S&W M&P 45 .177 Caliber BB/Pellet Airgun Pistol

S&W M&P 45 .177 Caliber BB/Pellet Airgun Pistol
  1. Co2 powered
  2. 8-Shot rotary pellet Clip and 8-shot rotary bb Clip
  3. Shoots pellets or steel bbs
  4. Double- and single-action trigger
  5. Integral accessory rail
  6. The M&P 45 Air Pistol is a pellet/ BB repeater powered by one 12g CO2 cylinder that hides in the grip of the BB pistol
  7. An integrated accessory rail underneath the muzzle is a great place to add a tactical flashlight or an airgun laser
  8. The Smith and Wesson M&P 45 CO2 pistol has a manual safety, double action trigger that's amazingly close to the actual handgun, and fixed front and rear fiber optic sights.
  9. This BB replica is not only a great BB gun for some fun plinking, but also makes a great target shooting and training pistol for S&W M&P firearm owners
  10. Ammo Type: Steel BBs Pellets, FPS with Lead Pellet: 370, Barrel Length: 3.4
price 58.47
keywords pellet gun
rating 3.6
customer reviews 117
sku B00CUNLX5G
Category sporting goods
brand Umarex
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Got this gun today, had to oil it and work the action a bit to break it in as it was sticking. I love the rear cocking slide, but Umarex screwed up big time with the rear sight. First it's sloppy molding, has trace molding seals hanging off, "Quality Control", and the sight was set down the center which was way off from where the barrel was aligned.
I had to move the rear sight hard right to reach a soup can at 20 yards.
Oh, BTW, my standard for any BB or pellet gun is a steel soup can at 20 yards, less than that and it's crap.
I set up targets at 7,15,and 20 yards. The pistol was way off from the start, but the rear sight can be moved, so I did, but the cheap plastic molded sight stripped out real easy when I tried to tighten back the set screw. VERY DISAPPOINTED....!.
But, in the end I was successfully plinking a steel post at 7 yards, then a beer can in a tree split at 15 yards and consistently on a steel soup can at 20 yards with Crosman 7.4 gr lead wad-cutters
OK, it's accurate, and the single action trigger cocking makes all the difference because the double action is absolutely horrible.
If Umarex would change this rear sight to an easily adjustable one like on the Walther PPQ pellet gun,or a quality competition sight,,, it would be a HUGE IMPROVEMENT..!
I'm gonna sight in my UTG RED/GREEN DOT next, perhaps I'l get rifle like accuracy.

$58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun

After further shooting sessions I had to revise my review! All good! Check back for further Developments.

10-19 Just adding chronograph readings. Using JSB Exact Diablo pellets and Daisy CO2 capsules it shoots at a velocity of between 330fps and drops down to about 295fps slow firing 8 shots. Also the shot count leveled off at about 80 to 96 shots now.

It's had an ever climbing shot capacity as I've been using it. Out of the box it was only 48 shots and every new CO2 capsule has increased it by several shots. This last session was 112 shots before the power dropped off. Outstanding! None of the blowback models can do that. Obviously the gun has a break in period. Also I have no problem shooting in double action and shooting really nice groups. It's not a heavy trigger pull. The rotary mags are really quick to fill too by just dribbling pellets on them and most chambers will fill. The stick mags like the Gamo use, you have to insert each pellet one at a time. Very slow.

I was interested in the action of this pistol out of all the ones I've seen out there and this is the budget model for Umarex. The blowback slide models are very cute, but use up capsules quick. It's nicely made and shoots a very tight group especially with the $16 laser sight I installed. The rear sight is windage adjustable, but not too hard to knock out of alignment. Also the rear on mine had to be moved well to the right to bring the aim into center. It has a hex grub set screw but since it's threaded into plastic it's not going to do much. Maybe dab a bit of lock tight in the dovetail when you get it right would hold it.

I got 88 shots before the power dropped off. Very happy with that. Earlier I only got 48 shots. Break in period maybe? I like the drop in rotary mag in the top. Very easy. It has a BB mag too but I'd avoid using BBs since they'll put wear on the barrel rifling. Unless you get some lead balls which should work fine. I racked the slide for each shot in SA and it was no chore at all. Shooting DA worked very well and not real heavy.

One trick to quick load the mags. Place one rear side up in your palm and drop a handful of pellets on it and many will fall right into the chambers.

The pistol top and frame is a dense plastic that feels much like metal. The insides look all metal and nicely made. The safety is quite nice and easy to switch. One odd thing is that if it's cocked the safety will not engage until it's fired. The compartment access for the CO2 capsule is cute and unique. Flip the butt heel down and then the back frame strap pops open and hinges up.

Overall a really nice very accurate pistol for a budget price. My single annoyance is the easy to knock out rear sight. The best thing I like is the outstanding accuracy!

The photo shows the pistol with the laser mounted. The target photo was 8 rapid shots in double action and the other dot target was single action fire.

$58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun $58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun

This gun is not bad

$58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun

I got this over Christmas and it's awesome. I love the pellet rotary 8 shot clip. I did not experience any jamming. Only minor issue is a heavier trigger. It's accurate enough but I did add a laser to it for maximum point and shoot efficiency, see pic. If you want to see how it shoot with a laser then go here: https://youtu.be/4R7alxbUXXA

$58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun

Fell Apart.

1 stars

Three simple reasons I dislike this gun.

#1. The trigger pull is very tricky and until you get used to it you'll encounter a lot of miss fires. I do well with my. 22's at the firing ranges so it's not like I'm a novice shooter. The trigger has a lot of play so it has to be about half pulled back before you can set your aim. Then once set, the aim can be pulled off due to the hard pull of the trigger. This kind of difficulty Smith & Wesson admits to. Men may not find this difficult yet I am a fairly strong female and well exercised in shooting.

#2. I may have gotten a lemon because I have NEVER had the back of the stock, handle, grip, whatever you want to call it, come off. The back lifts up as you change the gas cylinder and it lifted up and this time "off", exposing a spring that I cannot align in order to replace it correctly. That did it. So with it now lying on the table in more pieces than I want to admit, I decided to come here and write this review. Which leaves me to. >>>

#3. Unless you like loading pellets one by one into a carousel type cartridge don't bother with this gun. One by painstakingly one you have to drop the pellets into the little holes in the cartridge making sure they're all pointing in the same direction. Is this the norm for pellet guns? UGH....

I have owned this gun for close to seven very well taken care of months and only wish it had fallen apart sooner so I could return it.
I spent so much money on the pellets, extra cartridges, oil and gas cylinders to come to this end.
Where's my hanky when I need one!

$58.47 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports pellet gun

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