Halloween (2018)

Halloween (2018)
price 5.99
keywords horror
rating 3.5
customer reviews 290
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Category downloadable movie
brand Jamie Lee Curtis
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Halloween was on my list to see after my cancer treatment. I haven't been to a movie before 2008 due to medical reasons, but when you get cancer, things change. Did I have moments of panic? Yes! Did I have a wonderful manager that said she would refund my tickets if I couldn't make it through. Yes!! But guess what? I made it! I was so happy! I actually got to see one of my favorite movies of all time! Me and mom made it through and I got to mark something wonderful yet simple off my after cancer list!!

The movie was fanfreakingtastic too! I was very satisfied and can't wait for the blu ray to watch it over and over?!

I love you Lori and Michael! ❤️

Mel ????????????????

$5.99 Jamie Lee Curtis DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download horror

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