London: The Novel

London: The Novel
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I really enjoyed the book London as I felt the author did a very nice job of weaving a fantastic plot following fictional characters, while still remaining true to the historical events. Rutherfurd's novel is very fast paced, but not so much that its impossible to follow. I think that he did a very good job at maintaining the balance between the two. Additionally, something else that I liked was that because there's a lot of characters and it can be hard to remember who is who, there is a chart at the beginning of the book so you can track who is related to who, and which chapter they appear in (image above). Being that I personally often have trouble remembering names, this was extremely helpful to me while I read this book. I've always enjoyed books about real events told like a novel, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed this as much as I did and plan to reread it soon. Every chapter of this book was a new episode in the history of London, and it truly was a well crafted book that wove fiction into reality in a captivating way. Because of this, I think its a very good read, whether you are interested in learning about London's history, or even if you are just looking for a new book to read.
I believe that Edward Rutherfurd was highly successful at completing his purpose in writing the book. His goal was evidently to teach history in an engaging way that's very enjoyable. While some truly enjoy sitting down and reading non-fiction books and learning like that, this presents a way to learn history for those who prefer fiction over non-fiction. Because his book successfully engaged his reader, and managed to tell fairly accurate historical events from the perspective of a fictional character, and from that sense, I believe Rutherfurd more than accomplished his goal. I really did find that wonderful merging of fantasy and reality that I love in books. However, this book was not perfect. I feel that many times, while it was mentioned, any harsh conditions were just that-- only mentioned. I feel that the main negative part of this book was that the writing about the horrors that mankind survived, like the Black Death, etc, were not really captured in his writing and seemed way better than it actually was. Other than that, however, this book was fantastic.

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