Dickies Men's Snap-Front Nylon Jacket

Dickies Men's Snap-Front Nylon Jacket
  1. 100% Polyester
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Snap-front windbreaker featuring drawstring waistband and elasticized cuffs
price 10
keywords windbreaker
rating 4.5
customer reviews 632
sku B000TFKOPM
Category outerwear
brand Dickies
availability in stock


This was coaches windbreaker was (almost) what I wanted. Actually it's a little warmer than what I had expected or wanted in a 'light' windbreaker. I would have also liked a zipper, (as well as snaps), and a 'hoodie', too, but I guess you can't have everything for this price, (which was/is more than very reasonable). Can't hardly find these in brick-n-motor stores anymore at a reasonable price. Quality of workmanship and materials is very good and on par with what I expected. White lining is warm and 'cottony', but the sleeve linings seem to be of a slightly different material. (i.e., More smooth in texture). Don't know how the sleeves would be if I were to really sweat in this jacket; haven't done that yet. I'm a big guy, just over 5'10"/250lbs/50" chest, 46" waist), and this jacket fits me about right. I got the 2x size, which is just 'slightly' big, but that's the way I like as a general utility jacket. This allows the wearing of a sweater or sweatshirt under it, so that's fine with me, as that just makes it more versatile so it can be worn in even colder weather.

$10 Dickies OUTERWEAR apparel windbreaker $10 Dickies OUTERWEAR apparel windbreaker


5 stars

It is so cool, not too large not too small, just my size, i highly reccomend it.

$10 Dickies OUTERWEAR apparel windbreaker

It looks like I received someone's already worn jacket. It had stains on the cuffs and dirt in the pockets. The sleeves had some white-colored stain on them, and the inside lining of the jacket had some obvious stains that show it was already worn. The manufacturers tags were also gone, and you'd expect to see those on a brand new jacket. Also, when we first opened the package, there was a reek of someones sweat all inside the package.

$10 Dickies OUTERWEAR apparel windbreaker

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