Marvel Captain America Built with Herringbone Backpack

Marvel Captain America Built with Herringbone Backpack
  1. Polyester Blend
  2. Officially Licensed Marvel Comics
  3. Adult size, Fits up to a 15" laptop
  4. Multiple zippered pockets for storage
  5. Detailed Costume Inspired look with star logo!
  6. This Marvel Captain America Built Backpack has got pockets for all your gizmos, gadgets, pens, tablets, notepads and just about whatever you can throw at it. It’s perfect for Avengers fans looking to pack up and head out.
price 67.44
keywords capitan america
rating 4.8
customer reviews 123
Category luggage
brand Marvel
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At first, I was worried, but now that I have it, it is more than what I expected. My biggest concern was that it would be small and fit for kids only. Nope! This backpack is fit for an adult! Very good quality! There are so many different zippers, pockets and compartments and some I didn't find til the next week. Very cool backpack and definitely something to brag about!

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

Nice, but...

3 stars

There are some nice things about this bag. One, it's a nice design - almost everything is useful. (Even the little pockets on the front - I tend to use them for a packet of facial tissues, and the other for pens/lip balm). The graphics on the bag are nice as well.

That said, after about 2 months of using this, the back/arm strap began to tear away from the rest of the bag. Given how cavernous this bag is (laptop, two textbooks for a Master's degree, as well as notebooks, cords, and various other little items), I expected the straps to be able to handle my day to day use of it. I stopped using it shortly after the tear began because I didn't want the bag to break. I really like everything about this bag, except the fact that it didn't hold up (and the price).

Given the almost $70 price tag, it doesn't matter how awesome it looks and how much space it has if it doesn't hold up.

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

I love this backpack but it is a bit defective. The clasp on the front pocket was installed upside down so I can’t open the flap. Also quite a few loose threads that had to be clipped off. For how expensive this was, I thought the quality would have been better.

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

A bit pricey here on Amazon but backpack is really visually and functionally pleasing. Sized for adults, but kids can grow into it. Lots of pockets and compartments. Design is top notch.

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

Great product

5 stars

Amazing backpack, worth the price! Durable material and great size!

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

So, I won't deny my bias at the offset of this review. This was a gift from my wife and she knows I love my Cap. and I love backpacks. (I am in the I.T. Industry... it is a thing.)

Not only is this made very well that I expect it to last many many years, it is HUGE without looking like it. Whenever I show off the THREE internal pockets (laptop padded pocket that could easily fit a 17in laptop, massive "traditional" pocket for a few change of clothes, maybe some shoes and a toiletry bag, and the third "tech." pocket with all your velcro and zipper pockets for all the small tech one might have today) without fail people are amazed that this bag just keeps on going.

I highly recommend it. For $55 (the price at the time of this review) this bag is way worth its price tag. You can find bags that serve the same function without the branding for easily $80-$100, and this has the added bonus of being a Captain America bag made for the young and the older (37 here.)

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america $67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

I got mine from hot topic for much cheaper. The hot topic one is the same style but has small differences that make it a lot cooler.

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

Do yourself a favor and save $55.00. Zippers ripped with 2 months of normal use, will never buy a bioworld backpack again. I had the batman bioworld backpack and the zippers ripped on that one also......never again. Had to buy my son another backpack for school!

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

Quality great but was sent out with a buckle that was half upside down so unable to open and little help to try and resolve issue had it been sent out correct I’d of been happy with my purchase

$67.44 Marvel LUGGAGE  capitan america

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