Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank

Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
  1. Lightweight DOT and TC certified aluminum 20oz CO2 cylinder Made in the USA
  2. Five year retest cycle
  3. exceed all industry standards
  4. Tank may be labeled Tippmann or Empire
  5. Tank must be filled prior to use
  6. NOTE: Date on the item is not the Expiration Date.
price 21.49
keywords paintball
rating 3.8
customer reviews 436
sku B0008G2WAW
Category sporting goods
brand Tippmann
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So while it is a 20 oz co2 tank that will work with my paint marker, it did not come as advertised. It’s says it is an Empire tank in the description and it shows a Tippman tank in the picture, I received a JT tank. While this really isn’t a very big deal, I just think it’s a little scummy to not be selling exactly what you say and show it is.

$21.49 Tippmann SPORTING_GOODS sports paintball

Bought this unit on a hunch that my KitchenAid sodastream could take containers larger than the 12 OZ recommended on all of the popular sodastream adapter sites. I was right. This bottle fits like a glove with the attached adapter. This should provide me more gas than the standard container that is supposed to go with this machine.

$21.49 Tippmann SPORTING_GOODS sports paintball

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