Tippmann 81967 Cronus Package

Tippmann 81967 Cronus Package
  1. TIPPMANN Cronus
  2. 20oz jt paintball Co2 Tank
  3. Vforce sentry paintball mask
  4. TIPPMANN 200Rd loader
  5. Jt paintball 8oz paint grenade
price 124.99
keywords paintball gun
rating 4.1
customer reviews 82
sku B06XZKTVD1
Category sporting goods
brand Tippmann
availability in stock


Old CO2 tanks!

3 stars

Gun and mask are nice, but the CO2 tanks are 2 years old! I purchased two of these packages; One of the guns came with a CO2 tank dated 07/16 the other is dated 08/16. The hydro test certifications on this type of tank are no good after 5 years from the date of manufacture. These tanks were 40% into their useful lives when I received them. Sporting goods stores, hardware stores and paintball fields will not refill them after they are 5 years old.

$124.99 Tippmann SPORTING_GOODS sports paintball gun $124.99 Tippmann SPORTING_GOODS sports paintball gun

Great shipping got it whiting couple days only thing I didn’t like the 7 RL 5RL show in the pictures are round tip the ones I got in the mailed their tip are round but with a curve not completely flat round

$124.99 Tippmann SPORTING_GOODS sports paintball gun

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