Umarex 88G CO2 Cylinders-2 PACK

Umarex 88G CO2 Cylinders-2 PACK
  1. Manufactured to tight tolerances
  2. Number of rounds per capsule depends on the air gun
  3. Doesn't dirty your air gun valves
  4. CO2 capsules are designed for air guns and air rifles
  5. Designed for an exact fit
  6. Umarex 225-2534 Walther CO2 Cylinder - 88G 2-Pack
  7. Clean CO2. Doesn't dirty your air gun valves.
price 12.99
keywords co2
rating 4.1
customer reviews 123
sku B001IEM1W2
Category sporting goods
brand Umarex
availability in stock


dang man...

3 stars

these things are pretty big

$12.99 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2

Not walther

2 stars

READ what print says they advertising walther but you get cheap umerex

$12.99 Umarex SPORTING_GOODS sports co2

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