Umarex 12 Gram CO2 Cylinders, Grey - 12-Pack

Umarex 12 Gram CO2 Cylinders, Grey - 12-Pack
  1. Doesn't dirty your air gun valves
  2. Number of rounds per capsule depends on the airgun
  3. Manufactured under tight tolerances
  4. Only available for purchase in certain zip codes
price 12.86
keywords co2
rating 4.5
customer reviews 391
sku B001TOLL1I
Category sporting goods
brand Umarex
availability in stock


I don't know what kind of magic voodoo umarex compresses into these!
They make the crosman ones seem like toys.
I just compared the two in separate mags in my sig sp2022 .177. I'll never buy anything but umarex!
Top Target is umarex. Bottom is crosman. Ya.

$12.86 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2

This product is not compatible with Drain Gun for A/C Condensate Lines

$12.86 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2 $12.86 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2


5 stars

Bought this with my umarex brodax. I can't wait to try it out

$12.86 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2

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