Brawl in Cell Block 99

Brawl in Cell Block 99
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I saw this rated a 7.2 on IMDB!

+ Vaughn is a big guy and they pick great counterparts in guys he destroys to highlight this.

+ Vaughn's acting was well suited for his character. His comedic/satiric streak comes through and is well placed.

+ Some moments of very good dialogue

-- Senseless, shock-value violence

-- More senseless, shock-value violence when we get to Cell Block 99

> There is no "big" brawl, which I think most of us were expecting from the title.

> By definition, a brawl is a scuffle, a rough & noisy fight. Meh. Not much of this, as the fight scenes the actors are quiet and all we a get are horrific sound effects.

+ Some interesting fight scenes.

-- Agreed some scenes feel like we are watching three guys travel and walk for 10-minutes. Thus this is really a 70-minute movie that was stretched with some of these uneventful scenes.

> I don't remember now why he has a cross tattoo on his head in the movie, and they didn't seem to make much of it other than show it off a lot.

+ At least Vaughn's character motivations were built up well.

$7.99 Vince Vaughn DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download punisher

This movie is badass. Vince Vaughn is all muscle and pretty believable tearing a car apart with his bare hands. A great follow up to Bone Tomahawk by one of Hollywood's best newcomers.

$7.99 Vince Vaughn DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download punisher

I tried to think of something good to say about this. Vince Vaughn has always been a favorite actor. He is better in comedies. This is a very dark, and in the end gruesome prison movie. The story had a lot of potential. The movie does not develop that potential much. I watched the entire flick without falling asleep, so THAT is saying something good I reckon.

This movie is so low budget that Amazon should be paying US to watch it. The "special effects" reminded me of school plays I wrote back in high school and college. Yes, they are THAT poor.

Don Johnson??? In my book, any movie or TV show with post-Miami Vice Don Johnson is BEGGING to be called a LOSER!

The acting is horrible. Special effects are horrible. And there was at least one scene that glowed with IGNORANCE. In prison, a bad man comes to visit the Vaughn character and talks to him via the prison phone system, face to face, through the glass partition. You know the routine. The bad man gives away the evil he and his boss are committing, and Vaughn speaks the name of the bad man's boss. Now, prison phones are recorded and monitored. Both Vaughn and the bad guy should know this. Yet they speak freely as if no one will hear the conversation.

I didn't like it, but if you have nothing else to do and can catch it FREE on PRIME, it beats watching the wall paper fade. I cannot recommend buying or renting this cheap grindhouse-wannabe. The XRAY Goofs section is packed with several issues of continuity. It's like they just didn't care how sloppy this turned out. And boy, did it turn out sloppy!

$7.99 Vince Vaughn DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download punisher

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