Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger
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Love Marvel movies, this is a great movie!

$10 Chris Evans DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download captain america

A young man, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to join the military. Unfortunately, this is during World War II and he is deemed to be 4F. He doesn't really want to kill Nazis just thwart bullies. He gets his chance through the efforts of Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci,) who fattens him up a bit through injections and extreme infusions of blue light energy. Now comes the question of how will he use his newfound abilities, for good, for evil, or for frivolity?

Most of us already know the story of Capt. America many of watched programs or read the comics. So, we already have a preconception of how this should come about and what he should be doing as the superhero. However, I suggest you set those preconceptions aside and watch the movie for what it is. You will find that it is entertaining, fast-paced yet slows down every once in a while, so that Steve Rogers can look into Peggy Carter’s (Hayley Atwell) eyes and wonder what it would be like if the world was different.

Being a little bit on the cynical side you would almost think that this movie is really an outlet for out of work actors. We see many of our favorites and a few that may become favorites. Tommy Lee Jones looks a little bit like he might've melted in his old age but we still remember him from that fantastic movie "Volcano." Every time I see the bad guy okay the Crimson Skull (Hugo Weaving) I think of "Lord of the Rings." But it's too bad that Stanley Tucci did not get a longer part as he is a very flexible actor. You should really see Stanley in the movie “Undercover Blues.”

I only saw the Blu-ray version so I cannot comment on any peculiarities of the other versions. And watching the credits they explained that this is really just the first movie of the series of movies.

$10 Chris Evans DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download captain america

Purchased DVD new from on September 03, 2018.
Received DVD on September 07, 2018.
Have viewed feature three times.
Started viewing again today, December 07, 2018, and playback started stuttering halfway through feature.
Ejected disc from player and examined only to discover visible coffee color of 'disc rot' - see image.
Seems that more and more standard DVDs are succumbing to this manufacturing failure.
Convenient that the issue only developed after the Amazon return window had elapsed.
I wonder how long the new blu-ray DVDs will last once they are superseded by the next medium.

$10 Chris Evans DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download captain america

The item I ordered was a Blu Ray/DvD combo version of Captain America: The First Avenger. The item is listed as such, and the picture of them item even has a blue line reading "BLU-RAY + DVD +DIGITAL COPY." I understand not to expect a valid code for a Blu-Ray that is almost five years old, but the product came with the exact artwork displayed, but no DVD. In fact, the case only had a slot for the Blu-Ray, meaning the artwork and Blu Ray disc were put into a different case. I've ordered from Zoverstock before and was very satified, and even now, I hold no regrets from my Amazon purchases, but I bought the Blu Ray/DVD combo. If that literally was not what was in stock, why advertise it as such? I like the product and wouldn't want to return it, but even if I wanted to I couldn't. I threw away the original packaging, because, silly me, I expected the product to be as advertised! won't be ordering from Zoverstock again.

$10 Chris Evans DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download captain america

I love the movie but purchased the Blue-Ray, DVD, Digital copy item. It arrived on time undamaged but the Digital Copy is no longer valid and went out of date on 10/25/2012. I purchased this specifically for the DVD and Digital copy. DON'T purchase this item if you expect a digital copy. Very disappointed as this was going to be a Christmas Gift.

$10 Chris Evans DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download captain america

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