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muneca bebe
  1. 1.This newborn dolls girls measures approx 55 cm (22 inch) from head to toe, and weight is about 1.3kgs per doll
  2. 2.Gender: Girl Baby/Eyes: High Quality Acrylic material,eyes open but can not blink
  3. 3.Material:Non-toxic environmental friendly Silicone Vinyl full body,and you can bath her in the water
  4. 4.Scope of Application:baby toys,treated as a friend to accompany kids to growth together,a Photography Props model,a birthday gifts,Xmas gifts, Alzheimer?s Gifts, Grandpa and Grandma?s gifts,a baby doll for mother-to-be practical training,and a very precious treasure for toy collector,also for Nurturing play,Preschool Acitivity Toys,Indoor&Outdoor Playmate,and Role Playing Dolls
  5. You Will Receive: 1*baby dolls,1*clothes(same as pic),1 * pacifier,1* milk bottle and 1*birth certificate(the name part on the certificate we leave it blank so that you can personalize when you choose their name)
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muneca bebe
  1. Two 15-inch clothed boy and girl baby dolls with light Skin tone that can suck their thumbs or pacifiers
  2. Dolls have soft, huggable bodies, wipe-clean limbs and heads, eyes that open and close
  3. Coordinating removable caps and rompers; suck thumbs or included pacifiers
  4. Perfect first dolls for nurturing and cuddling and for developing social and emotional skills
  5. For ages 18 months and up
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muneca bebe
  1. Nurture Baby Alive dolls like you would a real baby
  2. Experience fun, playful interactivity in the world of Baby Alive dolls
  3. Enjoy lifelike moments with Baby Alive dolls who drink and wet or eat and "poop"
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muneca bebe
  1. Inspires a lifelong love of music
  2. Baby can switch between 7 total melodies
  3. Perfectly sized for ages 3 to 36 months
  4. Volume control is music to mom & dad’s ears. Benefits - grasping and teething
  5. Melodies and lights powered by 2 AA batteries
  6. Cheap Paint

    1 stars

    Received the item promptly. However, color paint smeared all over when wiping it with a wet towel. I sure hope it isn't toxic, and I'm glad I found out before letting our child play with it.

    Cheap Paint Cheap Paint

    This was one of the first toys our son showed interest in as an infant. He is now 18 mo old and still plays with it... now, he presses the button and dances along with the music. It's also very convenient because you can bring it into the car and it entertains kids on car rides, even at night because it lights up to the music.

    Update: We are on child #2 and this toy is still going strong after 2.5 years (although the sticker is finally wearing off). Our second child is 4 months old and we use it in the car to calm him when he is crying. He likes the music and the colorful lights.

    Great toy for car rides too!

    Just amazing. Daughter won't stop staring at it when lights and music are on. She enjoys it so much. It saved us from so many hours or crying and fuzziness, specially in the so-much-hated car seat. And we thought at first that it wouldn't be so good! It has nice songs too and even my wife and I like it. I think the key to entertain our baby was that the lights are synchronized with the music.

    Didn't seem much of a good toy... at first.

    Wow. Battery comes with the product, definitely easy to wipe it down, (I'm a germaphobe :)). My son enjoys pushing the button to hear different sounds, lights definitely entertain him as well. This is the toy that I keep in the car at all times :).

    definitely easy to wipe it down definitely easy to wipe it down

    Works great...

    4 stars

    My 5 month old loves playing with this toy. Just a touch of the button and the flashing lights and music is a sure distraction for him. The only flaw is the speaker is to the back of the toy, so that when laid flat you can barely hear the music. If you flip it over the music is loud, but you lose the attraction of the colorful button and flashing lights.

    Works great...

    My LO loved this toy. It is her fisrt musical toy. The songs are great and volume is not too loud, perfect for baby! She played with it every day and we have to bring it with her everytime when we go out with she being in her stroller-----cuz it can make her calm everytime when she started to cry! BUT the round part with the colorful wheel on it is paper made so it got more and more wet(she liked to crew it and her drool got there easily)…finally we had to scratch the whole thing out so baby wouldn't eat little piece of paper or may be some glue! BUT unfortunately, it stopped working after about 2 months usage, now the light still can sparkle but no music playing…my husband tried to repair but we couldn't make it work again…so disappointed cuz my daughter loved it so much!! Even now she still liked to play with it even it has no music lol…hope you can make the round part with whole plastic instead of paper and glue…and more durable----and so in this way u may have to increase a coulpe of dollars for the price but we would still love to buy it:)

    4 star----just need more durability 4 star----just need more durability

    I was a little skeptical about this toy but it's one of the best purchases I've made my little girl loves it. I love that it has an off button and volume settings which is a good thing, and not to mention the music is so soft and gentle something I've never heard before very soothing as well it's not just loud and obnoxious like other toys. It's a A+ in my book and I do recommend it!

    ... skeptical about this toy but it's one of the best purchases I've made my little girl loves it
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muneca bebe
  1. ​Play out classic babysitting moments with Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Nap 'n' Nurture Nursery playset!
  2. ​More than 15 pieces -- including babysitter Skipper doll, 2 twin baby dolls, a crib with changing table and fun baby gear with action -- inspire all-day play!
  3. ​Place a baby doll in the bouncy chair using the clip and press the top down for bouncing action -- there's even room for 2 toys on the bar!
  4. ​Use the mobile on the crib for bedtime or place on the floor and use with the blanket for playtime -- hang the other 2 toys on its bar!
  5. ​Seat a baby doll on the rocking horse and snap into the clip, then rock and ride!
  6. ​Feed and change baby with additional pieces like two bottles, a bottle warmer, diapers and changing wipes -- then snuggle with the teddy bear.
  7. ​Kids will love being the babysitter and playing out all kinds of babysitting adventures with Skipper doll, 2 sweet baby dolls and a nursery full of fun -- makes a great gift for young nurturers and new siblings.
  8. ​Collect all the Barbie babysitting dolls and toys to inspire imaginations and explore new possibilities because when a girl plays with Barbie, she discovers everything she can become (each sold separately, subject to availability).
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muneca bebe
  1. Seat spins 360° so baby can discover toys all around
  2. Sturdy, free-standing steel frame lets baby jump safely—no doorways required. Maximum height- 32 Inches(81 cm). Maximum weight: 25 pounds
  3. Easily adjusts to three different heights as baby grows. Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe
  4. Busy activities include peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, bobble elephant, spinner drum & more. Soft, comfy seat pad is machine washable
  5. Note-use only for a child who is able to hold head upright unassisted and who is not able to walk or climb out of product. To avoid tip over, place product on a flat level surface
  6. [[VIDEOID:bafc6f8ff107beb7ad341bdb68782c3]] Our twin boys LOVE this jumper. We have one for each of them and I couldn't imagine what their days would be like without this. They are almost 5 months old and they play in their jumperoo 20 to 45 mins at a time, 5 or 6 times a day. Watch the video attached to see how much fun they have. Regularly, we put on baby music and sing and dance along with them, which really gets them jumping like crazy.

    They've been playing in this for about 5 weeks now, since they were just at 4 months old. Miles was just slightly bigger than his brother Calvin, at the time. Calvin needed a small towel in the seat next to him and a book under him, for the first week or so. Miles was just big enough for the smallest setting. At the time the were just over 12lbs, if I remember correctly. Now, they are both over 14 lbs and it fits them great.

    When we first set up the jumperoo, I thought there were a lot of toys that the babies were likely to not find interesting, at least not until they were months older. Some looked like they were just thrown in randomly. However, from the start, I was surprised at how interested the were in various attachments. For example, there's a funny looking, blue frog that hangs overhead. Miles spent 10 mins just staring up at the frog, fascinated, the first time in the jumper. Currently, the first thing they both go for is the odd looking, hard plastic butterfly, with crinkle sounding wings. They chew on this most of the time they are jumping.

    Both boys have incredible balance and strength as a result of playing in this jumper.

    This jumper is so amazing that it's inspired me to write my first ever Amazon product review.

    Buy this immediately. If your kids are anything like mine, you will not regret it!

    Assembly was easy and took less than 10 mins.

    This is the most rewarding investment we've made.

    We have a very squirmy, kicky, active 3 month old. She's been kicking non stop since she was about 2 months old and it's been very hard to keep her entertained :-) she gets bored easily and was tired of her Fisher Price kick gym so we bought the bouncer as the next step. After about 2 days in the jumper she hasn't quite mastered the jumping yet but loves to play with the toys and squirms around enough in the jumper to keep it moving and fun. The item says it is for four months old and up but she has been able to hold her head up for a while so we though we would give it a shot and it is great.

    3 Month Old Loves It

    I don't write a lot of reviews, but I feel compelled to do so for this jumperoo. It has been worth every bit of the $60 we spent on it. I joke with my husband that I would have gladly paid $500 for it. My daughter is 5.5 months old and we have had it since she was 4 months and she absolutely loves this thing. She loves jumping in it. When she's tired of jumping she plays with the toys. When she tires of that we turn her to play with different toys. Then she jumps some more. Because of this I can finally eat breakfast at a normal pace, fold a load of laundry, or take a mental break for my sanity. It's super light weight too so we often take it out on our porch so she can play while we relax (as pictured). Seriously, buy this jumperoo. You will not regret it.

    Best Money Ever Spent

    I love this toy, but the one we got gives my little one scratches on his bottom area where it rest in the seat. He goes in it happily to play, but always comes out crying. Began to notice scratches soon after that. And once I discontinued using it, no new scratches appeared. Returning the item ????

    Causing Scratches

    We absolutely love our rainforest jumperoo! My baby loves this jumper and even falls asleep in it from jumping so much :) we regret not getting it sooner we got it when he was around 6mo

    Wonderful product! Wonderful product! Wonderful product!

    Jumping Junkie

    4 stars

    I’m a mom of 3, my youngest being 4 months old. I set it up the other day when my husband was at work. It took about 20 minutes once it was out of the box. I tried using the instructions but followed my husband’s lead and eventually threw them aside. My daughter is 25 inches and she can almost touch the floor already. Another 2 inches and she’ll be able to bounce in this. My only complaint is that the music only lasts for 2 minutes or so before it shuts off. That won’t be a problem once she starts interacting with the toys more, but right now it’s inconvenient.

    Update 3/14/19: She can reach the floor now. She loves this thing. We can keep her in it for up to 20 minutes. She’d stay in it longer if we let her. She likes rolling around on her playmat on the floor, but she loves this more. We now call her “a jumping junkie”.

    Jumping Junkie Jumping Junkie

    Easy to set up

    5 stars

    So far so good we just opened and put it together pretty easily. My son is almost 3 months old and hold his head up he also pushes with his legs all the time so we thought that we would buy this he's about an inch too short on the lowest setting nothing a little pillow won't help.

    Easy to set up

    My daughter adores this thing.

    It has 2 dangly critters to motivate baby to jump and grab (it looks like a space for a 3rd but it isn't included.)

    My baby is very tall at 9 months but still has room to grow

    It has all the primary colors for us to talk about. Toys that spin, crinkle, click and clack.
    There is an option for 3 spots on the "dash" light up when the music is on. The music plays continuously or just when the baby plays and jumps. There is a regular and loud setting - ours is always on regular.

    I would like it if it were easier to move without folding it. I would also like it if there were more toys that make noise individually and light up.

    Giving it 5 stars anyway since my baby loves it.

    Worth the money, wish I bought it sooner

    This is such a cute jumper and my grandson absolutely LOVES it! We started putting him in when he was 2-1/2 months old and had to put a book under his feet and a blanket under his butt so his arms could be out. He is now almost 5 months old and is jumping like a wild man! He jumped for almost an hour straight the other night. His favorite is the spinning oval with beads in it and chewing on the butterfly (which the dog likes too and chewed one of the wings off already ????)

    It is not a spacesaver that is for sure but you can fold the legs in to make It more of an oval or you can take the legs out of the base and lay it all flat. Just be sure the straps are not twisted when you put it back together.

    Grandson can bounce for hours if we let him! Grandson can bounce for hours if we let him! Grandson can bounce for hours if we let him!

    Love this! It took me awhile to decide on a jumper for my son. There were so many to choose from that I ended up getting anxiety over buying a jumper! I decided to get this one and I am SO GLAD that I did. It is super cute and it has a lot of different things to entertain my baby. I was nervous he would be too short (he is 6 months and 25.5 inches) but he reaches the ground and can easily bounce. I have only had this a day and my baby boy already loves It! Getting to see his face light up as he bounces really makes buying this worth It!

    As far as assembly, it only took me about 10 minutes to put together. It wasn't complicated and the directions were super easy to follow!

    If you need a jumper, you need to get this one. It is definitely worth it!

    Absolutely love this (and so does my baby)! Absolutely love this (and so does my baby)! Absolutely love this (and so does my baby)!

    My kid is just over 4 months, 25" long and weighs about 15 1/2 pounds. He can fit comfortably in the jumperoo, with the front part of his feet just touching the ground on the SECOND setting, and his arms just clearing the top of the seat (so if he held them perpendicular to the floor, the seat would be at armpit level.) On the first setting, his feet are flat on the ground.


    We got a free-standing jumparoo in lieu of a door-mounted model because of the design of our rental home-- all the bedrooms are off in another part of the house and we wouldn't be able to watch him. We didn't want a large, clunky piece of plastic but the jumparoo came highly recommended from a friend of ours with four kids ages 5 and under, so I trust her.

    First and foremost, I wouldn't leave my kid alone in this and go off to some other part of the house to clean or take a shower/etc. I would definitely use this in our open-floor plan living room where I can watch from the kitchen, or on the back patio where I can watch if I'm doing some light yard work (see the photo I've added with a jerry rigged shade canopy). I've had the most success sitting with him and teaching him to use it (but that's just my kiddo, yours might be a little more independent.)

    Also, we removed a lot of the extra toys that clip into the saucer section-- they seemed to overwhelm him and when he gets frustrated at not being able to move anywhere except up and down, he tends to start flailing and bashing his hands against things. Another review complained about the length of the swinging stuffed toys relative to the child and it's true-- they're way out of reach. In fact, they're probably not designed to be touched by the kid, which is too bad because he's enthralled with them. I'm sewing a new ribbon onto one of the hanging stuffed animals so that it hangs a little lower for him. Not so low that he'll tangle or strangle himself with it, but low enough he can touch it as he gets bigger.

    As far as movement goes, my son wants to walk forward, so the jumparoo is somewhat frustrating. He's good for about 5-7 minutes at a time right now, once or twice a day. We're planning to have more kids, so I don't mind the investment, but as soon as he outgrows it, I will be boxing it up and putting it away until the next kid hits 4 months. Really consider if you want to invest the money and more importantly the space commitment, into this toy.

    It's fairly easy to put together and breaks down easily as well. We're planning a road trip to Florida, but I doubt we'll take this with us, he just doesn't seem very interested in it.

    I'll update if anything changes but right now it might be that he doesn't appreciate it as much as he will when he's a little older and bigger, or as much as another child might.


    Large, a little too busy, wish my son enjoyed it more (fits at 4 months, 25

    This thing has been amazing. When we first put our 3.5 month old into this he was a bit too small to really reach the ground. I put folded blankets under his feet to allow him to put weigh on his feet. After two or three weeks he gained more weight and could finally touch the ground on the lowest setting. My parents and in-laws both have different activity centers for him at their house, and one of the issues with theirs is that the seat is round, and the baby would thrash forward and backwards in the seat. This seat (the portion the baby is actually in) seems to be a smaller oval, so the baby can't fall backwards or forwards in the seat. At first he simply played with the toys, but around 4.5 months he rrreeeeaaaalllly started to figure out the bouncing thing. He really likes it, and it gives me a few minutes to do something I need to do (like take a bathroom break). It has a fairly large foot-print, though. It isn't very hard to old up to move it into another room, but put together it definitely will not fit through a doorway. This has been one of my best purchases.

    One of my best purchases. One of my best purchases.

    Great product!

    5 stars

    I got this for my little boy at 4 months old and he has absolutely loved it. It's a life saver when I need a couple minutes to get something done like eat or do the dishes.

    Great product! Great product! Great product! Great product!

    I was so excited for this jumperoo. Because it is an expensive item I decided to order it as an open box item. I did this before and never had problems. Plus it was marked as "like new - only packaging damaged". What I got was outrageous! The part with the parrot is loose, the part with the tiger doesn't work. The sticker in the front is peeled off and the seat is stained with (what I suppose is) pee. So disgusting! The person who let this jumperoo through quality control should be fired! I'm not even sure I want to order again after this experience. So disappointing!

    Defective parts and seat stained with pee! Disgusting!

    For $110, I feel a little ripped off here, idk. The jumperoo I received is filthy and all scratched up. Was it refurbished? Did it fall out of the box in transit, into a ditch, and repackaged? I don’t know. Baby’s feet are pretty flat footed on lowest setting, but he doesn’t come close to the ground on the second setting. ????. Six month old baby doesn’t even like it. I will keep trying it though; sometimes what he doesn’t like one day, he likes the next. Babies are fickle, man.

    A bit overpriced

    Very easy to assemble. Haven’t tried folding it yet. A little difficult to move by yourself, but only if you’re worried about breaking it. Grandson absolutely LOVES this JumpeRoo! My daughter who is now 15, loved hers years ago too. You can never go wrong buying one of these. I promise no matter which Fisher-Price Jumperoo you buy, your child or grandchild will get much joy out of it! And so will you! :)

    Babies love this!

    [[VIDEOID:c43d2941a0ad19a81821984015afd62a]] Great product, perfect for my 3 month old with much time to grow into it. He can hang out in here entertained for 30 minutes or more, giving me time to get some things done around the house. He loves wiggling around and jumping and I think this toy has helped him better interact with his surroundings. He really enjoys grabbing at the butterfly piece that pulls out and has figured out how to start the music again by spinning the wheel. I’d like to think this is helping with his cognitive development as well as hand-eye coordination.

    Great interactive toy for my energetic 3 1/2 month old Great interactive toy for my energetic 3 1/2 month old

    He loves it!!

    5 stars

    I got this for my grandson for Christmas. He was just a little over 3 months, but I went ahead and got it because they grow so fast. He was too short to touch the floor even on the lowest setting, so we put a folded comforter underneath so he was able to make it bounce. He's a strong little boy and seems to NEVER stop moving., so I knew he would love it! My daughter was a little leary at first (1st baby), but loves it as much as he does now - he's entertained while bouncing in the kitchen while cooking. I would highly recommend.

    He loves it!!

    Omg yes!!

    5 stars

    Every since we got this he has had no interest in anything else, he absolutely loves it! He was 3 months when we got it and he could touch perfectly, now at 4 months we have moved it up a level and still perfect! It was pretty easy to put together and definitely worth it! Love that it will grow with him, and the removable seat pad definitely a bonus for a drooly baby! This is absolutely a must have!!

    Omg yes!!

    My son LOVES this jumperoo! He looks forward to it every day. It was easy enough to assemble without help from my husband, and being totally honest, I actually like the music that this thing plays! It's very cute. My son is all smiles while he plays in this jumperoo and it tires him out. I first put him in it around 4 months old and he was a little small so he just sort of sat there but now at 6 months old he loves to jump and I actually had to raise it up to the next height setting. I'm so glad I got this, well worth every penny as it has provided my son with hours of entertainment!

    My son LOVES this jumperoo! And it has good music!

    Don’t buy

    2 stars

    It does not deserve this money because so basic. The light and sound are also basis it means that lighting is only in a simple circuit. In addition, height adjustment is not very easy. I do not like this. Another issue is that my baby wants to touch the toys on the top but they are so far away. The cubicle of toys on top also falls off easily. I think that this toy is suitable for at least 6 months.

    Don’t buy Don’t buy

    This is our second one of these. We purchased one for my now four year old when she was a baby and gave it away when we moved. We now have a three month old and needed something interactive for her and this is absolutely perfect! My 16 year old daughter assembled it in less than ten minutes and baby girl loved it immediately! One of my favorite things is how you can easily clean under it since it sits directly on your floor with no plastic bottom like some exersaucers.

    Great quality, wonderful design, super functional Great quality, wonderful design, super functional

    I got his baby baby in the mail today and within 30 minutes it was put together. Assembly is incredibly easy and it seems very durable. All of the toys and colors are just perfect. My daughter is a week shy of 4 months and she couldn’t be happier or held up sturdier. I was worried about her torso not being supported but it is absolutely perfect. If you’re a parent to a little one and looking for a few minutes where you can have your little one entertained, I’d definitely recommend.

    So happy I purchased this! Game changer!

    This jumparoo has been the absolute #1 thing for my baby boy to do. Took him 2 times to get used to it at 2 months old.. he just turned 4 months today and he uses this about 2 or 3 times a day for minimum 30min to an hour! He loves it. It has been the best investment. It allows me to make breakfast, and get a few things in the morning finished. I also move it around to different places. Like Windows, cartoons on the tv, etc.

    2 to 4 month review.


    5 stars

    We purchased this when our little guy was only three months old & his tippy toes hit the floor. He enjoyed the lights, sights and sounds but couldn't really reach anything with his arms yet. Now, at 4 months old, he bats away at the little bug and spins the color wheel. This will definitely continue to entertain him more and more. He smiles the second we put him in the jumparoo! Beware, the songs get stuck in your head! Haha

    Entertaining Entertaining

    Great Price!

    5 stars

    I have a spoiled 5 months old who loves to be held all the time.... now i can finally cook ! Or even take a bath when it's jusy us at home. Only thing is, shes not big enough to the music station and ouur it in her mouth (The elephant, bird and monkey), so she gets pissed... lol by next month she will...

    Great Price! Great Price!

    This is my all time favorite Jumperoo I have owned 2 through 3 kids. The changes the company has made to lessen the footprint of the jumper is perfect. It is now more compact, and very easy to move around the home or take with you. My 3 month old gets such a kick out of jumping around in this. He is particularly memorized by the sound and lights. I would recommend this specific jumper to all moms.

    This is a wonderful product!

    Best bouncer!

    5 stars

    Got this for my daughter at 5 months and she still loves it at 7 months!! It is super durable and well made and one of her favorite pass times :) 100% reccomend to anyone and everyone!! It is a huge life saver! My mom even ordered one for her house she loves it so much! Had it for several months now and not had to change the batteries once! The lights and music are awesome and she loves how they come on when she jumps!!!

    Best bouncer!

    Must buy !

    5 stars

    I’m so happy I bought this. My son loves it and I love the break it gives me!
    I bought this when my son was 5 months and I wasn’t going to buy it cause I thought I should have bought it when he was like 2 months, and I wasted too much time.
    But I’m glad I went ahead and bought it. Even though it’s a little expensive I feel like it is so worth it.
    I use it every single day. And he stays in this longer than another other seat/bouncer I have.

    I feel like this is a must have especially when you have more than one child.

    Must buy !

    My little son loved it. We started using it when he was 4 months and I sold it when he became 11 months since it was small for him already. The are 3 levels that you can use as kids getting bigger)) very nice toys to play for kids development. It requires batteries, since it has a music that has several modes. It's a good quality. AND TGE MOST IMPORTANT - you can leave your kid and have a rest while he/she is playing))

    My little son loved it. We started using it when he was ... My little son loved it. We started using it when he was ... My little son loved it. We started using it when he was ...

    My four month old loves her fisher price bouncer! I read a lot of reviews on different bouncer toys. I finally settled on this one and I am so glad I did. I had to put a big book under it so my daughter has something to push off of with her feet. But, it's great to have the extra room for her as she grows! She loves the lights and the noises this toy makes. And my three year old likes to play with the toys when she is in it as well. It took a few days for my four month old to make the connection that when she pushed with her legs that she bounced and the toy would make noise. So now she can bounce away with her three year old supervisor standing by while I get a moment to read or check my email nearby! I love it!

    Love this! Thank you fisher price!

    This being our third child, we weren't sure what was out there that would be different and interesting to her. When we realized how much she liked to be held in our arms and jump, we realized this was perfect for her. The seat is great, as she fit better into it long before she could be in a saucer. It seems to help out when she wants to spend some time alone.

    She was probably a little young when we bought it, maybe 3 or 4 months, but she had a very stable head which made it fun and easier for her. She likes it so much, she has fallen asleep in it.

    The downside that we found is that it isn't easy to fold up and move around. We recently went on a car trip and would loved to have taken it with us, but it isn't easy as all.

    Now that our daughter is about 7 months old and starting to cry, she doesn't seem as interested in spending time in it, but it was worth the few months she used it regularly.

    Great for jumping but not so much for folding up

    I’ve purchased the jumparoo 3x now for each of my babies & always love it just as much as my babies. So many play options and great music/animal sounds. My 7 month old is super small and still can reach the floor to bounce. The only thing I found when I purchased the one was that it doesn’t spin very easily. I don’t know if one she’s able to that she would have the strength to turn it.

    Great product needs one little fix

    Our 7 month old is in love with this jumperoo. It’s a great way for him to get exercise by bouncing and builds strength in his legs while also being a safe place to put him when you need to set your baby down. It has a lot of fun toys to keep your baby stimulated and happy too. Overall super happy with this purchase and definitely recommend it to others to give it a try.

    Such a great investment Such a great investment

    She’s not even 3 months yet however very active. After seeing these phenomal reviews we figured we would give it a try! Audrey is long so it fits her but I do think most babies may have to wait until a little longer to use it. She absolutely loved this product. It was also very easy to put together which is a plus these days!

    Little gal loved this

    My daughter LOVES this thing!!! And is so soft and safe for them to play in. I had another one, and my daughter almost smothered herself (she was born a premie and she quite small/slim for her age even at her appropriate weight) because the seat was to deep and she tilted into the seat!!! BUT this bouncer is EVERYTHING I WANTED + MORE!!! Money welllllll spent!

    Best choice for your $$$ & childs safety!!

    I'm disappointed in the quality of the product for the price. We've had it for less than a week and there is a hole in the cloth seat (pictured with a pen to show the current size). In addition, the seat does not swivel as well as the video indicates due to the design of the cloth seat, and I think over time swiveling will cause the seat to further break down but hopefully by then she will have outgrown it. Button holes on the seat do not line up well with the plastic. Otherwise product seems to work and daughter enjoys bouncing in it.

    Seat quality poor

    Love this!

    5 stars

    This has been an amazing jumper so far! At first our daughter could sit in it but had no interest in jumping! It still kept her insanely entertained. Once she started to jump she loved it that much more. It has been the best baby distraction while mom has to do dishes, get ready for work, etc. I highly recommend this jumper for anyone looking!

    Love this!

    Cute bouncer.

    5 stars

    Nice little bouncer. The music/sounds are repetitive, but I’ve found that to be true with most baby items.
    The music player stopped working after a week on ours. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent a free replacement for the part and it’s been working perfectly since. (It’s been a few months now).
    My daughter has been in a few different bouncers and seems to like this one the best. I’ve noticed she can bounce more easily in this one than others we’ve tried.

    Cute bouncer.

    I highly recommend this Jumperoo for any little one. I love to research products before purchase as well as read others reviews. Not only did our FP Rainforest jumperoo have great reviews it's the best invention out there for LO's to be entertained. The main thing I love about the jumper is that it also grows with your LO as it has three levels of height adjustment that are easy to adjust. The jumper offers only two songs but other than that my LO loves to play with the bright colored toys. The seat rotates at a 360 degree angle making it easy for my LO to play with all the toys. We purchased this when my LO was about 4 1/2-5 months old and at first he couldn't touch the ground but after placing a small box he was on his way to jumping land. Now he is almost 8 months and still loves to be in it. He is usually in his jumper for about 10-15min tops, which allows me time to do other things around the house. This jumper is great for girls or boys the colors are eye catching and the best part is that it's easy to fold and take along anywhere. Great purchase!


    The bouncy chair is such a great one for our 5 month old granddaughter, but it arrived very damaged with deep scratches. It appears the seller re-sold it to us! The picture is not of the ONLY area that is scratched. Very disappointing of a Fisher Price product.

    Good product but arrived Damaged

    My 4 month old son loves this jumper! He didn't know how to jump when we first put him in it. It only took him about 2 weeks to figure out what to do. He loves it! All the toys are awesome! Just wish there were some buttons or something else other than a bunch of spinning toys. But other than that I'd recommend this to anyone! I also worked at a daycare for 4 years and all the babies I worked with loved it too!

    Totally recommend this!

    The little bug is floppy (he hangs down rather than standing up) and the elephant only faces out and the monkey swings in but not out (so it does nothing when pushed by the baby in the chair, only when pushed by someone outside the chair). BUT, those are small things, and overall we are very happy with this jumperoo, especially for the price.

    My baby really enjoys the jumping, and he's only 5 months so he doesn't play with the toys much but he does seem to enjoy the bright colors and he definitely loves the music. I like that the music has two volume settings, and the lower one is soft enough that he can easily hear it but it doesn't drive me crazy. The music comes on when he jumps and stops when he is still, and he figured that out very fast. (There is another setting to just leave the music on for 5 minutes but I don't use that one).
    It seems solid, and it's not difficult to move. It is too wide to fit through a doorway without unhooking the base and folding it down, and it is NOT a one-handed carry...but it's not too heavy and not too hard to move. It's very easy to grab and scoot around within the same room.

    Very happy, especially for the price. Very happy, especially for the price.

    Great jumper

    4 stars

    Over all I really like the product. Only thing I have is the little spinning wheel has a crack in it and with that does not spin at all. If I could get that replaced there’d be nothing negative I could really say about it. But again over all I love the jumper

    Great jumper

    Bought it when my baby was 4 months and now she is 7. This jumperoo is like a gift from God. I adore it!!! It keeps my baby entertained. It has a very nice music with 2 volumes and nice toys. She usually falls asleep in it. ???? it might be a little expensive but is worth the money. Don't regret for 1 penny spent on it. Buy it with confidence!!!

    This jumperoo is like a gift from God This jumperoo is like a gift from God

    I love love love this product. I have two, the cheaper version that hangs on the door and this one. I had the other one at first but it was inconvenient if I wanted to use it in the living-room which has no door frames or outside area. He was using the door frame jumpy since around 4 months old. I saw this one at a friend's house and he loved it so much I had to buy it.
    This is a great thing to have to help your child's muscle development as well. He started sanding so quickly he could barely sit on his own without falling over, but stands on his feet in the jumpy for minutes.
    We have an outside area with a small swimming pool and he loves being outside the problem is he gets tired of sitting in the high chair or stroller, this is the one thing he never gets tired of. Get it because it will make any baby happy!

    Would make any baby happy Would make any baby happy

    My baby loved this toy. I was surprised on how unique this one was from all the other jumpers out there. His favorite part was reaching for the birds the over looked him. The bouncing and jumping was so cute to watch. He was embraced by the sounds that it made when exploring his new moves. This jumper is safe and any little boy or girl who can keep their head level can enjoy it. I highly recommend this one.

    So much fun for my baby boy!

    I had this bouncer with my very first munchkin 9 years ago, and my next 2 continued to use it. We loved it so much we repurchased for our 4th munchkin they all loved this bouncer, I repurchased because the quality of the bouncer was great my first one stayed in great shape for so long.

    Four munchkins and would never even look at another bouncer. Four munchkins and would never even look at another bouncer.

    My baby totally loves this. Only problem is it does not fold up easily for storage or travel so it status permanently in the nursery until he out grows it, which hopefully isn't too soon. It's so worth the money as it keeps him occupied when we need to nap or housework. He also bounces all his extra energy out. Sometimes we have to listen for when the music stops playing so we know when to put him in bed. Totally safe.

    Baby loves to bounce. Baby loves to bounce.

    I ordered this jumperoo for our son when he was 4 months old and was afraid he would be too yong for it. Boy was I wrong. When we first put him in it he could only touch the floor with one foot and that was on his tippy toes. He figured out pretty quickly that when he bounced he got lights and music... that was all it took for him. In the beginning he would only last for about 10 mins or so, and now that he's almost 6 months he goes for 30mins two to three times a day!!! It gives me time to get some chores done around the house and to rest my arms, (if he's awake he thinks somebody should be carrying him). He absolutely loves his jumperoo. If I had known how much he would enjoy it I would've gotten 2 of them instead of a swing (which he hated). If you have an active baby like mine who needs to be on the go all the time then I highly recommend it!

    love love love this jumperoo

    This thing is great!! The best part is having somewhere to set your little one where you know they are safe and happy for a few minutes while I run to the bathroom, or do something for my other kids. He loves hanging out here while I make dinner, or fold laundry, or whatever. 100% worth the price!

    Worth every penny

    Our little guy just loves this!
    He jumps and jumps to his little hearts content. He loves all the little toys, especially the little bug.

    Update: the mesh part on the seat ripped. We have no idea how but it became dangerous. We are so sad he can’t use it anymore.

    Perfect for an active baby

    It took our baby (3 1/2 months) one day to figure out how to jump in this exersaucer. She hasn’t stopped bouncing ever since! She tires herself out and falls asleep sometimes. She loves the toys and bouncing. The exersaucer is sturdy and well made. Highly recommend!!!

    Best baby toy EVER!!!!! Best baby toy EVER!!!!!

    I got this for my son when he was a little over 3 months old. He was too short so we put a platform under his feet. He loved all the toys and after a few weeks figured out how to bounce in it. Now it is his favorite thing to do! He is almost 6 months old now and bounces everyday. Usually at least 30 minutes of fun every few hours! He loves it so much we even brought it on our road trip so he could bounce out his energy every night. It is by far the best investment we have made!!

    Best toy ever!!!

    I cannot recommend this thing more. I tried the jolly jumper as well thinking it would have more 'bounce' and maneuverability but this thing takes the crown! My little girl LOVES this! We limit her time in it but when she gets to play and jump all she does is jump jump jump! We stared using it around 4 months and at 6 months it's still her fave. This is the fricken best. Buy it. Don't think twice.


    Great Buy

    5 stars

    We just got this in today and my LO fell in love with it immediately. The installation was pretty easy but the only thing was the seat cover was very hard to put on. It bounces great. I like how the seat can turn all the way around but it is kind of hard. My LO can't turn on his own. I have to turn it for him. He loves it and it was a good buy!

    Great Buy

    I love this jumpy. It was easy to assemble. My daughter is on the smaller side and her feet reach the floor easily and she can bounce/jump with ease as well. A couple of cosmetic things that bother me- have nothing to do with how it works or it's quality but the blue elephant faces outward and baby can't see it's face; also screws on the rainbow point inward when they could easily be on the outside. Can find no other problems. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Love this jumpy!

    Baby has been using it since 3 1/2 months. Make sure they are tall enough to reach the ground with toes otherwise we used a book under her for a few days until she reached. Tons of interactive toys that seem to captivate baby. Easy to assemble and fold up to put away for the few times we need to store it before baby wants it back again. I appreciate the gender neutral colors as this will be able to be used with other children. The songs and lights are fun without being too obnoxious (which is hard to find)

    Hours of bouncing fun for you baby. Easy to fold away!

    I bought for my daughter at 5 months and I could not recommend it more. She has the best time jumping, laughing, playing with all the attachments AND it's enjoyable for us all watching her. We took to her grandparents just so they could laugh watching her have so much fun.

    Fun for everyone

    We got it today and my LO starting to love it. And he is really entertained with the toys and music. After I assembled it with my husband one of my problem is that, it's not level on the floor. As you can see from the pictures i posted. And without the baby on it, it's a little bit flimsy. But not going to return it because my LO enjoys it a lot. Besides, it's easy to assemble.

    It's a great entertainment It's a great entertainment It's a great entertainment

    Ok so this would have been an amazing 5 stars, since my baby loves jumping in this thing, but the one I got seem to have arrived defective!!! Well because the little red seat cover keeps coming off from one side leaving my baby hanging from one side, not safe at all!!! I have to say I'm disappointed that they would send something like this, specially when I paid for a New fisher price rainforest Jumperoo

    Beware if defective! Not safe

    Our 4 month old (almost 4 months) loves his new jumperoo. Sometimes he doesn't even jump around, he just sits and looks at all the toys and lights. Even when he gets fussy, sometimes he moves enough that the music will come back on and then he is right back to being happy as a clown. It's funny to watch him play and enjoy all the lights and sounds on the jumper. It is also great for making him very very tired if it's getting close to bedtime. The jumperoo was easy to put togehter with the exception of the seat cushion; I had a little difficulty with that, but nothing too terrible. I would still highly recommend this product to all parents or grandparents.

    GREAT JUMPER, and very SAFE! GREAT JUMPER, and very SAFE!

    I bought this jumperoo for my son 3 years ago and he loved it so much. He was 4 months when he started using it. Every time he was crying or couldn't sleep I just put him in it and he falls asleep in 5 min.
    I started using it again yesterday for my 3.5 month old daughter and she falls asleep from jumping just like her brother did.
    It was more expensive when I bought it though.

    Best Purchase ever!!

    My son is on the smaller side and is almost 6months old. He absolutely LOVES this thing!! It keeps him occupied for a long time, and keeps up with his need for bouncing. He uses and abuses this jumperoo, and it holds up to his shenanigans. I definitely recommend this product to any moms or dads out there!! Worth the price, and it makes my baby happy :).

    Absolutely Amazing!!

    I personally think for the amount of money Fisher price could have added better toys. The toys that are included are nothing special. The seat is kinda hard to turn. This toy is just okay. I wish I would of looked into it more before buying.

    ... the amount of money Fisher price could have added better toys. The toys that are included are nothing ... ... the amount of money Fisher price could have added better toys. The toys that are included are nothing ... ... the amount of money Fisher price could have added better toys. The toys that are included are nothing ... ... the amount of money Fisher price could have added better toys. The toys that are included are nothing ...

    [[VIDEOID:9991adba7c2da01530900a5fc4801a3f]] We have had great success with this product. My older grandson loved his so I bought on for my granddaughter. It’s amazung she loves it. Super easy to assemble and adjustable as they grow. Thumbs up on this item

    Happy baby happy Nana

    My 3 month old daughter loves it as you can see. I researched a few different options and glad I went with this particular bouncer. Easy to assemble and easy to collapse without taking it apart if you want to put away. We plan to keep ours in the corner of our family room. I like this Jumberoo because the colors aren't too bright and obnoxious and it isn't an eyesore when you walk in the room.

    Happy baby girl!

    My son loves this thing so far.. only had it up for 2 days now, but so far so good. He is all smiles. It looks like it takes up alot of room but really it doesnt.. it's perfect size. I will update in a month or so.

    Son is all smiles Son is all smiles

    My 15 week old loves to play in here. She’s still a little short to reach everything but she has a big smile on her face when in it. She likes to just bounce in it!
    It’s sometimes a tad tricky getting her in and out.

    I am not handy at all but I managed to put it together!!

    15 week old enjoys it.

    I did an extensive search on jumpers trying to find one for my little guy. I ran across this one and seen it had the most and the highest reviews out of all the jumpers I researched. I do not regret purchasing this one. My opinion, it is worth every penny! He loves playing in it (I am always there watching him.). He is a bit on the small side for it, but he will grow into it in no time and with the different heights I'm sure it will last quite a while.

    My little guys loves it!!! My little guys loves it!!! My little guys loves it!!!

    Bouncing is awesome in this thing! My almost 5 month old loves it. There is only one section that lights up and plays music which makes the other sections less exciting BUT it's the cheapest bouncer I have found that does what I want.

    Love and great value!

    Awesome jumper

    5 stars

    My little one loves her jumper. It wasn't too hard to put together. I did have to look up a tutorial only because I'm a visual learner. It has an option to turn down the volume so its not blaring in her ears. I love that it's adjustable so she can use it as she gets bigger!

    Awesome jumper

    My son absolutely loves this bouncer! He plays in it for long periods of time . He literally would not let me take him out of it ! It’s ideal for a busy mom ! Also he loved to chew on the butterfly ! It’s a teether that comes on the bouncer. The Bouncer comes very easy to assemble ! Also it is just as cute in the picture as it is in person

    Also he loved to chew on the butterfly

    I love this jumperoo, just as much as my son does (maybe even more haha)! Ever since he turned 4 months he's been getting so bored and fussy and needs constant entertainment, so when I got this jumper for him it was perfect! Exactly what he needed. He gets so excited playing in it, and I was worried he would be too young for it or too short but it was perfect. His toes touch the floor so he's able to jump around, and my son isn't even tall for his age, he's actually shorter than average so I was surprised to read other comments saying their babies don't reach the floor.

    So here are the pros in a nutshell:
    -There's so much for him to do, lots of things to play with and lots of songs to keep him entertained.
    -Two different volume settings
    -Two different song settings (one is just constant tunes that keep playing even if he's not moving, and the other setting is for when he jumps or moves a toy then the tune comes on - I prefer this one obviously)
    -360 degree turning chair so he never gets bored!
    -Its safe, you can go about your day, have a cup of coffee, do some work, doesn't need supervision just make sure you're close by or in the same room
    -Three height levels so it can grow with him

    -Takes up quite a lot of room and I've tried the folding option it was hard to do, felt like I was going to break it so I just don't bother doing that anymore.
    -Not portable, a bit heavy, hard to move around and it doesn't fit into a typical doorway
    -It was a bit hard to assemble, especially putting on the chair.

    Best $60 I've ever spent! :D Best $60 I've ever spent! :D Best $60 I've ever spent! :D Best $60 I've ever spent! :D Best $60 I've ever spent! :D

    One happy baby!

    5 stars

    My baby loves this! She is still a little to short for the lowest setting so her pediatrician recommended limited use until she is able to be flat footed while seated. I place a pillow under her feet so she can get to bouncing. She loves the multiple toys and lights all around the bouncer. She gets so excited when the music starts when she begins to jump.

    One happy baby!

    [[VIDEOID:5695544d28debf7847ad4b0885d32ac0]] I put my son on Jumperoo when he is about 3 months and use cushion under his legs until he is taller and is able to jump by himself. I think this toy makes his leg get stronger but don't let the baby jump too much because his legs may not strong yet.

    Good for legs work out Good for legs work out

    Bouncing babies

    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:37b9010b9328f4d0b16afd8701f99354]] My 5 month old son loves his bouncer. It's super easy to put together, only took about 10mins from opening the box to it fully be set up. And it's solid once assembled. If your baby loves to jump and or stand up rather than sit or lay down, I definitely recommend this!!

    Bouncing babies

    Great buy!!!

    5 stars

    Our kiddo Gabriel loves it he is still 3 1/2 months and he fits in it very well. We wish there was more support for the upper body and neck/head area so they can have more support for their growing bodies.

    Great buy!!!

    Great product.

    5 stars

    Truly a 5 star, bought for my 4 month old granddaughter, my daughter said the baby loves it, the sounds and lights keep her entertained while she is bouncing around. I would highly recommend it, your baby will love it.

    Great product.

    My baby loves it! It is well made and the music isn’t too annoying! I am so happy we bought this. My baby’s legs are getting stronger and she is learning to jump higher and higher on it! Easy to put together as well!

    Best thing since sliced bread!


    5 stars

    This is a great activity center for our 6 month old! Love that it fits through stairways/doorways for transporting it to different rooms in our home. Great quality, easy quick assembly and our little one stays happy in it long enough for me to get work done around the house!!


    Bought the Jumperoo for my five month old for Christmas. She loves it!!! She is all smiles when she is using it, which is usually around 10-15 minutes at a time. I just wish I would’ve bought it for her sooner!

    Wish I Bought it Sooner!

    Love this Jumperoo. We had the 2010 version for our first, and got it again for our second. My son is 6 months (born 2 months early) and loves it. I hate putting things together, but this was so easy. It maybe took me 30 minutes. Someone good at putting toys together could do it in 15-20.

    Go ahead and get! Great product!

    My son just loves this toy! He loves to jump around and the music that kicks in if he jumps hard enough encourages him to jump harder really working those baby legs! I'm so glad I bought this. The 360 spin isn't working so well now but he's only 7 months and maybe he hasn't figured it out yet.

    The best jumper!! He enjoys it so much!!!

    Love it!

    5 stars

    Absolutely love this jumperoo. My son is 4 months old (18 lbs, 27 in) and fits in it perfect. The noises and toys are so entertaining for him. It was extremely easy to put together, only took me 10 minutes. It’s super light and easy to move around the house as well. Would definitely recommend to any parent!

    Love it! Love it!

    This jumperoo has brought more smiles and laughs to our house. She loves the colors, the music, the activities. I love that it has 3 levels for her height. We’ve used it since she was 3 months old, she is now 6 months old and she still loves it and fits well. Highly recommended!!

    It lasts and it entertains!
to sum: This product brand is Fisher-Price At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. 【PERFECT SIZE】She is 24 inch from head to toe, weight approx. 3 Lbs. She is poseable and weighted, soft and huggable, a good friend for kids to accompany their growth.
  2. 【 ASTONISHING DETAILS】- This toddler girl doll has genial facial expressions, blushing, smooth hair, detailed creases, finger and toenails, lips, eyelashes, matte varnished eyebrows, beautiful well-fitting clothes, hand-painted fingers and toes, and firm stitching. She is such a dedicated baby that you can not help to love her at the first sight.
  3. 【SNUGGLE STRUCTRUE】head and 3/4 limbs are made of high quality silicone vinyl , very soft touch and realistic, flexible. doll body is stuffed PP cotton cloth body, the doll can not have bath or shower. The doll is totally poseable, head and limbs can be moved around freely. smooth fiber hair, wispy eyelashes and tiny hand-painted fingernails and toenails complete the illusion of life.
  4. 【COMING HOME WITH】This doll comes with with 1 set of clothes just as the picture shows,with all the accessories together. And a certificate of birth with the artist’s signature, the name part we leave it blank so that you can personalize when you choose her name! You can dress her by yourself, 3-6 months baby clothes will fit her
  5. 【IDEAL TOY GIFT】- Perfect for Birthday present, Christmas gift, Preschool activity, Home activity, Role playing, Nurturing play, Suitable for Children, Mothers, the older and all Age 3+ who love. This reborn baby dolls will warm your hear and bring your faimilies happiness . Please love her as much as I love her.
to sum: This product brand is Lullaby At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. The La Newborn is a realistic baby doll that captures bringing a baby home from the nursery. Features soft smiling face with bright happy eyes and irresistibly cute toes
  2. Made from non-scented and washable vinyl, soft and smooth to touch, yet durable for years. Water-friendly too, so children ages 2 or older can safely play with doll in the bath
  3. 8-piece layette gift set for dress-up fun includes short-sleeve bodysuit, short-sleeve t-shirt, pair of booties, hat, cloth diaper, diaper cover, and hospital bracelet.
  4. Jointed at the shoulders, hips, and neck, so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing doll’s clothing. She’s 14" long and weighs about 1lb. 5 ounces
  5. Made by JC Toys, the world’s leading doll manufacturer. This JC Toys product has been safety tested and approved for children 2+. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer.
  6. We received this doll today and we love her BUT.....she is much smaller than expected. Because she is curled up, she seems smaller than 14" and premie clothes are pretty big on her. Otherwise it's a gorgeous little baby doll but the product photos make her seem much bigger than what she is in "real-life." I hope they will remake this exact doll in an 18"-20" version so it would fit into premie clothes and seem more like the size of a real baby. I expect that our little girl will still love her nonetheless. Everything else about her met our expectations wonderfully.

    Okay, now that we've had this doll for several months let me add a few things...My daughter LOVES her. The size of the doll was a non-issue for my little girl. She loves it so much that she is asking for another one for her birthday this year so that her baby will have a brother!! And we've already purchased another identical doll for our other little girl because she HAD to have one also. Premie clothes, once washed, work well for her. Newborn clothes are generally much too big. We've had people in the store mistake her for a real baby on more than one occasion.....she freaks our friends out!! There have been several times that the realism of the doll has caused me false alarm!! We searched and searched for the "perfect" baby doll that was realistic enough but wouldn't break the bank. I would say that we've found her!!

    Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small Wonderful doll but very small

    This Berenguer doll is my 5 yr olds 2nd doll like this. She loved the first one so much that she ordered a "twin" with a different expression. This doll is so cute and tiny. Very realistic looking. She is not anatomically correct like the first doll (My first yawn). Her accessories are adorable and fit better than preemie size we were using. People think that they are real...even though they are small we get comments like "oh, I thought that was a real baby". The smiling doll on the left is the one on this review. The one on the right was purchased in December named "first yawn" .The open mouth in "First Yawn" doll is appealing to my daughter because she can "feed" her and a pacifier stays in her mouth. If your daughter likes dolls that look realistic this will be a hit. Some people say the size is too small, but it's just perfect for tiny hands to hold onto. It's not a burden to take places because it's small. (Doll is pictures with a 2 liter bottle of coke to show the size)[[ASIN:B003Y7DQT8 JC Toys 14-Inch La Nursery Newborn 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll Set, Pink]]

    Realistic, well-made doll, We now have TWINS :)


    5 stars

    Great quality and the artwork is just beautiful!
    Her body was quite soft which i liked. The clothing she comes with isnt the best quality but okay. She fits into onesies that are meant for bitty babies. ~Well they are big on her but look adorable. Preemie clothes are pretty big on her but if you really try you can make them work most of the time. She is tiny. I love mine, i named her meadow. I recommend this doll. I am 14 and love my little girl. Oh and the hospital bracelet well ummmm its kinda cut it off or leave it alone. I got mine to come off with some scissors but it was very hard but now can come off. Great price by the way???? worth it.

    Meadow????❤ Meadow????❤ Meadow????❤

    So adorable!

    5 stars

    This doll is so adorable. Everyone loves her. She's small, as described but realistic looking which was most important to my daughter. I'll now be buying one for my nieces and my other daughter. She fits preemie size clothing nicely. We also bought cheap pacifiers and cut the nipple off so it looks like she's sucking on it. She's wearing a newborn size diaper in one of the pictures.

    So adorable! So adorable!

    My 5 year old was thrilled to receive this baby for Christmas. It has a little weight (not completely hollow) and made of semi-hard rubbery material that is "squeezable." The baby's features are life-like enough and the eyes are gorgeous. The clothing looks a little cheapy, but my daughter didn't know any different. Would recommend!

    Would recommend! Would recommend!

    Beautiful doll but I wish didn't feel so plastiky and heavy. It is for my niece and she absolutely loves it! The clothes are so cute as well. The price for it is amazing.

    Looking so real and great for the price

    I bought the boy doll and the girl doll for two of my granddaughters. They're both the exact same doll except for their clothes. They don't look anything like some of the advertised pictures either, just cheap looking baby dolls. I hope my granddaughters like them. I DO NOT recommend these.

    Not as detailed as the pictures would have you believe. Not as detailed as the pictures would have you believe.

    I bought the Berenguer Baby Doll (2 of them actually- the boy & the girl) for my nieces. They both fell in love with them at first sight. They are exactly how they look online. Delivery was quicker than expected considering it was the holidays. I would definitely suggest this baby for anyone with a little girl into dolls... Especially if you have twins or triplets and you can get the same baby in different color clothes.

    Realistic baby doll that your child will love!

    The baby looks sweet with its original clothes on. It looks very realistic. That being said, it is pretty rigid & doesn’t bend. It is very difficult to dress, even for an adult, as the feet & arms are curled into one position. The doll is also very heavy. Not the best doll for an almost 3 year old.

    Not flexible - not for toddler Not flexible - not for toddler

    It's a Girl!

    5 stars

    I bought this baby for my daughters 4th b-day. She has yet to put the baby down. she loves taking care of it and loves giving her a baby bath! this baby looks so real and it goes everywhere with us. We have been asked by many moms where they can find one. only issue i have is trying to top this gift for her b-day as she found this hidden in my closet during a time of hide and seek. So this baby came premature!

    It's a Girl!
to sum: This product brand is JC Toys At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. Baby doll transforms into a mermaid with just a swish of her skirt
  2. Kids can play with doll in and out of water
  3. Drinks her bottle and wets her diaper
  4. Includes Doll, removable top, removable mermaid tail swimsuit bottom, bottle and a diaper
  5. Ages 3 and up
  6. Perfect Will Buy Again

    My daughter is so in love with this doll

    We were a little disappointed with the doll due to the discrepancy in how it's advertised and what the instructions state. My 3 year old daughter loves mermaids, and she loves bath time so this looked liked the ideal toy to combine those two things.

    First the positives: The doll itself is cute and in my experience kids love any activity involving water, so the fact that this Baby Alive drinks and wets her diaper definitely adds some major entertainment value. Also the mermaid skirt that makes the doll look like a mermaid while it still have legs is pretty great too. My daughter loves that she's "just like Ariel!". Overall just the concept of this doll is fantastic, especially right now when all the little girls are so into mermaids.

    What i didn't like: This Baby Alive is specifically advertised for "in and out of water". The package even shows a girl putting the doll in water with the caption "Play in Water!", and another picture on the packaging states "Waterplay fun!". So that makes me think it's going to be the perfect bathtub toy that I've been looking for. So I'm curious as to why the instructions state, "Not intended for bathtub play."? Maybe it's just a sentence that is on all the Baby Alive instructions and it wasn't excluded for this particular doll model? Either way, we decided that we'd let my daughter use it for her bathtub toy anyways and she's been having a blast. I just make sure that I lay the baby on a doll after she's done with her and try to drain all the water out. And believe me, this doll fills to the brim with water!

    So other than the issue with the instructions not jiving with the adverstisement, this is a pretty entertaining doll that your mermaid lover is sure to enjoy.

    Perfect for your little ones who love mermaids Perfect for your little ones who love mermaids Perfect for your little ones who love mermaids

    Great gift

    5 stars

    This baby alive doll is amazing. She comes with her mermaid outfit on but you simply undo the back and it slips off to reveal her legs. She has a diaper and bottle that she comes with as well. My daughter had me doing the diaper, then the mermaid tail, then the diaper, and well you get the idea. She loves her.

    Details are great on her. Love that she can go in the water and out. That is wonderful as they always want to bring there babies in the tub. I gave this five stars but I would have given more. This is a wonderful gift. I know my girls are baby crazy and they are only 3 and 4. I am sure it will be years before they are out of the baby doll stage.

    Great gift Great gift

    My little girl loves baby dolls! Baby Alive is her favorite because she loves being able to take care of her baby like a real "mommy" does. This doll can drink it's bottle, wet it's diaper, and go swimming in the water. My 4 year old takes her baby in the bath tub and plays with her. It comes with doll's shirt, mermaid tail bottoms, baby bottle and a diaper. This makes a great gift for any little girl, super cute, nice quality baby doll.

    Great baby doll minus the wet diaper Great baby doll minus the wet diaper

    Super cute mermaid style doll with all of the fun Baby Alive interaction. Basically you can buy clothes and accessories from the Baby Alive line for this doll. It doesn't have real doll hair, but honestly I like that cause my 5yo makes such a mess of doll hair. She's been toting this cutie around for two weeks and we ended up buying more "diapers". So be prepared for that cash outflow.
    Vibrant outfit, easily poseable and perfect size for little hands.

    Cute little Mermaid Baby
to sum: This product brand is Baby Alive At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. Bébé Calin Mila is a small doll whose 12-inch size fits perfectly in your child's small arms and is ideal for hugging and cuddling
  2. Its soft body is posable and its brown sleepy eyes close when it's put down for a nap or at bedtime just like a real baby
  3. Doll's face, arms and legs are made of soft-to-the-touch vinyl
  4. Features signature Corolle vanilla-scented vinyl
  5. Designed and styled in France
to sum: This product brand is Corolle At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. [SOFT] - She is 22 inches, from head to toe, with soft cotton cloth body for a real baby feel, and the kids can hand her to everywhere.
  2. [HIGH QUALITY] - She has hand applied blue eyes, eyelashes and hand applied realistic brown hair, it's very easy to take care. Her arms and legs can be moved up and down, lifelike and adorable face will make your children feel like holding this friend.
  3. [GREAT FOR] - Birthday present, Christmas gift, Preschool activity, Photography props, Home activity, Role playing, Nurturing play, you kids will acquire social ability and strong cognitive ability. At the same time, she can reduce the loneliness of the elderly living alone.
  4. [SAFETY CERTIFICATION] - Conforms or exceed the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+, which is safe to your children.
  5. [GIFT SET] - The reborn Toddler’s outfitted in a 7-pieces ensemble including a baby crawling suit, baby hat, doll bottle, doll pacifier, a giraffe toy and gift box.
to sum: This product brand is CHAREX At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. ▶The Reborn doll measures Approx 24 Inches (60 cm)from head to toe,with silicone Vinyl head and limbs and weighted cloth body just as real baby feel.
  2. ▶Realistic Points:Hand-applied eyelashes and hair, Huggable weighted body, vivid facial expression,flexible hands,Hand-painted eyebrow and baked skin color(never fade)
  3. ▶Great for:Birthday present,Christmas gift,Preschool activity,Indoor&Outdoor toys,Role Playing,Nurturing play,mother-to-be training,Toy collector and child's growth companion partner,Alzheimer’s gifts,Grandpa or Grandma Accompany doll
  4. ▶Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+
  5. ▶Reborn baby doll aims to bring love the world, family, children and parents, increasing understanding, and giving better companionship
to sum: This product brand is Zero Pam At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
to sum: This product brand is HAMPA At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. Mirror play helps baby learn how to focus, track images and explore the face
  2. Clacking rings awaken auditory senses
  3. Fun jingle sound will delight and keep baby entertained, capture baby’s attention, and engage baby’s hearing
  4. Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
  5. Tethered ladybug teether helps to sooth baby’s gums
  6. My baby girl LOVED this toy. It was the favorite among all of the Lamaze toys. She has had it since she was about 3 months old and it was HUGE in comparison to her size. She is now 6 months old and it is still a pretty big toy when it is on her in her car seat, but she loves the crinkle sounds it's wings make, loves chewing on the antennae and the rings (mainly the white one). She has not gotten into the squeaky on the wing and not so much so with the ladybug bite plate, Just loves gnawing on the head, wings and white clip. Now, I do have a few complaints for this product. We have purchased TWO of them now. The first one, shortly after receiving it, I noticed it started to tear on the fabric strip that holds the white clip/ring to Freddie's head. I thought it may have been from Sofia's eagerness, but I now believe it was just flawed stitching. Hand washing is the only way to clean this toy, which is fine, however, once you hand wash it you will notice the white is not really as white anymore because of the, what I assume are flexible metal pieces or plastic pieces inside the wings - they leave "strips" of dingy coloring. This isn't a big deal, just something I feel is worth mentioning, because Freddie doesn't look as clean any more even after a bath. Now, our second purchase we had to make because we thought we lost Freddie - and that is a big deal! So, Freddie #2 arrives and as I am cutting the little plastic tag strip to remove him from the cardboard, once free, I notice a pretty significant sized hole where the plastic strip had been - which was close to the seam on Freddie's head. SOooo, here we are with Freddie # 2 and he is damaged from the get-go. I am debating stitching it up or whether I should send him back - such a hassle. Also, we paid about $ 3 more for Freddie #2 for some reason, although both were purchased on Amazon within months of each other. Bottom line, Freddie the Firefly has been an amazing toy for our daughter and I highly recommend him - since others have failed. Lamaze Captain Calamari has been laying around for as long as Freddie # 1 and is just now receiving a tiny bit of interest (nominal), Lamaze Tug & Play Knot - having some success after a few months of dangling in front of her, and Lamaze Flutterbug - well, she is getting a little bitty bit of interest in this one when nothing else is around. My only suggestion, is if you get Freddie, look him over carefully for manufacturing defects and return him if you find any, because your baby will probably love him and you are going to want him to last.

    Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws Baby Girl Loves, LOVES this toy - but watch out for manufacturing flaws

    It's a Wonderful awesome toy. Will keep your baby occupied for a long time. Busy exploring the unique Freddie the Firefly. Made of the valour, this friendly toy will bring many smiles to your infant's face. The toy comes with different textured material, colors, and patterns. On top of this, it has a peekaboo mirror multiple shapes, and Freddie's feet make a crinkle sound. It also has a squeaker and clanging rings. Unique, educational, discover and learn toy. Highly recommend.

    Freddie the Firefly rattle Freddie the Firefly rattle

    My daughter loves Freddie!

    The back of his wings are black and white patterns, and that is really neat. It makes me wish we had bought this for her sooner.

    Now my daughter is 4.5 months old. She likes chewing on the wings (because they crinkle), and she likes chewing one the two bottom rings. She hasn't quite discovered the red teething thing yet, but I suspect she will really like it when she figures that out.

    Freddie is extra fun because he has so many bright colors, and the fabrics and cords are all different textures. This toy has a ton of different textures! The mirror is too small for my daughter to be interested in it, so that was kind of disappointing because she does love mirrors.

    But, she always finds this toy entertaining. It is our favorite toy to take along to distract her when she is in Baby Prison (aka. her car seat). Lately being strapped into her car seat has made her MAD, but Freddie helps her to forget about that really quickly. So, I can't complain too much about little things like the mirror being too small, because actually this toy makes my daughter and I both a lot happier.

    Highly recommended. This toy is such a winner.

    Oh, this toy is SO interesting!

    I got this for my daughter based on the positive reviews, and it has not disappointed. She literally wiggles with excitement when she sees "Friend-o." That's what we call him. It helps keep her quietly engaged in the car seat, which is a huge win. And as she's gotten older, she loves to watch him "fly" in to give her a kiss on the cheek. Very engaging, gender-neutral infant toy.

    Still loving it at 4 months!

    I love this toy! And so does my 3mo old baby. I have it attached to her car seat and she plays with the crunchy wings and rings on the bottom. So glad I bought it!

    Perfect distraction! Perfect distraction!


    5 stars

    I love it! It's much bigger than I anticipated which is great. My baby loves it! Great entertainment for when I'm driving...he eventually falls asleep holding the rings in his hand. Easy to clean, stands up great after being washed once a week. I don't put it in the dryer, instead, I allow all my baby's toys to air dry.


    This toy is fabulous! My 3 month old loves the crinkly wings and grabbing at all the different materials. She is always entertained with “Freddie” and it keeps her occupied and happy for long durations. The toy was larger than I expected which works great for my little one to fully grasp it. I think she’ll love playing with this toy for quite a while!

    Baby LOVES This Toy!

    It's cute, but I don't know how well my son will like it. I have, however found that the teether is not well attached and if I don't fix it, he will easily be able to pull it off.

    Not highest quality

    My son is 4 months old and he absolutely loves this toy! It’s colorful, has many textures, makes crinkle noises, and is easy for him to grasp. I love watching him discover this toy! I’m also trying to get him to sit up and this prop is doing an amazing job getting him interested in grabbing what’s in front of him! I highly recommend this!

    and is easy for him to grasp

    This is a perfect toy for baby. It crinkles and squeaks. It has a teeter, a mirror, rings, It is colorful and very versatile and engaging. Our baby boy simply loves it!

    This is a perfect toy for baby
to sum: This product brand is LAMAZE At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
muneca bebe
  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Set includes sleep and play and cap
  5. Made with 100% cotton
  6. Soft, gentle and comfortable on baby's skin
  7. Optimal for everyday use
  8. Affordable, high quality outfit
to sum: This product brand is Luvable Friends At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON

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