EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants-Jersey Full/Capri Regular/Plus Size

EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants-Jersey Full/Capri Regular/Plus Size
  1. 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  2. Imported
  3. Pull On closure
  4. Our versatile cotton spandex stretchy knit jersey extra long tall basic full or capri leggings for women are very convenient for daily usage, and they come in the sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL AND XXXL
  5. These workout gym yoga athletic exercise Zumba fitness running sports leggings are available in solid colors of Black, Navy, H Gray, Charcoal and White
  6. Our soft premium quality fitted jogger activewear elastic wasted leggings for women are ready with premium quality material of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. It is a good fit for the workout
  7. Please refer to the sizing information in the description to ensure you the utmost satisfaction possible with this product.
  8. These fabulous Cotton Spandex Basic Knit Jersey Leggings for Women are easy to care and wash. You can mix and match with your favorite shirt and boots
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I am 5'6" and aprox 130 lbs, I purchased these in Navy, Charcoal, and Olive in a small and they fit as expected. They are tight like normal leggings, but not too tight that they are uncomfortable. I think if I would have purchased a medium I would be pulling them up all of the time. The material they are made of is somewhat thin, but not so thin that it's see-through. Length wise they are fine, they come right to my ankle with not a lot of extra material so I think anything over 5'7" this may end up being too short for you. I wear leggings a ton, I wear them on weekends, I wear them to and from work, I wear them as a base layer when its freezing outside...they are just about an everyday item for me and I would say these are quite comfortable. The tag states you should wash them in cold water and not tumble dry them, but I work full time and I have a toddler, I'm not doing separate loads of laundry for leggings so they go right in with everything else. I've been washing them on normal or the hot sanitary setting and drying them on high with no issues.
Now for the bad...
As I mentioned earlier, I purchased three of these in small from the same Amazon listing. For the navy and charcoal ones, the material at the very top is just regular stretchy material, the very top of the pants looks exactly how they are pictured in the Amazon listing and this style is often referred to as a yoga top (what I wanted...). The navy and charcoal ones give a normal smooth appearance where the waistband is and do not create any extra lumps or bumps that can be seen through other layers of clothing. The olive ones have the material loosely folded over the top with a very tight elastic band, which makes you look lumpy (think muffin top) underneath your other layers of clothing. The olive ones also just seem to fit differently. There's a lot more room in the front stomach area which combined with the super tight elastic makes your stomach look a little extra puffy, not smooth at all like the other two colors I received. So minus one point because as much as I like the first two ones I received, the olive ones just show me that you don't really know if you're going to receive the same leggings shown in the picture when you place your order.

**UPDATE 6+ months later***
First off, I'm happy that so many people found my review helpful, I make so many purchases based on reviews so I'm glad to help.
I liked these so much that I ended up buying a pair in black shortly after I left my original review. I have to admit these leggings with flip flops were 1/2 of my outfit almost every single day this summer, and they totally held up to the endless cycle of being worn, washed, repeat. They still hold their shape and have just the right amount of stretch, but they are starting to get thinner so you can just barely start seeing through them in certain spots like the front of my knee when my knee is bent. Given the amount of times they have been washed at this point, and given the fact that I wear them as pants, pajamas, and my toddler is constantly using them as a napkin, I am not deducting points for wear. I've even purchased more black ones, the light grey, and now pink.
I've also added a star back (still at 4 due to the mishap with the different olive ones) because I've realized that these are actually a pretty great value if you compare them to the other options on Amazon. If you look at most of the other cotton blend (not the poly spandex ones that have a slight sheen and usually look more like athletic wear), these ones are generally the lowest price.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

I love, love, love these leggings! For me, it's hard to find the perfect pair of leggings - some are too short, have a waist band that rolls down, are shimmery and shiny or just don't fit right. None of those are the case with these.

I'm about 5'6",160lbs and I ordered a medium - they fit perfectly! They go all the way down a little past my ankle and I love the waist band - there's no sewn in elastic strip that's going to roll down and bunch up. It sits flat against your stomach/skin and stays put. The material is a really nice, soft cotton (not shimmery or shiny) and they're so comfortable to wear.

I'd love to get another pair of these, but I wish they had more colors to choose from (other than just black, grey & navy) though a girl can never have too many pairs of black leggings.... :)

Disclosure: I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I only review items that I need / use and will always give my honest opinion of the product

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

Love them.

4 stars

I'm 5'10" and 195 pounds. Normally a 12 14 in pants. I got a large and they fit great. They're super comfy and seem to be good quality...but they're see through. Maybe it's because I'm bigger but they're still awesome.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

I love them! They are extremely comfortable. I could easily wear these all day. I am 5'5 and usually wear a size 10, and the size large fits me very well. They aren't too tight or too loose. The fabric is soft and on the thinner side, but not see-through. These wouldn't be good for the winter. The waistband is extremely comfortable, definitely the most comfortable waistband on any pair of leggings I own (and I have at least 10 pairs). It fits a little higher on my waist, which I tried to show in my picture, but it isn't too high (on me, anyway. I know everyone is shaped differently). The fabric is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The length is good for me and goes to my ankles with a little room to spare, so I think these would be good for people who are taller, too. I ordered the heather grey and the color looks just like the photo on Amazon. My only complaint is that I wish these came in more colors!

I also really love the hairband that came with the leggings. It is very strong and stays in place throughout the day. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress $10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

I am 5ft9, 250 lbs, thick thighs, decent ass, and a little belly. I got the xl based on reviews. They fit quite well, but I'm more used to spandex leggings, so I kept having to pull them up. They were nice and thick, not see through, and movable. I'm a hostess, so I'm constantly running around, and they kept up very well, especially for the price! They won't be my new staple, but I like them, a lot.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

I'm both surprised and a bit upset. I bought 5 different pairs of 2x black leggings because after a couple years, leggings don't really owe you anything. so, I decided to look at different types, brands and fabrics. I purchased the following:

Hanes 2x
LMB (xL-3x)
2nd Date (XX Large)
EtteLut (xx-Large)
Nirlon (XX-Large).

Here's where it gets weird. The 2nd Date leggings and the EtteLut leggings were the same...identical, right down to the name on the tags. Different sellers, same product: Sofra (as seen in the pictures I've attached). It wasn't until I decided to send 1 pair (EtteLut) back, that I noticed that the label on the EtteLut pair was identical to the label on the 2nd Date pair. Not only that, they had different reviews! 2nd Date (224 reviews). EtteLut (885 reviews).
Different sellers, different reviews, same leggings.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

Item was torn when taking out of package. Just a slight pull and it would continue to separate. Would not recommend because of this default. There are too many others on Amazon to order that could be better.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

Very poorly made. I’ve worn them ONCE for half a day, and I look down to find they’ve already gotten a hole in the seam. They also keep rolling down from the top and I have to keep pulling them up, but I don’t think this is an issue that would be solved from sizing down, as the legs part fits and I think they would be uncomfortable any smaller. Also, the fabric isn’t as soft as some of my other leggings. Bottom line, I would not recommend.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

I just opened up this pair of leggings today. My 1st reaction was that the fabric was a bit rough, not very soft. They fit very snug. All day I was pulling them back up, they didnt seem to stretch or give and then I noticed the seam is already unraveling after just one wear, see picture. Very disappointing. Would not buy again or recommend.

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

Cheap and break

2 stars

The first pair I bought was amazing. So comfortable that I completely wore them out. The other 3 I bought... Not so great. Different material and all of them broke on the waistband the first day I wore them. It popped and unraveled. Really wish the last 3 were like the first. Bummer...

$10 EttelLut PANTS apparel ankle length dress

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