super-cool. Great for plinking and makes an awesome movie prop. Just shoot blanks and add the muzzle flash effects in post. Very solid feel, although it's plastic. Could be better quality plastic, for sure, but still solid nonetheless. Haven't had any problems.

- Cheap
- Solid
- Super fun to shoot. Semi-auto and 6-round burst! Sounds awesome too!
- Plenty of rail space to mount your favorite accesories
- AR-15 styled. Looks mucho-tactical
- 300 BB hopper and 30 round "mag"

- Plastic could be better. But still, solid build
- If you shoot too fast it chills the CO2 so performance slightly decreases
- Pop-up sights are a joke. Non-adjustable
- No sling mounts. There's one on the stock but you'll have to buy a sling adapter
- LOUD. If you have paranoid neighbors this could be a problem. Luckily, Madbull makes a mock surpressor that will fit called the Gemtech HALO.

Overall, for $100 bucks you can't go wrong with this gun! I'm knocking off one star because of the build quality but if it was a little better ABS or polymer I'd definitely give it a 5-star review!

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

I bought one of these as it is unique, but after about a thousand shots the trigger stopped. It would not activate anymore.
I took it apart only to see it was a horribly cheap sealed unit, not worth the $120-150 that these things sell for.

BEWARE,,,, if you buy this gun it has a VERY short life span. It's really a cool design and fun as hell to shoot, just not too much as it's just 2 sides clam shelled over a pot metal insert that is very unreliable.
Hopefully in the future Umarex will offer a better quality semi/burst BB rifle, but for now, My Crosman 1077 rules..!

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

***UPDATE: The gun died. Just slowly died. First I needed to pull the charging handle back when switching from safe-semi, and from semi-6 round burst modes. Then it was after every burst, or every few semi shots. Finally it stopped firing all together. This seems to be a common problem. I haven't even had the gun for 90 days yet. I'll be contacting Umarex tomorrow. Let's see how they handle things. Maybe they'll earn an extra star for their responsiveness...

I've only just gotten back into the wonderful hobby of BB shooting and God above how it's changed!! Before I could only have dreamed about a gun like this!!

After 14 years in the Army I had grown quite accomplished at firing my M16 A1 and later the A2 and I missed it very much. So when I saw this gun I couldn't stop myself. I purchased mine through Red's Gear (5 stars for their service!) and the gun arrived early and in perfect condition. I read the manual and after deriving the basics set about putting some rounds downrange. The loading mechanism is simple and effective. The gun itself can hold up to 300 BBs but they begin to rattle about a bit as they diminish so I only loaded 28 at a time - two shy of the max the weapon can feed at one time. It feeds perfectly and at 6 round burst (the most amazing thing since sliced pizza) it polishes through those 30 rounds like a hot knife through butter. The only drawback to the 6 round burst is that it does eat CO2 like a ravenous dog on a porkchop but it's worth it! The first time I pulled that trigger back and felt it growl away I fell in love with this thing - a feeling NOT shared by my dog, lol.

The folding stock allows for 6 positions including fully extended and fully collapsed. I purchased a rubber butt cap for comfort which slipped on as though it were truly made for the gun.

My only criticism is a tiny one and specific to left handed shooters like myself. The rail system is set up for right handed shooters only. When I
removed the rail, on the right side of the gun, it was no more than plain plastic beneath. It would have been awesome if there were some details beneath so that I could have maintained the guns incredible look without that rail. Still, easy enough to make due.

I recommend this gun to anyone interested in a solid, albeit plastic, rifle.

One tip: I took a little flat black model paint and painted the mechanism used to secure the CO2 cartridges. You can BARELY notice them now. 5 second fix that adds significant realism to the gun.

I've included a picture of my first run through. 150 BBs fired on 6 round burst, and a picture of the underside of the magazine where I painted the CO2 cylinder locking mechanism.


$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

Very short life

1 stars

Only had a little fun until it would stop shooting. The gun would start to have a delay on firing, so I thought it wouldn’t be much until it just stopped shooting. Really disappointed on wasting so much money for this , also because this is something I wouldn’t expect it to do.

$105 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 bb gun

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