The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist
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Excellent, excellent movie! Two thumbs up! ????????

It’s possible to see this movie without having seen “The Room” first but insight, at very least, is helpful. With the onrush of memes and gifs of Tommy Wiseau as of late on social media it’s really not hard to get the gist of what “The Room” was about and find the enjoyment of “The Disaster Artist”’. At a few points in this movie I had tears streaming down my face from laughing.

James Franco plays a very convincing Tommy Wiseau in this film, portraying Tommy’s struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming a big actor and losing all hope until his best friend Greg Sestero recommends Tommy makes a movie of his own and the cluster**** that follows with it (poor Tommy ????)

See “The Room”! See “The Disaster Artist”! They don’t disappoint!

$14.99 James Franco DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download room

Five Stars

5 stars

*Laughs in Wiseau*

$14.99 James Franco DOWNLOADABLE_MOVIE video_download room

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