Ruger Air Magnum Combo air rifle

Ruger Air Magnum Combo air rifle
  1. Made of highest quality material
  2. Manufacturer: Umarex
  3. Ruger air Magnum .22 air gun Combo/pellet rifle
  4. Only available for purchase in certain zip codes
  5. Ideal for small game, target shooting or pest control
  6. Equipt with fiber optic rear sight
  7. Includes a 4x32 scope
  8. 1200-FPS
price 120.7
keywords airgun
rating 4.1
customer reviews 167
sku B007H8FNSM
Category sporting goods
brand Umarex
availability in stock


Update: 1-13-2018 I recently purchased a 32 year old RWS Diana model 45. I has caused me to rerate all my break action air rifles.
Update: 8-19-2017 I have found the pellet that this rifle likes the most. It is the H&N Baracuda 21.14 domed pellet.[[ASIN:B002HGZO9W H&N Baracuda Domed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber / 21.14 Grains (200 Count)]] The ones in the can I bought are actually slightly more "pointy" than the picture on the can. They shoot a little better that the barracuda match pellets at least in my rifle. I can hit a 1/2 inch dot 18 out of 20 times at 10 meters shooting off a sandbag front rest. This rifle like many magnum springers has considerable recoil and spring torque and requires lot of skill and practice to achieve these results. My rifle performs poorly with normal weight 14 gr pellets of every configuration. I recommend this rifle only for highly experienced air gunners who are willing to take the considerable effort to finding the right pellet. If you want to shoot cheap Crossman pellets from Wal-Mart, you need a different rifle. If you don't mind spending the money on premium heavy pellets and want to put large chunks of lead down range accurately, this is a tool that will get the job done. If this is your first springer, you are going to have to do some work to get and spend some money on pellets to get good results.
Update: 7-9-2017
I mounted a better scope [[ASIN:B018J41Q0G Hatsan Optima 3-9x40 AO Mil-Dot Pellet Rifle Scope with Scope Mounts]] and I am getting pretty good results using heavy H&N pellets. The 18.21 grain crow magnums punch nice clean holes [[ASIN:B003008DJ2 H&N Crow Magnum Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber / 18.21 Grains (200 Count)]]and the 21.14 grain H&N Baracuda Match pellets shoot rather well. [[ASIN:B0035KH2SK H&N Baracuda Match Domed Airgun Pellets .22 Caliber / 21.14 Grains (200 Count)]] The crow magnums seem to put Raccoons to sleep rather well.
Update: 7-4-2017
I have not yet found a pellet that the rifle has fallen in love with. My 22 does not match the accuracy of the .177 cal. that I repaired for my neighbor. [[ASIN:B004DO68KU Umarex Ruger Air Magnum Break Barrel .177 Pellet Airgun Rifle w/ 4x32 Scope]] it will not hit a 1/2 inch circle at 10 meters every time like some of my other break action rifles will. If anyone has a pellet recommendation please comment. Thank you

Disclaimer: I am an air rifle nut. I now have 19 of them, 13 of them break barrels. Benjamin-3, Beeman-1, Crossman 1, Daisy 2, Gamo-1, Hatsan-7, Remington-2, Ruger-2. Learning and making friends with the dynamics of a magnum springer is something I find very satisfying. It takes some effort but is rewarding.
I straightened the barrel on my neighbors old rusty barn stored Ruger 177 Air Magnum. Great trigger. Long story. Wrote a review. It now shoots one hole 5 shot groups at 1050 FPS. I was impressed. I ordered the 22 cal. version. I have a 177 Ruger Blackhawk made by the same company, very nice rifle that is a tack driver. My magnum arrived today. I cleaned the barrel and touched off 6 shots outside before it stopped dieseling. I went to the basement and shot 20 pellets with iron sights thru the crono. As expected the velocities started settling down. I then mounted an old scope that is nothing special but in my experience far better than the supplied 4 x 32's that come with these rifles. I ran another 40 pellets thru the crono, 3 different varieties. The results are very good. I am old and don't shoot that well. A decent AO lens scope would cut these groups in half. This is a very nice rifle. Fit and finish are good. It is almost as powerful and accurate as my Hatsan 125's, I expect it will get better with more use, they normally do.
Until now I have not experienced this level of value in a magnum air rifle at this price point. The trigger is pretty nice also. My Range is rather crude. These targets were shot off a bag.
It is big and heavy and powerful and accurate. What is not to like? Perhaps the scope mount rail? The old 177 I fixed had the very long weaver base welded to the receiver. My new one is taller, much shorter and is clamped on. I like the old one much better. The photo of the rifle in the Amazon listing is the one I thought I was getting. My picture showing the scope is what I got. Hmmmmm? The last 2 pic's are the 17 cal that I fixed for my neighbor, with longer/lower scope rail.

$120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun

Not bad for the money. Sorry my favorite is on the bottom and won't let me post a review.

$120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun

Power Monster !

5 stars

This is the big daddy,all decked out. First get rid of the scope. I put a NcStar 3x9-50E Mil Dot Patriot series scope with UTG quick release high profile 3 screw mounts.This scope has a life time warranty and is made to withstand the double recoil. I also put a Red laser, tactical LED light, and a bi-pod on it.
The gun works perfect,accurate with RWS Super dome pellets.If you don't like a heavy,loud (sounds like a 22 rim fire) heavy cocking pellet gun, don't buy the Air Magnum. The Ruger Air Magnum is a real mans rifle, not for wimps.
I highly recommend this gun. Manufactured for Ruger by UMARMEX USA.

$120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun $120.7 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports airgun

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