JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ 20-Inch Pink Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories Designed by Berenguer

JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ 20-Inch Pink Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories Designed by Berenguer
  1. So much to love! Large 20” happy baby doll for lots of squeezing, holding, and cuddling - comes with pretend bottle & pacifier
  2. Life-like face, hands, and feet, complete with realistic wrinkles and dimples that makes pretend playtime realistic and lots of fun!
  3. Easy to clean - simply spot wash the body with warm water and light soap after removing the machine washable cupcake one piece with matching hat
  4. Extra soft & cuddly body encourages holding, nurturing, and special care for developing social skills in children ages 2 and older. Safety Tested and Approved.
  5. Made by JC Toys - the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years experience with real-life baby dolls. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer
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This little one exceeded my expectations. The number one reason I bought this one over the other races was because of the smile. So cute! I also bought it since other reviewers said it fit newborn clothes. NB is actually a little loose in the feet area, but otherwise fine and a lot cuter. Newborn hats are a little tight. I went to Goodwill for baby clothes because they are normally in great shape (babies don't wear them for long!) and much cheaper, about $1.99-3.99 for most sleepers, $0.99 for hats, and you just wash them up and you're good to go.
The packaging for this product was ridiculously difficult. If you are giving it to a child for a present, honestly I would take it out of the box (took over 10 minutes) and place it in a new box in blankets or something (more likely the child will like that better anyway, and they can pick baby up right away) to make it easier.
As you can see in my photo (red background), one of baby's thumbs fits --and stays-- in baby's mouth, which is super cute.
I added small "incisions" into the soft back and took out some of the stuffing and added cheap ankle weights into the head (accessible from the soft body) and into the body to make the weight more real. Very easy and it makes baby more fun to hold. Because it is newborn size, it makes it more real to add weight to the head so you have to support it, just like you do a new baby.
Overall, I am very happy with this little baby.

EDIT: I found a carter's preemie size sleeper and it's a little tight. See second photo with green background.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Just before my child turned four a year ago, she said she wanted a baby doll to be her "little sister". I started browsing and looked for a while before I found her! This doll is cute enough to literally take on a life of her own - my 4 year old takes her with us to the grocherie store and while in the cart (or being carried akwardly by small arms) we get double and triple looks from people, especially if leave her in cart when walk a few steps away from the cart. Some have even asked to take a photo of the doll to show someone at home (my daughter is a little possessive of her though). We have made sure to put a blanket over her (doll) when she's left in the backseat of the car so we don't have to worry about someone thinking she's unsupervised and in need of rescuing on a hot day.

We've had her for almost a year now with almost daily use (she's "baby sister" after all) and the only "injury" she's sustained was when my daughter threw the doll up into the air and she scuffed her head against the door frame (ouch!). Body torso has developed a few fuzzy pills from washing occasionlly in a pillow case but nothing to complain about.

She was great at motaviting/ bribing my daughter to take the yucky medicine when she had a bad ear infection (baby sister was holding the treat out and "talking")

This doll is a great price, has a fabric "body" that is stuffed with something like batting. Has harder (not super hard) plastic head, feet & hands. She is about 20" long and about the width of a typical 3 to 6ish month old. Am pretty sure her crib shoes are the size for a 6month old (but the leg is rather wide where it attaches at an odd angle to her very short but wide feet) so shoes that will have elastic at the top of the shoe or some kind of flexible closure is more ideal. My daughter has put her into some of the Build A Bear clothing items but honestly her head doesn't fit well through them and she's a much better fit for the baby clothing in size 6mo up through 9mo (large 3mo items and up to 12 month clothing if has been washed a lot and has shrinkage; best pant size is 3mo or 6 mo items). Baby clothing is far more ideal for fit and will be far cheaper (especially if you go to a thrift store or can use "hand-me-downs". She barely fits in the cheap metal framed umbrella style doll stroller. Not sure how she'd fit in the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart. This doll definitely bulkier than a regular sized American Girl Doll (will not fit in that doll bike seat attachment & have not identified if there's a baby carrier that she'll fit into - looked too big for the doll carrier that is styled after the Urgo/Baby Bjorn baby carriers (haven't tried though; only saw carrier that belong to a friend of my child). One of the pics shows a stroller she fits very well into - was a larger (& more expensive) 3 in 1 doll stroller.

I think she had a bit of a "baby" doll smell in the beginning, but nothing unreasonable (we are ones to notice chemically smells).

Am including some photos to show her size. The clothing and plastic bottle and pacifier that she came with still exist and have held up but have not gotten nearly as much use as the doll herself.

Definitely recommend her if you're wanting a baby doll that is life size without spending a fortune. (FYI: Afterwards I did notice some of our local drug stores have slightly smaller sized dolls that are about this price or slightly lower & might fit a bit better in the metal doll umbrella style stroller and you can see in person the size which was the toughest part of buying this one). Am glad I got her & my daughter adores her - definitely the easiest way to provide your child with a little sibling (not the quietest though).

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Two Cute

5 stars

The size of this doll is great! I ordered two for a 2yo who became big sister to a set of twins. She loves them. I turned one into girl by pushing small stud earrings into the ears. I got Newborn diapers and clothes from the sale rack at the local discount store.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

I was looking for a baby doll that would fit newborn regular baby clothes so my daughter could practice and learn how to do snaps, zippers, and buttons and this doll fit the match. I ordered 2 of these i was hoping they would be the same doll but as description said they could vary and they did. I was hoping for the same doll so when family members come over with younger daughters they wouldn't fight over this or that doll they would both look alike but it's ok they are both VERY cute and Im just happy i finally found a big doll that fit real clothes since baby doll clothes is so expensive and cheaply made and are only velcro so she really can't learn from velcro. I am trying to figure out how to post pictures to the article of the two i got so you could see the difference i got one just like the picture and the other has blue eyes with the mouth a little more puckered but open with two teeth still...and the outfit was pink instead of orange (but still both had the lady bug). Can't wait for my daughter to start learning while she is playing and i know she will love it to that she can go shopping for baby clothes for her doll for special occasions like her birthday. FYI thrift stores, yard sales and good wills are great for getting newborn clothes for dirt cheap since it is just for a doll baby, also can you use your own kids old clothes also. Oh and these dolls make it easy to turn them into a boy or girl which ever you or your child prefers since there is no hair or anything to make it only a girl which a lot of people love that when they see the doll. By the way my daughter is 2

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Though the doll was bigger than I envisioned, my 2 yr old LOVES hauling around this doll... and it's shockingly similar in size to her baby brother. I've included a pic for comparison: my son is 3 months old in the 95th percentile wearing size 6 month clothes, doll is wearing NB clothes.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Wonderful doll!

5 stars

Super cute doll. Extremely life like (at first it's even a little creepy...) My 5 year old loves it. She dresses it in newborn clothes and they fit great. This doll is also very huggable and makes it a great doll for little ones to nurture, as opposed to the hard plastic dolls that ar uncomfortable to hug and hold. I would also like to mention that it is a good sized doll, but lightweight. All in all this is a wonderful doll especially given the price.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

This doll is a great size for my 2.5 year old who wanted a “big baby”... it’s about the size of a 6 month old. (As seen in photos.) It is great for pretend play and will fit her sisters old clothes... also REAL pacifiers and diapers. Quality is ok. It’s head is a bit large but she doesn’t seem to notice.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Cute baby doll, fits in newborn clothes. Kind of a large head. I'm annoyed that it wasn't made to go in short sleeved anything. Nuk pacifiers and our dolls thumb stay in its mouth just fine. Newborn diapers don't work well, size 1 or even 2 might be better. Freaked everyone out Christmas morning with it being so life size. My almost two year old loves her to pieces.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Great buy!

5 stars

Adorable baby. Not gender specific, so it can be dressed as a boy/girl. Chubby, and true to size so it fits perfectly into real newborn size baby clothing & 6 month hats. Realistic looking, without being creepy. Lightweight. Nice tanned colour, could pass as Hispanic, Native, biracial, or black. I'm VERY pleased, and my daughter was ecstatic on Christmas morning.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

Baby Doll

4 stars

Cute, sturdy baby doll. Body and half of each arm and leg is stuffed material. Hair is plastic. Wish it had a little weight to it, but it is still cute and I think my 2yo will love it. This baby is an upgrade from the 12 inch one she got last year. The picture shows the doll wearing a newborn diaper (not shown), newborn sleep outfit, and newborn hat. The diapers are a tiny bit too small, but they fit well since the body is cloth and can get smooshed. The sleeper is a bit too big, but I saw in another review that a preemie outfit is skin tight. The hat is meant to have a folded brim, but it needed to be unfolded to have any chance of fitting. 0-3 month would fit much better I think, but I don't want to go to the trouble of returning it.

$10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy $10 JC Toys TOYS_AND_GAMES toy doll toy

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