Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly CA -Teal

Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly CA -Teal
  1. Cuddle, snuggle and care for the adorable Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly Doll! Waterbabies is the most realistic doll ever. The only line of baby dolls with the water-fill technology that makes them move, wiggle, and feel soft – just like a real baby!  Squeeze this silly baby's tummy to hear adorable giggle sounds!  You can even feed your doll with the magic baby bottle, just put the bottle to your baby's lips and gently press her belly to watch her drink the milk!  
  2. Set includes: One Waterbabies Giggly Wiggly Doll, one funnel, one disappearing play milk bottle, one pink pacifier and a funnel.
  3. Comes dressed in cute removeable onesie with matching headband.
  4. Use the funnel to fill your baby with warm water so she looks and feels just like a real baby!
  5. Each doll sold separately.
  6. Available in multiple ethnicities.
  7. Ages 3+
price 10
keywords 2 year old doll
rating 4
customer reviews 26
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Category toys and games
brand Waterbabies
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