The 15 Best led string lights battery For 2020

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led string lights battery
  1. Safety Decorative Lights with UL588 Certification: High quality led bubs and copper wire, certificated with UL588, don’t worry to use it. Notice: please use high quality batteries for the string lights or the battery leakage will break the battery case
  2. 2 PCS 20 Feet Copper Wire Lights for Bedroom: DIY a night light, put in mason jars, wind on your bed, hanging pictures,decorate Christmas trees,garland,do children’s school program, use the lights to decorate your home garden patio
  3. Waterproof & Portable Outdoor String Lights: IP67 Waterproof, Portable Battery Case (2*2.7inches), Notice: Install 3 AA Battery in it(batteries not included in the package),ensure the waterproof rubber is installed while use outdoor
  4. Remote Control Battery Operated Led Lights: Use the remote to turn on/off , adjust the brightness, choose 1-8 modes(in wave/sequential/slo glo/ flash/slow fade/ twinkle/steady),set 6 hour timer
  5. 1 Year Warranty Customer Service:GDEALER offers 1 year warranty for all string lights sold by Global Dealer. The lights maybe broke while several times transportation, if you received defective lights please contact us via Amazon message box or
  6. Wanted a safe way to light up the gas fireplace and 2 strings of these lights worked perfectly. I especially like being able to turn them off and on with the remote.

    Love these lights! Love these lights!

    Good Product

    5 stars

    These are cool! Worked perfectly! The copper wire gives you a lot of options for arranging and I like that they are smaller than traditional Christmas lights. I have a one set of 2 on a 7.5 ft mantel and they look amazing!

    Good Product Good Product

    Amazing they right up my room fairly well however I do not know how long these lights will last because they are literally led and copper wire only it doesn't have an outer plastic layer to protect it but so far so good!

    Amazing they right up my room fairly well however I ...

    These lights are exactly what I needed - I love that they have a timer and a remote. Though the copper wiring is very fine it is durable. I'm a bit hard on things and the wire held up well, now I wouldn't move and twist constantly because I'm sure they won't last if you do. I'm using them in a space that I have no intention of moving. Oh best of all, you can't beat the price - oh and they arrived early too!!!

    So happy the way they turned out!

    Will buy again

    5 stars

    I decided to buy these fairy lights because I wanted a lamp but I wasn't willing to pay the lamp prices. Overall it's exceeded my expectations. I thought it was not going to be true to description. It has a warm tone color. It gets bright enough for you to be able to read a book or just chill out in your room without having to turn on that bright overhead light. Sorry for all the run on sentences. I would definitely buy again.

    Although, trying to untangle these fairy lights were a little bit of a hassle but the result is great. So, I don't mind it taking a little bit of some time to untangle the fairy lights.

    They run off of three double a batteries. I just received this package so I couldn't tell you how long those three batteries will last but at least my light bill is staying down.

    Will buy again

    Great buy!

    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:7d8950c08e8623d61629043196cb6040]] These worked wonderfully for our festival outfits! My friend took one string and I took the other. I put them around my hat the first day and they were a big hit! It was fun to change the light settings to the mood of the performs at night! The last night I strung them through my top and didn’t have any issues transferring them from outfit to outfit. My friend used hers in her skirts and we tucked the battery box,on the backside, of our pants and they weren’t discomforting or heavy at all! Highly recommend these!

    Great buy!

    Used this product to light our driftwood tree. It looked amazing! The photo does not do it any justice! Able to wrap around each branch. Used multiple sets (12) and I was able to operate all sets with just one remote. It was tricky to get the lights aligned when using using the various movement options. Ended up just leaving the lights on constantly. Shipping was a little longer than I would have liked...though it was shipping to seemed to do a little globe trotting across the US before it got here. Bottom line, it is a great product that provides "warm" lighting. Easy to use and worked like a charm! Our tree came in 1st Place!!! :)

    Excellent product...worked like a charm!

    Very happy with this purchase! As described, they are water resistant (I've sprayed water on the wreath behind it) and it works great. You can control both light strings with the same remote, just point to that direction and do what you want to do. VERY EASY! There are also a lot of settings to play around with to find the one you want. Absolutely loving this purchase! If I ever need anymore fairy lights, this will be the one I'll buy.

    GREAT set of lights! GREAT set of lights!

    Very pretty

    5 stars

    I have been lighting up this vase for a long time with Christmas lights. The limitation there is that I always had to keep the vase near an outlet. And after a while, some of the lights started blinking and some didn’t, there’s no control over that. I really like this string a lot better because the lights are tinier and prettier, and of course being battery-operated I can move the vase around. It. And with these I can choose whether to blink, not blink, fade in, glow, other options. I’m very happy with it so far, just received it a few days ago.

    Very pretty
to sum: This product brand is GDEALER The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. A Terrific Designing Tool - you get a set of 6pcs YIHONG fairy string lights with cool white color, each twinkle light is with 6.2feet (1.9M) flexible thin silver wire and 20pcs glowing micro leds;with those versatile lights,you can DIY your own fairy dress, halloween costume;decorate your party reception table centerpiece or DIY some mason jar lights for camping, BBQ,picnic;or just keep it at hand in case of power outage.
  2. Mini Size, Battery Compartment easy to hide - The size of battery pack of the led string lights is only 0.9*2 inches, which makes the fairy light very easy to hide, perfect for your Valentine's day gift decoration, table centerpiece decoration, home party, or clear dome umbrella, make cool jellyfish costume for your kids, or any other unique lighting projects you desire.
  3. Each String Light is powered by 2*Lithium Cells (included); battery compartment is with ON/OFF switch; no worries of where to find a outlet, simply switch on the fire lights and make amazing costume decor or cosplay for Halloween, Christmas, wedding, New Year’s Eve, Valentine's and more.
  4. Waterproof – Insulate Copper wire and fully sealed make the firefly light possible to use both indoor and outdoor, suit for mason jar, wine bottles, bell jar and Easter Wreath Garland decorations.
  5. Battery operated string lights(NON PLUG-IN) -- Requires 2 coin batteries for each twinkle light, which is included; An extra resistor was added to each starry string lights to stable the current and thus prolong the battery life to 72 hours with non-stop operation, perfect addition to any awesome decor ideas and create any mood from festive to romance, elegant to magical.
  6. These lights worked perfect for what I was looking for. We had a bonfire one night, with tables of food a good distance from the fire, so I put these lights in clear plastic containers (see pictures) and set them along the tables. We had 4 tables, and 6 lights did an awesome job of giving off just enough light for everyone to see what was there, but not too much that it took away from the ambiance of the bonfire.

    As far as the lights themselves, they are on wire, so they can be manipulated easily to wrap around something. They seem to be pretty sturdy and held up to being removed from the containers and wrapped around the corn hole boards so people could play corn hole once it got dark. I had them on for 5 hours straight with no problems, and it's simple to turn them on and off with the little black switch on the side of the battery case.

    Great quality, great price, highly recommend!! Great quality, great price, highly recommend!!

    These little lights are terrific. While each one is about 7 ft. long, it easily fits into a coffee cup or other small container. Plus, if you stretch one out, you can twine it around any type of centerpiece display, adding just the right amount of twinkle. The photos show just one string in each of five 8 oz cans, and one string in the leafy display.

    I have only had the lights on for short intervals, so don't know how long the batteries last. The replacement batteries are fairly inexpensive, so that is a plus. It does look like you would have several tiny screws to deal with, tho.

    Fun lights to decorate with! Fun lights to decorate with! Fun lights to decorate with!

    So far so good. I am actually using them to light up my dog's harness for when we go for a walk at night. I tape them to the shape of his harness with clear packing tape. The lights are very bright and he can be seen from several hundred yards away. Maybe not what they were intended for but they work for this purpose.

    So far so good. I am actually using them to light up ...

    Yay! Just what I was hoping! Who wants to pay $12-14 for an LED light strip, when a $2.50ish string of Christmas lights will work. I need to be able to see what food I have I the back of the cupboard. The fix cost me 3 Command hooks and a 6' of battery powered string of Christmas lights. Poof!!

    Now to get more Command hooks to complete the other 3-5 places I want these put up.

    Yay! Just what I was hoping! Who wants ... Yay! Just what I was hoping! Who wants ...

    This product was purchased for our son (6yr old) to help complete his Jellyfish Halloween costume! We absolutely loved the options for the different strobing effects allowing him to select which style of "Bioluminescense" he wanted to display! It also had a continuous light mode if you prefer no blinking.

    Halloween Costume- Glowing Jellyfish Halloween Costume- Glowing Jellyfish

    I bought 3 boxes of these to made Cinderella's carriage shine for our high school production and they worked perfectly! They were easy to attach because they are wired. They were easy for the boys ("magical horses") to turn on. And they looked great! Thank you!

    They were easy to attach because they are wired They were easy to attach because they are wired

    Absolutely love these lights! We used them in vases at my Grandma's memorial and on a poster we made for her. They were on for about 7 hours and are still working. Everyone was asking where I got them. I definitely recommend them. Couldn't be happier!

    Absolutely love these lights Absolutely love these lights Absolutely love these lights

    I used these to make wedding decorations for the tables. I put them in mason jars. I taped the battery pack to the lid with masking tape and let the string of lights hang loosely in the jar with river rocks at the bottom of the jar. They turned out really cute. It reminded me of fireflies in a jar. The lights are very bright. They are noticable in a well lit room and are bright enough to read writing in a completely dark room.

    I used these to make wedding decorations for the tables ... I used these to make wedding decorations for the tables ...

    These fairy lights are great. I use them to light up disc golf baskets for night play. They are very bright and durable. I use them for about 3 hours each night and they seem to last me months. Once they batteries die, they are easily replaceable. I have ordered these many times over the past couple years and never had a faulty one. Everyone playing loves how visible they make the target at night.

    These fairy lights are great. I use them to light up disc golf ...

    These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project. I put one strand in each jar and just hid the switch behind the flowers. They were perfect for my Thanksgiving decor and they lasted the whole day. The batteries are still working but the one thing I did notice was after awhile a few of the strands would dim down making a few lanterns brighter than the others (maybe because I was using them for too long) but they started to take on a even more yellow warmer hue, which for me was okay because I wanted that look anyways :) the copper string does feel fragile but just handle them nicely and it should be okay. These little guys also brought out a lot of light! esp. for my use for them was to light up my path up my stairs.
    I def. reccomend this product but keep in mind of the dimming if thats super important to you :)

    These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project These were awesome! perfect for my DIY project
to sum: This product brand is YIHONG The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. 8 Different Colors in One Package: The package including 8 different color strings(warm white, cool white,blue,purple,pink,red,green,orange).Saving your money to buy multiple strings while you don’t know which is your favorite one.
  2. Easy Use with CR2032 Battery Included: The battery included in the string lights, just use the attached little screw driver to change batteries while it’s out of power.The Battery is 3V low voltage and offer a more than 48 hours continue use.
  3. Portable and Convenient Little Decor: With a mini 2*1*0.2 inch battery case and 1.2ft lead wire,6 ft string lights, can be put in mason jars, bottles, candlestick or used in special costumes,hair ornament for Halloweens,stage performance,or decor the trees,gifts,house in Wedding,Party, Christmas.
  4. Waterproof and High Quality Copper Wire Led Lights: The string lights is waterproof and can be put in water to create a wonderful scene, notice: the battery case is not waterproof. The copper wire is bendable in any shape and safe to touch.
  5. 1 Year Warranty Customer Service:GDEALER offers 1 year warranty for all string lights sold by the shop Global Dealer. Contact us via Amazon message box if you meet some issues or have some advice.
  6. I got these to use in wine bottles as my wedding centerpieces (fairies in a bottle). I absolutely love them. They really give the bottles that something extra. They are bright and the bottles help dim them some.

    Perfect for fairies in a bottle

    The fairy lights was perfect for my project. Great quality and the color choice was spot on. I will be ordering more of these lights for future projects!

    The fairy lights was perfect for my project

    Wonderful! !! I will order more!!! Used for a party in flower centerpieces. Fab! Had them going up some tall branches in vases! Turned on a 6:30 pm before guests arrived and stayed lit till I turned them off at 1:30 am. And turning them on now... they still work! I should turn one on and leave it just to see how long it stays, I have another event in a month.
    No problem what so ever... every one loved them and wondered how they worked. I had the tiny battery pack tucked in a tall white spider mum. Couldn't see it! Lol... fantastic!

    best ever! string lights great price !

    I ordered these for a cosplay I'm building. I know nothing about soldering and programming LED lines, so I thought this would be a simple solution to my lighting issue. Turns out these are the same lights Jessica Nigri used for her Sindragosa cosplay, so that's a good enough endorsement for me! These are very bright, easy to manipulate and adjust and stay in place with a dab of hot glue. The shield has approximately 40 lights in right now and will have 80 total when completed. I'm like to order at least 1-2 more boxes as this entire armor set will have around 300 when done. I expect it'll make it hard for photographers to get decent pics, they're so bright!

    so that's a good enough endorsement for me


    5 stars

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever purchased on Amazon. My son has a zillion teachers who we wanted to give holiday gifts to, so I bought a bunch of these lights, and some clear gift bags with polar bears and holiday decorations printed on them. I put Hershey's Kisses and similar chocolates into the bag, added a string of lights, and turned it on when we gave them to people. The gifts were affordable and looked fantastic!!



    5 stars

    I was looking for lights that stayed bright and lasted a full 7 hours (at least). I originally purchased party lights (the ones that are shaped like a little bullet) but they dimmed within hours.

    I asked multiple questions and contacted various sellers. These lights were fantastic. They stayed on the entire time. Sadly, I may have gotten 5 in one of the packages but I don't even know for sure. Regardless, these will be reused in the future and will just have to replace the batteries!

    Great find! Highly recommend! Fit perfectly into an Eiffel tower vase. Including photo for reference (faces hidden). Very happy with this purchase!


    Used for my Halloween Jellyfish costume (I used a clear umbrella with these lights dangling down-it was a neighborhood hit!). They are nice and bright and I love the different colors. I like the fact that they are battery powered and easy to use. I now have them living in mason jars and they light up beautifully. Thank you!

    Awesome lights for creative projects!!

    These are the lights I received minus the green lights as I have already used them on the snail also pictured. The first picture is with the lights on & the second is with the lights off. It should be noted the purple doesn't look very purple with the lights on, but it looks much better with the lights off.

    but it looks much better with the lights off but it looks much better with the lights off but it looks much better with the lights off

    Great lights

    5 stars

    I will have to see how long the batteries last me at the convention but they’re beautiful. Only complaint is a wish they were labeled which ones are which color before I have to pull the tabs of each one and turn it on to check. Going to wear these around at a couple of anime and gaming conventions coming up.

    Great lights

    Love them

    5 stars

    I love the silver wire and more white of the lights. These work perfectly in my glass blocks I make.

    Love them

    Worked perfectly for my daughter’s crash landed alien costume. I stitched some to her skirt & we wrapped one in her hair. They look beautiful, are super lightweight & easy to bend. Batteries that came in the lights lasted through 6 hours of party, plus at least 4 hours on Halloween. We removed them easily from the skirt & now she uses them in her room. Love that we don’t have to plug them in. Great product for the price.

    Great little lights

    I bought these lights to decorate some mini Christmas trees I was given as a gift. The lights pictured here are all colors except one I would consider ‘cool white’. The lights come with batteries already installed and they even give you a tIny screwdriver to change the batteries with. The lights are super bright. I do t know how long the batteries will last but they came with the paper pull tab between them so I’m hopeful they will make it through Christmas. I’m very happy with them and would purchase them again.

    The tiny screwdriver is an amazing bonus!

    I am a wreath maker and use fairy light in my wreaths. When I received the box I was hoping that they would be labeled the with the colors the lights. I don’t like having to pull the tabs just to see what color they. The only one I was able to see the color was the red bulbs. If your vision is not best like mine is not, then they would need to reconsider their packaging.

    Needs better labeling.

    These delicate little lights are wonderful...they are so easy to use and very high quality. Super bright lights, true beautiful colors. I can’t say enough. And thank you so much for including the tiny screwdriver for easy battery change outs...I will definitely order more when needed. I included a pic of my Easter display. Thank you again!

    Wonderful lights!

    Such pretty lights! I had a few jars that I didnt know what to do with, until I realized that I could put fairy lights in them! They, along with some cotton balls, look so pretty in the dark. I twisted blue and cool white, orange and warm white, and pink and purple, and the combinations look lovely. (I have yet to use the red and green ones, but I'm sure I'll have them up soon!)

    Very fantastical fairy lights

    These are great. I sewed them into a tutu and braided them into my hair. They are water proof so you don’t have to worry about sweat/hair-product, and they don’t get hot so they are great for wearing. Everybody loved the lights on my costume. If braiding into your hair you might want to double up because the lights are spaced out aways on the strand and it doesn’t look as cool as it could have with more lights.
    Photo of my hair from behind, photo of outfit in a kind of dark room.

    Great multi use lights! Great multi use lights!


    5 stars

    Perfect and exactly what I was looking for. It even came with a small screwdriver for when the time comes to change the batteries. You can't beat the price. I will update this again in three months and let you know how well they hold up.

    Perfect! Perfect!

    I'm highly impressed with these lights! They're perfect for my project. I'm using them on headbands and they're super lightweight and SUPER bright! I'll purchase these again for sure. I checked every strand upon opening and they all worked perfectly.

    Super bright and lightweight.


    5 stars

    These worked perfect for my Mason jar jackolantern project.


    Dead batteries

    2 stars

    I liked my lights I used them in place of tea light candles but unfortunately, two colors, so far, burned out within the second use!!!

    Dead batteries


    5 stars

    Worked perfect under our kids Halloween costumes.


    Got these last year and glued to my daughters fairy costume. They still work this year, we just took her costume out of the box and all the lights still work. Very bright, great color tones!

    Worked as expected

    Love them.

    5 stars

    I love how bright they are and the main reason I got them is because they are battery powered. Easy to decorate with.

    Love them.

    Love them!

    5 stars

    Absolutely loved these lights! Easy to use and very bright, used them for an outdoor party!

    Love them!

    These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble gum machines that I have. Only down side is the batteries are a pain to replace.

    These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ... These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ... These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ... These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ... These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ... These a great little fun lights they look great in the bubble ...

    Bright lights

    5 stars

    Used these in a parade for my horses legs. They worked well because the battery packs are small and light. They are also super bright lights!!

    Bright lights

    Only received 6 out of 8 colors!!! No purple and no red. Purchased for July 4th decor and missing RED!!

    Only 6 color strands!! Missing 2!!

    I used this product to add a festive touch to my “Thanos” samba costume so that I stand out when performing outside in the evening/night. The lights shine very well and are easy to manage with little maintenance. I would recommend this product to all of my samba dancers!

    Shine bright, like a diamond Shine bright, like a diamond


    5 stars

    So cute! So bright! Used for a kids show and they were perfect in jars as “fireflys!”


    Five Stars

    5 stars

    These are the cutest lights and very bright !! I will be ordering more for lots of projects !!

    Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars

    Not a solid 72 hours but if you need for a night they are great

    Worked perfect for me

    So cute. I submerged them (not switch) in vase and put another string on Easter flowers. Will buy more for my daughter.

    Put them in clear flower vase

    I like the variety and the fact that I can use them all year around for any occasion. Wished I had ordered more.

    Great lights for any occasion.

    I put these great lights all over my house!

    I love these lights! I love these lights!


    5 stars

    Great lights gonna put them in bottles and use as gifts


    These lights were a great value and worked perfectly for our project.

    Great quality Exceptional value

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    I love these lights The pink and blue are my favorite!

    Five Stars

    I used them for vhs tape lamps and so far so good but battery life I couldn’t say cause I gifted all the lamps I made

    Cute and easy to use

    Perfect item to light up and individual object! Just as lighting up empty wine bottles to accent a party.

    Tiny and portably perfect!
to sum: This product brand is GDEALER The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. 1. [Battery Powered] - 3pcs AA Battery Powered,long working time and easy to operated.(Battery not include)
  2. 2. [8 Lighting Modes] - 8 working modes can be selected by battery box and remote,bring different atmosphere.
  3. 3. [Remote & Timer] - The 13 Keys remote with functions of timing and brightness control.
  4. 4. [33FT/80 LED] - The string lights total 33ft/10m with 80 globe lights,easy to mount anywhere you want.
  5. 5. [Perfect Decoration] - The decorative LED string lights is perfect decor for bedroom,kid's room,home,porch,party and festivals.
  6. When I bought these lights I expected them to be a warm white like in the picture. However, once I hung them up it was evident that they're YELLOW. I've attached a picture so that you can see yourself - please keep in mind I took this with a phone and I could not turn off color correction, so they are even more yellow than my picture was able to capture. The lighting is very ugly.

    UPDATE: After writing this review the seller contacted me to send replacement lights, because of the speedy response time and excellent customer service, I am changing my review from 1 star to 2 stars. Once I receive the replacement lights I will update this review reporting on the new string lights quality.

    Picture displayed by seller is inaccurate to the actual product

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Looks great in my gazebo! The lights have different settings which is a awesome feature to have!

    Five Stars


    4 stars

    These lights are darling! I bought 2 more strands to line our entire pop up awning and to go inside the camper for light while we dry camp. Batteries have lasted through a total of 20 night camping so far this summer. Color is a little warmer than I typically prefer but warm is better than cold blue light in my opinion so I’m ok with it


    These lights are AMAZING! We bought these to light up our campsites this summer and could not be more pleased! They are very vibrant without being too bright or overwhelming. The colors are orange, green, red, and blue and they give the perfect amount of light to any setting. They take 3 AA batteries which is very convenient for traveling.

    Fun and vibrant!


    2 stars

    i'm really disappointed that they're yellow instead of white, and they're super dim. not at all what i was hoping for.


    These lights worked great during our camping trip. Great buy worth every penny

    Worth every penny

    Lights are just as advertised, the only thing that just isn’t the best, is that unless dark out, lights are a little dim. But other than that, nothing wrong!

    Very good, but unless dark out, lights are a little dim Very good, but unless dark out, lights are a little dim

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Really cool little lights. The remote is a nice touch.

    Five Stars

    I bought two strings. Half of the lights on each string don’t work. If they all worked I’d give them 5 stars because the light color is beautiful.

    1/2 of the bulbs don’t work 1/2 of the bulbs don’t work
to sum: This product brand is Yesee The score is 3.9, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 107. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. Pack of 6units(Left main image shows all 6 strands in the vase) NOTE: the battery of these short fairy lights last for 24hours around continuous life, batteries need to be replaced when the lights get dim
  2. Flexible copper wire(silver coated): 3.3feet/1m extra thin string with bright high quality 20pcs micro LED starry lights(Color Temperature 2700-2900K Warm White), 7.87in/20cm cable between the battery box and the first LEDs
  3. Easily Operated by batteries: 2 x CR2032 included, easy to be replaced, small battery pack is with on/off switch, so easy to operate and hide, 21hours continuous battery life and longer if using with breaks
  4. Widely used: Flexible and thin but sturdily built, the string lights can be easily bended, 360 degrees sparkle with beautiful effect, perfect to decorate party, wedding, Christmas, shop, restaurant and room, anywhere indoor or outdoor usage of lighting decorations
  5. What you get: Pack of 6units of CYLAPEX LED starry string lights, CYLAPEX Gift Card, Screw Driver, 18months warranty. LED lights can last 50,000hours under regular using, it's waterproof string lights(except the battery pack)
  6. Bought these to sew into my son's Halloween costume (he wanted to be a spooky ghost). With an old bed sheet and a free afternoon of lazy sewing, I put four of these in the hem and one around his neckline and switched them all on. They looked great! It was the perfect accent for a Halloween costume with the added incentive of making my son highly visible while trick-or-treating.

    All the lights still work, and currently I'm using them in Christmas decorations--adding soft light to my dimmable dining room chandelier, to my Christmas wreath, to my railing where I hang our stockings, and over a mirror. They're a decent length for what you pay, and the warm white light is inviting. I like them very much.

    Used in a Halloween Costume Used in a Halloween Costume

    Perfect for craft projects!!!! These lights ar sooo flexible that, I have a very bright, real bow tie ;) none of that clip on crap. I made the bow tie, so that helps, and the switch fits discretely in my folded collar. In the next iteration of the bow tie, i will be ordering more colors and a dedicated space for the switch housing.... but if Cylapex made a button switch variant, OMG so much more possibilities.


    Make anything glow!!!!!!

    I purchased these for an exhibit which would be up for 6 weeks. When I received them, I checked each of the lights, and was impressed by the brightness. For the exhibit, I decided that I needed 2 strings, where I planned to use 1 string. This was anticipated, based on the product image, showing a full pack of 6 in a jar. I knew that I would have to replace the batteries at some point, maybe even twice. I waited to turn the lights on, until after the gallery opened on the first day (mid-day on a Tuesday), trying to save as much battery power as possible. The lights were very strong when first turned on, but began to dim within an hour. They stayed on, but burned out by Friday. I had 12 strings to change the batteries for. Each battery pack has 4 tiny screws. Each 6-pack has a tiny screwdriver, which is 1 3/4" long. The screws were really tight, and I almost stripped each one as I tried to loosen it. You have to take each screw out completely to get to the batteries, which come out and go in easily. Then you have to screw each of the tiny batteries back in to close it. The entire process took me about 5 minutes per pack. Most of that time involved unfastening and fastening the screws. What was disappointing was that, even after I replaced the batteries (Sony brand), the bright lights again dimmed within the first hour. Each string takes two CR2032 batteries. That is clearly stated in the description. However, the short life, and need for replacing so many, so often, has made these lights completely inefficient for the exhibit, as I cannot go through and turn each of the battery packs off and on each day. I would reuse them for something that won't require them to be on for more than 24-48 hours. With that said, the lights in the exhibit are lovely. They're just short-lived. With the expense of frequent battery changes, and the time involved in changing them, they're a LOT more expensive than I planned.

    Good for short-term lighting

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    The are lovely-Perfect for holiday decorations. They light up any spot in the house!

    Five Stars Five Stars

    These are so effing cute. And I'm so mad because I didn't read into them enough, and just trusted that high rating. The battery life on these is rated for like 21 hours, and that's it. I was going to replace the batteries, which sounds like it worked for some people, but it's Christmas and I'm not spending all kinds of extra money on button batteries that I'm not sure will work.

    These are absolutely beautiful, and I even read they're waterproof (sans battery pack) and I love them. But I would not buy them again because I can't use them for what I wanted. They dimmed after a day, and the second day I turned them on, they were dead in a few hours. Nice while it lasted though. They're the tiny lights wrapped around the trees.


    I initially thought these were great as they look really pretty. Unfortunately, I got these last Wednesday and they died today. I only used them Thursday, Friday, Monday and today until they don't work anymore! Not happy with this at all!

    Warning. Lights stop working with in days. Warning. Lights stop working with in days.

    Best deal out there! These little lights truly bring whimsy and joy! When looking at them in my flower mason jars, I can't help but smile.

    Best deal out there Best deal out there

    These lights were perfect to light up my Vacation Bible School sign! The kids loved it! The wire is flexible and holds the shape it's bent in to and the power switch is easy to hide. Added bonus: it comes with batteries and they lasted the whole week (it was lit for 3.5 hours for 6 nights). I contacted the seller with a question and they were quick to respond, friendly, and helpfully. I'll definitely buy from them again.

    I love these lights!

    We've had fairy lights powered by 2xAA batteries for a couple of years. When we decided to go minimalist with a pencil tree, we chose these because the battery pack is much smaller, and so, easier to hide. They've been on for over 24 hours now. We were going to turn them off at bedtime, but decided that flipping 18 switches was too much trouble...will see if that is offset by the trouble of changing 36 coin batteries. One out of 18 strings did not work, but we put in fresh batteries and it was OK. We only replaced one screw on the battery pack to facilitate changing batteries in the future. Hoping we can find longer strings of fairy lights with similarly smaller battery packs in the future.

    Inconspicuous power source

    These were the perfect addition to the centerpieces at my son’s basketball banquet. When the ceiling lights were lowered in the banquet room, these lights gave off a beautiful soft glow, But when the ceiling lights were up, they still shined brightly. We received many compliments on these sweet little lights - even a few from the boys!
    Can’t wait to use these next year! They were only on for about five hours, so I hope to have plenty of hours left for the next occasion.

    Several reviewer’s commented on the difficulty of removing the screws to change the batteries. When I removed the batteries the following morning, I found that you only had to remove the first two screws and then fold back the top of the plastic covering (see photos). I replaced the screws loosely and stored them away.

    Very pleased with price and purchase.

    Very pleased with price and purchase. Very pleased with price and purchase. Very pleased with price and purchase. Very pleased with price and purchase.
to sum: This product brand is CYLAPEX The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 107. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. 13+ multicolor Mini LED string lights: Battery powered color changing twinkling fairy lights, perfect ornaments for decorating bedroom, garden, patio, front porch, etc. Embellishing wedding, valentine's day, valentine decorative lights, Christmas tree and new Year party,
  2. Versatile Remote: 13 colors (Red/Green/blue/yellow/purple...) and 3 light modes (steady-on/fade/jump) are selectable. 10 brightness levels provide fine adjustment. Even got Smart timer function to automatically have lights stay 6H on and 18H off. Set timer up properly, you will get a warm glittering shinning ''welcome home''!
  3. Excellent flexibility: consists of 4 high-quality Silver wires, which make it tough and sturdy, not easy to break apart. It is also very flexible and can be easily twisted into any shape, perfect for modeling. Waterproof and insulation ensure use safety.
  4. Quality Battery case: made from high quality PVC materials. Got Smart temperature to prevent Overheat. The button on it can be used to switch the lights on/off and change light modes directly by pass the Remote. Two methods to freely control the lights.
  5. Ip44 waterproof: all parts of this string lights are waterproof. They can work excellently even on rainy days. Ideal ornament for outdoor decorating. All Battery powered string lights by Homestarry possess FCC and CE certificates and rosh, safety guaranteed.
  6. [[VIDEOID:6913f5e93fbdbfeb378e1eb9aea09071]] These are perfect! I used these as a part of a Halloween costume with a tulle ballerina skirt; they looked awesome underneath the sheer fabric. The red LEDs are a little dim, but the blues and greens are very bright. I'm very happy with this purchase!

    Neat little LEDs! Neat little LEDs!

    [[VIDEOID:a4e7da43e5cebc521e586219b43fe6e6]] Love these LED lights! Taped these to the house I made for my daughter. The multiple lights, remote and changing lights are her favorite part of the house.

    Love these LED lights Love these LED lights

    Really cool!

    5 stars

    These lights are great. I bought them to use with my Halloween costume. I dressed as an angel and attached the light to my wings. (The battery pack is in between the wings.) The end result was great. I love that it comes with a little remote. I kept the remote in the pocket of my robe.

    Really cool!

    I got my son a loft bed and wanted to try and get as cool of a set up as I could on a small budget. I stumbled on these lights after looking at many others and decided these were my best option. I got 2 sets and even though they are separate they can both be controlled by the same remote, which is great! The sensor for the remote appears to be in the battery pack so if you have multiple battery packs close, all strands should respond when pushing a button.

    I am so pleased I am thinking of getting some for other rooms in my house!! Hopefully they last!

    These lights are awesome!!!

    I planned a romantic evening picnic at the beach for my boyfriend and this paired up worth a inexpensive lantern really did the job when setting the mood. On the battery compartment there's also a button that you can press to shuffle through The many different colors. He was impressed with his surprise and for me this was the show stopper. It's so versatile that the creative possibilities in which which to use these lights are endless.

    Works great for what I needed it for.

    I selected this specific set of lights because of the silver wire as opposed to most others which are copper. The length were perfect for my windows and the led is ver bright. The colors are awesome. It has a timer for 6 hours on and 18 hours off. It gives the rooms a creative look and ambience. I just put them up so do not know how long it will work (hopefully a long time). I highly recommend them. The only negative is that I went to order a couple more and they no longer have them in stock. That sucks.

    Update: The timer only worked on 1 out of the 3 sets I purchased. It is not a big deal for me, as the lights are meant to view from the inside and I turn it off when I am ready to settle down for the night. I am also too lazy to take them down for an exchange ???? I still love them????????

    The lights are back in stock and I ordered a couple more. I will put them up in my bedroom windows and Holiday gifts for my family. I'm sure they will love them as much as I do.

    Awesome Led Lights Awesome Led Lights

    Great lights!!

    4 stars

    [[VIDEOID:a943c99d36a7dd557f59aa004880f23b]] These lights worked perfectly for my project. I creating a color changing mesh wreath and the lights effortlessly weaved through the mesh and the battery pack was light enough that it didn't disturb my wreath. My original remote had some issues, but the seller sent me a knew one at no charge and it works great!! I really like the timer feature. My only complaint was that the product photos make it look like orange is an available color option but it is not. The "orangish" color on the remote is more of a light green with red lights. I was bummed because my wreath changes with the seasons and I really wanted an orange look for fall. Oh well the red looks good with the fall leaves and the purple, green, red, blue will be great for other seasons. There is also a really pretty minty teal color that I love!

    Great lights!!
to sum: This product brand is Homestarry The score is 3.9, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 107. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. ❤️ Battery Operated and Portable: This LED fairy string light comes in a (IP65 rating) waterproof battery box (2.4 x 3 inches) that can be easily carried around due to its small size. Batteries are not included.
  2. ❤️ Remote Controlled: This string lights comes with a remote control that has 13 buttons which include 8 light modes (combination , wave; sequential; slo glo; chasing/flash; slow fade; twinkle/flash; steady )The battery box also one button that can cycle through these different light modes. Other buttons include on, off, timer, and dimming/brightening of the LED’s.
  3. ❤️ Widely Use:This silver wire string light is easy to bend and shape, 16.4ft length and 50pcs glowing micro LEDs creates a joyful and festive ambience to delight your Christmas, holiday or wedding. The twinkle light is waterproof, perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration.
  4. ❤️ Timer Function: A built in timer is included which sets the LED fairy string light to 6 hours on, which then turns off automatically to save battery especially for the holiday seasons when things can get hectic. This option is set with the remote control (included).
  5. ❤️ What you get: 2 x 16.4ft LED fairy lights, 2 x remote control, 12 month warranty and our excellent customer service.
  6. Works

    5 stars

    Overall, 5 stars.

    I bought these for a Halloween decoration in my front yard; I put a pile of leaves in the center, and put the lights on it to make it look like a bonfire. I was so pleased with the different flashing patterns, because one of them made it look like an actual burning fire, and the color was perfect!

    Some things to know:

    1. It takes the most obnoxious amount of batteries: three. So buy at least a four pack.
    2. If one loses the remotes, there is no way to control the lights.
    3. There were a few people who claimed that the timer has two settings: six hours, and 12 hours...that is false. The timer is only for six hours, and while it's reliable and easy (one needs to just press the timer button on the remote, and the lights flash to indicate they've received the message), I'd prefer them to have a longer time.
    4. There are no instructions for the lights.
    5. These are on a THIN, bendable, copper's wonderful for shoving them into tiny spaces, wrapping them around things, being inconspicuous, and storage, but it's bad if you hate tangled messes! They're so frustrating if they get tangled, and it happens quite easily, so be careful!
    6. They're water-resistant! It rained quite a bit, and they survived, haha!

    So, yes. 5 stars!


    Great little fairy lights to use during the holidays or all year around. Pay attention to how it comes wrapped and it will be easy to unroll starting with the end not attached to the battery pack. I wanted to include a video to demonstrate the 8 different light modes in action, but it would only load photos. I have include a still photo with 3 sets of lights, one on each level. In the still photo the middle lights needed to have the batteries replaced.

    Great Fairy Lights...

    I’ll have to wait and see how the strand, bulbs, and remote hold up over time, if I find some use for them. As they are, they won’t do for what I had in mind as the bulbs are primary colors, not secondary colors as shown, and which I wanted. They are also intense in their brightness, producing not at all a soft effect, which I what I saw in the photos and wanted. So, they are not as pictured and therefore not as expected or wanted.

    Pros are the selection of blinking effects, if you need that, and how easily they can be draped just about anywhere.

    I like them enough that I’m thinking of ordering the white ones to see if I like them better. It’s really only the difference in depicted color and actual color that was a disappointment, although the strand itself feels a bit fragile.

    Disappointed: Colors Not As Pictured

    Fairy Lights

    5 stars

    These lights are just what I needed for my holiday decor. They have a remote control, several different functions and an option for a timer.
    I really ordered the set to go on top of my kitchen cabinets to intertwine with garland and since there were no nearby plugs these battery operated lights with the remote did the trick. I used my 2nd set to go in a vase with ornaments. They are so beautiful that I want to leave them on all the time.

    Fairy Lights

    I have been through a few different brands of fairy lights and these are by far my favorite! I love the remote control, the colors are crisp and clear, and I decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and I am still on the original set of batteries. The lights have stayed on some days for 24 hours but usually I set the 6 hour timer. I just ordered and decorated with a second set of these beautiful lights! I rarely leave reviews but if you are in the hunt for an item like this do not hesitate purchasing these! I am in love with them and hope to find a use for them all year round LOL! They have a really simplified my decorating this year as they are lightweight and so easy to hang with Garland! The pictures do not do them Justice!

    My favorite Fairy Lights!

    Using one set of warm fairy lights (bought both warm and cool) around a window to boost the light of the Fall Maple Leaf Garland Lights - and they work great together! I love having a remote for these - I wish the fall leaves had one, too. The remote has a lot of functions - I only wish it had a slow twinkle setting. I like the warm lights indoors and the cool ones for a couple trees outdoors. So far, these tiny lights really pack a visual punch!

    Great little lights!

    These fairy lights are great! I put them in my 4 month old’s room and I leave them on at night. Since I’ve had them up, she has slept so much better! I think she wakes up and doesn’t cry out because she is soothed back to sleep by them. Thank god because I’ve been terribly sleep deprived

    These fairy lights are great! I put them in my 4 month old’s ...

    [[VIDEOID:b51b86543eccca6a25209ed212c1424a]] I used 3 strands of these lights for a Halloween costume I designed and a friend made. She sewed pockets into the costume which fit the battery packs nicely. I used one remote to control the lights throughout the night. Some of the fabric and lights were smooshed into my corset but it didn't have any impact on the lights.. they held up all night and are still going. They were perfect for my costume and I got many compliments!

    Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume! Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume! Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume! Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume! Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume! Perfect twinkling fairy lights for my costume!
to sum: This product brand is buways The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 412. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. Flexible - These are thin, sturdy string lights, very easy to adjust where you want them to be and what shape you prefer , they are lightweight and will not pull things down with their weight. You can lace garments, design flower centerpiece, DIY nightlights and more.
  2. Battery operated string lights - Use them in various decorating venues in different seasons. Save them in the small carton box after reunion, and reuse them to decorate birthday party or other personal event next time.
  3. Outdoor Firefly Lights - The tiny LEDs are in fact very bright, wires are thin and barely visible in the dark. They shine like fireflies and stars and can create perfect ambiance for camping, summer garden theme, BBQ or other outdoor activities, waterproof light string(battery box is water resistant) can withstand humid weather.
  4. Convenient Remote - with a remote in hand, you can easily turn on/off the lights;set them in timer to auto on and off each day;adjust the brightness;switch from flash to twinkle to slow fade to steady on etc.
  5. Safe to use -The insulated, slim copper wire guarantee low heat lighting, the lights can remain cool after hours of work, safe for your family and friends.
  6. Just bought these for my daughter's room. They are beyond great. Quality is awesome. Setting are so cool and the remote works for multiple strands as well as singles. Love !!! Ordered more for my son's room.

    They are beyond great. Quality is awesome

    Love it

    5 stars

    Amazing! They came out perfect for what I wanted them for. And I was very happy the remotes work for both sets of lights

    Love it

    so pretty!

    5 stars

    Wow who is the genius that invented​ these lights. I need to buy pretty!

    so pretty! so pretty!

    I love love love these! Wireless battery operated lights that don't get hot... they don't even get warm! Safe to leave on all day and all night if you wanted to. I do suggest rechargeable batteries as the lights dim quite a bit when the batteries start losing juice. I use it (fairly consistently) on flashing/twinkling setting 1 and steady on setting 8 and my batteries lasted about a week before I had to recharge. I'd definitely recommend this product for different arts and crafts ideas that needs wireless lights.

    Wireless whimsy ♡

    I just recieved the lights and they are so far from what the picture shows. Light is a little wire that streches out to 16 ft, but not that full bundle you see in the picture. Light are not bright at all. Do not buy. Would not recommend to buy at all

    Not worth buying.


    5 stars

    I can't say enough about these beautiful little lights. I wish my photo could show how pretty they really are


    These are very pretty, but I was pretty disappointed to find that the lights are very blue, rather than a soft white like the picture shows and advertises. I didn't realize it until later, otherwise I would have returned them. I prefer a white/yellowish natural color since it matches with the rest of my lights.

    They're blue.....

    I will give it TWO stars if it is dim only, who can image some of the bulbs CAUGHT FIRE after 2 hours? Jesus! For the sake of safety, please don't purchase it. Super disappointed. It deserves ZERO star only.

    Super disappointed. It deserves ZERO star only

    [[VIDEOID:3751ec6e8fa42715245e2caf1fc7d6bf]] I bought these specifically to put into this crystal holder I have. I love anything that's sparkly so I thought what's better than the marriage between lights and crystal?
    The packaging was perfect, protecting everything well by securing the lights and battery packs within a small box placed in a bigger box. The battery packs are not heavy but considerably heavier than the featherweight string of lights so you'll need to always carry them together..... don't let the battery pack dangle. The wire is fairly delicate.
    There are two hoops of lights wound up like a garden hose and secured with a twist tie. Because they have been wound this way, it will take you a few minutes to straighten them out of that's how you would prefer to string your lights. Since I didn't buy them to string on something, I just loosened the coils a bit and placed them in my crystal candle holder. The little remote control is easy to button to turn on, red button to turn off. There are many choices of various settings to make them speed up, slow down, you will find one you love! The remotes come with batteries but you will need three double A batteries per battery pack.
    I put the lights in the crystal holder, turned them on and.....BLING, BLING, BLING! I am in sparkle heaven! I usually turn them on at night, they are even more beautiful then!
    I highly recommend these. Absolutely beautiful to dress up anything you want to add light to.....I think my second choice of where to string them would be a small tree or potted plant. Get these fairy lights, I think you'll love them as much as I do!

    Delicate and beautiful.... I'm in love!

    The lights were placed today, and were long enough to finish my project. A real bonus is that one remote worked for both strings since they were placed together. While I didn't like all the different modes and preferred to keep them steady, others may appreciate the variety. Added photo.

    Fireplace light project
to sum: This product brand is YIHONG The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 412. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. Waterproof & portable: with the Small Ip67 waterproof Battery box(2*2.7inches), you can easily carry and Place the LED moon lights anywhere you batteries not included,(non plug-in)).
  2. Timing function: to avoid forgetting to turn off the lights, you can set timer, The fire lights will be 6 hours on and 18 hours off per day. This function help you do a control
  3. Easy operation: with 13 keys remote control and 1 button on the battery box, you can adjust the brightness or switch to in Wave/sequential/slot glow/ flash/slow fade/ twinkle/steady
  4. Wide application for indoor/outdoor: these fairy lights are waterproof and perfect for spicing-up your decor or setting the mood for Christmas, thanks giving day, Halloween parties. Great for use in a restaurant or Small business.
  5. Safety and Warranty: UL certification and high quality LED bulbs, GDEALER offers 1 Year Warranty for all string lights sold by global dealer. Contact us via Amazon message box or info@gdealer.Net if you meet some issues or have some advice.
  6. I purchased several packs of these to use for my daughter's wedding. They transformed our backyard into a beautiful venue, and I have left them up for the rest of the summer to enjoy on cool evenings. (Photos is post-wedding shot.) They give off a gorgeous warm white light but do not expect them to shine onto the ground. We use them to show the outline of trees when it gets dark. I used 4 strands on a very large Maple with 3 huge branch offshoots, 3 on a smaller dogwood that went a good 2/3 of the way up the tree and along finer branches, and another on some lattice fencing. The remote makes them SO EASY to turn off and on. I just use the same remote for all the strands, which turn on one at a time with each click. They have held up through some torrential downpours and high winds, although some have started to unwind from the tree (they are stapled on) due to very rambunctious squirrels. Hope this helps others!

    Great value for a superior product!

    We will see..

    5 stars

    They look great! I love the remote option and 8 different settings but the button on the actual battery pack will be the one that saves my life because I already know I will lose one of these remotes! It requires three AA batteries (not included) and a CR2025 for the remote that IS included. I ordered the "warm white" and they have a beautiful glow, just as described. The copper wiring is thin, easy to work with and so far pretty durable. We will be using these for our upcoming wedding so I will try to remember to add more photos of them being used in that type of setting and edit my review if need be at a later date. So far I'm a very happy customer! Thank you seller!

    We will see.. We will see..

    Bright, long strands. Great features - you can pretty much have the lights pulse any speed you'd like. Remote makes it possible to hide the battery pack in any decorative arrangement.

    Great, versatile lights!

    These are wayyyyy cooler than I thought they’d be! The remote makes it super easy to change all the light frequencies and brightness levels. Some of the light frequencies are similar or not as exciting, but there’s at least 3 that I use regularly. The brightness levels aren’t significantly different when changing one notch, but noticeable from the brightest to the dimmest option. I’m using one strand along my patio awning and one is inside a large mason jar. Both look great! I’m buying more of these soon because it looks so great.

    Great value for the money!

    I bought 2 strings of these lights several month ago, and they worked perfectly and looked great! (Picture below so you can see my pretty bookshelf & lights setup!)

    Then, months later, one of the strings stopped working with the remotes, so I contacted customer service. They immediately got back to me and assured me that this issue would be remedied and not to worry. After a few troubleshooting questions, they identified the issue as something they were aware was happening sometimes, and offered to send me a replacement set! I am 100% satisfied with this resolution and completely blown away by this exemplary customer service.

    Linda and Yami were helpful, kind, and cheerful as they helped resolve my problem, and months after the purchase, I really wasn't expecting this awesome response. Please commend Linda especially for being such an understanding and efficient problem solver.

    I will be coming back to you for all my future fairy light-related purchases thanks to your excellent customer service. Thank you!

    A+ lights, A+++ customer service!!

    Loved everything about the lights. I bought them for primitive camping so we could have a little light at night, and they did the trick! Although I purchased for camping, they definitely have many uses.. The different light options is pretty neat. With 66 total feet, I was able to cover our entire camping area. The remotes are an added bonus. Once it was time to take them down, I just rolled them back onto the cardboard tube they came with and packed them back into the box. The fact that the overall package is very small is nice for storage. Definitely a great purchase.

    Loved everything about the lights Loved everything about the lights Loved everything about the lights

    You have to be very careful when installing because they seem quite delicate. However I have the manual dexterity of a bull moose and they still functioned when I finished installing, them much to my amazement.
    This is not a criticism on the product but I think next time I will buy the solar version. I hid the battery compartments to make it more attractive but it does make reinstalling batteries a bit of a pain.
    Not the best quality picture but it should give you a relative idea

    Haven't had it for long but they certainly are attractive

    I can’t be happier with these lights! I really wanted white lights for my patio and these are so pretty! They were so easy to put up and I needed quite a few to complete my patio but I was able to twist the ends of 2 stings together so that there were no gaps. I also love that the battery boxes are clear so they’re really easy to conceal! Another plus is that I can use 1 remote to control all the lights (so I have tons of backups)

    Love Love Love these lights!!! Love Love Love these lights!!!

    These lights are pretty good so far. My only thing is I wish they were slightly brighter. They were very easy to maneuver to wherever I wanted them to go and the copper wiring seemed to hold up as I was bending them. The remote is awesome, would be better if it worked from a larger distance away. I also love that these have a timer on them as well. Other than that these lights are awesome so far. They add a nice ambiance to any room. Can't attest to how long the batteries last on the timer because I haven't had them for very long. But if you are looking for something to add some light to a feature in your house, I recommend these!

    So far, so good :) So far, so good :)

    [[VIDEOID:fdc6276134bcde3d906316e5afaa9c11]] They are perfect for my home! The remote control and timer function is perfect when it’s too cold to go outside. With 33ft length, I used one string to go around my wreath twice, and one string in my large outdoor lantern which lit up my driveway.

    One string goes a long way

    The lights are NOT warm white. They are Bright White LED lights. They are NOT what I expected -- warm white. They tangle easily given the length. I would NOT buy them again.

    Bright White Lights -- NOT Warm White

    Best part is that they are battery operated; the dorm does not allow plugged in lights (other than regular lamps.)
    They add a warm glow around the room. Especially nice that they do not have ugly green cords like typical holiday lights.

    Lightweight and easily configured


    5 stars

    Used around the trees


    These lights are perfect for what I needed them for! Also have many different blinking patterns and brightness control, I will buy more for other uses and I love that they are battery operated with a remote control.

    Love these lights!

    I used the lights to illuminate letters. The remotes operated all lights, however the ranges varied and sometimes it had to be right next to it to work. One set was working fine when I tested it and two days later only about three of the lights would light up & I had to use the spare set.

    Limited range for remotes

    Perfect for my patio lanterns!

    Perfect lighting!

    I love the length and different light settings. It's perfect to wrap around three of the walls inmy room. I took off one star cause the lights are a blue/white and not a clear/white like the picture.

    Blue/white not clear white

    Great lights!

    5 stars

    These lights are more than I expected! I love how easy they were to wrap the fence, add to my wreath and door garland. I don’t have outside outlets and these are perfect! I’ll probably be ordering more. I’ve ordered 2 sets so far!

    Great lights!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these lights. I put them in wire baskets with Christmas balls and greenery to hang outside. Neighbors envious that I don't have any cord hanging down!!!

    Have only had up for a week, so not sure about durability or battery life

    Love these lights, using for a school project, cloud lamps, perfect length and easy to use, perfect color

    These lights have different setting with remote control

    Exactly what I needed to fill these 2 large jars with fairy lights!

    1 remote works both strings.

    When I recieved this item one of the lights battery box came broken. Wanted to use one set of lights for our patio and one is part of my daughters christmas gift but not sure if box will seal right and be safe to use ????

    Broken but shipping box was fine

    Love these lights. Easy to use. The light options are fantastic. The remote control is a great addition!

    Add lights to everything!

    I love these lights! I put them around birch logs in our fireplace! I was pleasantly surprised that they had several light functions and a remote! Thrilled!

    Fair lights in the fireplace Fair lights in the fireplace

    Love it

    5 stars

    I bought this to put around my pictures and I really like it

    Love it

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    The remote is amazing and they look beautiful.

    Five Stars

    The lights are perfect for my small apartment balcony. They look nice, work as expected and I have gotten a lot of compliments from my neighbors

    Perfect for an apartment balcony

    Received the lights. They worked exactly as advertised. Very pleased

    Received the lights. They worked exactly as advertised. Received the lights. They worked exactly as advertised.

    Nice product

    5 stars

    Nice product

    Nice product Nice product

    I use these lights for my outdoor porch. They are battery operated and completely waterproof. The strings are made of some sort of metal so they can conform to whatever shape you put them in. It’s been raining for the last few days and I just turned them on again and they work great. No water went into the battery pack

    Best lights, completely waterproof
to sum: This product brand is GDEALER The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 650. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. IDEAL DIY Kit: Pack of 16, each string light with a length of 10ft/ 3 m and 30 units cool white light led lamp beads; The small battery box with a mini size, very easy to hide into your design works; Perfect decoration for birthday parties, Christmas, wedding, as well as for your bedroom and garden.
  2. EASY TO SHAPE: Thanks to the flexible and thin copper wire materials, it can be bent and shaped easily; Such as shaped around plants, signs, furniture and almost everything else
  3. IP67 WATERPROOF: The LED copper wire fairy light is IP67 waterproof (battery box not), and the copper wire part can be put into water to achieve amazing atmosphere effects. Fully sealed make the firefly light possible to use both indoor and outdoor.
  4. BATTERY OPERATED: The copper wire starry lights powered by 2 * CR2032 battery (included), no cabling required; Low power and heat insulated silver-coated copper wire makes it not overheat after usage, cool to touch, safe to use.
  5. 2 YEAR WARRANTY: We promise you with unlimited 2-Year warranty, which makes your purchase absolutely risk-free. Any issues arise, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24-hours.
  6. I originally bought these for a party I was helping with, but when my daughter saw these, she immediately started to flip them on and lay them on her bed. I instead, hung them up on her photo wall. She is 5 but is afraid of the dark so often sleeps with a lamp on. These might just save me some money on my energy bill! I am able to keep the lights on when she goes to bed, and by early morning I just flip them off. The color is bright white and works to have enough light in the room, but not so much that she wont fall asleep quickly. I am expecting to use them until the batteries run out for my child, but since they serve a dual purpose I will use them for our holiday coming up!

    my kids love the ease my kids love the ease my kids love the ease my kids love the ease

    This is a great deal for the price. A lot of the times it can take forever to find the right combination of cost/qty. For $22, I found this to be a good deal . They are long 10' and there are 16 of them- makes them less than a $1.50 each. Great deal arrived extremely fast and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I say go for it.

    Best Deal I Found

    I bought these to for decorating buffet tables, gift tables and dessert tables for parties. They are compact, nice and bright and you don't need an outlet to use them which makes them perfect for what I want them for. They all worked. They also come with a 2 year warranty, that's always a plus for me so if I do run into a problem I know it will be taken care of.

    Nice for Buffet Tables Nice for Buffet Tables

    Work amazing

    5 stars

    Love these lights !! Battery included !!!

    Work amazing

    These lights were just what I needed to add a touch of elegance for my daughters Sweet 16 party. I put them under the table runners as shown in the photo. Very pretty

    Loved these lights

    When I bought these fairy lights I didn't really know what I was going to do with them. I am redecorating my home and my sister suggested I but clear and colorful bottles for entertaining people in my backyard and and also for my bathroom for long baths. I did a little test yesterday in my bathroom and this light has been on for well over 24 hours and hasn't missed a beat. I put is in a clear bottle next to my bathroom statue. I'm very pleased. I will buy more and suggest to others.

    These look pretty and are great for the bathroom


    5 stars

    These lights are great I only have four sets added to this arch and will add more so it will be even brighter. no disappointments here.


    Perfect deco

    4 stars

    We are having our baby’s baptism in some months and we are working right now on the decorations. These lights are great for putting in glass bottles with other decorations like a table centerpiece! my son loves them!

    Perfect deco Perfect deco Perfect deco

    The picture I posted is just one of the crafts I have made using fairy lights, this is a green glass quart jar I added the lights with some felt on top great to hang on the deck the wire is flex able so you can shape it in any direction

    Great for crafts

    Very useful and a must have for any party decorations and diy ideas . I had to throw a party at a short notice and was not able to make elaborate plans about it so it ordered some fairy light and cheap votives on amazon. I was very happy to see the final results . The lights and lamps were liked by all . We also included some of dairy lifhts in the centerpieces and vases in the main table . They came out very well with the rest of decorations. Overall I was happy with my not so expensive pieces and last minute decision of decorations. These lights lasted for the whole party at expected illumination and are still good to go. The best thing about these is I did it had to buy batteries separately. These came out to be a Great buy for me.

    Very good purchase for decorations on a budget Very good purchase for decorations on a budget Very good purchase for decorations on a budget
to sum: This product brand is Onforu The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 140. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. *SUPER BRIGHT 50 LED STRING LIGHTS: our LED String Lights are perfect apply to any decorative project. these delicate 50 LED chips can diffuse glaring lights with steady 360 degree viewing angle. Bring you into a special lighting world.
  2. * INDOOR STARRY LIGHTS: 50 Super Bright Yellow Color LEDs chips on 16 Ft Long Copper Ultra Thin Wire with 4 Inches Distance Between LED Bulbs and 12 Inches Clear Cable Between Wire and Battery Box.
  3. *EASY TO SHAPE AND MOLD: the copper wire is delicate and flexible; you can install it with different shape as you like. The small battery box is easy be carried. when you travel, taking lights make your mood more pleasant.
  4. *ENERGY EFFICIENT: our LED lights use newest technology and best copper wire material. which can decrease energy still could keep brightness.
  5. * 1 YEAR WARRANTY: if our product has any quality problems, you can contact our customer service staff, we will reply you within 24 hours.
  6. The tiny lights look perfect on our 3-foot high table-top tree, and we don't need to add anything else. Love the fact that the lights are batttery operated and can be right next to the tree; don't have to worry about tripping over a cord that goes to the wall. A real Christmas bargain!

    The tiny lights look perfect on our 3-foot high table-top tree

    Over an 8 hour period it will go from super bright to so dim you can't tell it's on. If you use it in short increments the illumination is consistent. I actually am using these to light the inside of a cabinet and I am satisfied with it for that purpose but the other negative reviews aren't wrong. The photos are of the first use with brand new batteries.

    Light dims over time. Light dims over time.

    The best part about having these lights battery power is that you can just switch it on and off. Also, you can set up the lights anywhere you want. I had star lights where it was powered by a USB cord so that limited the number of places I could set up my lights. Also, i had to plig Nd unplug it each time. The battery compartment was difficult to open at first because I didn't know you had to slide it open. At one point,I just gnawed at the battery compartment. It's very easy to open the compartment and it barely got tangled. The lights are also very beautiful. The strings are pretty long as well. These star lights will make any plain room stand out. The price is also very good for this quality so these lights are definitely worth it. They also didn't come damaged because the last ones I bought had a broken wire so I ahd to cut it off.

    The best part about having these lights battery power is that ... The best part about having these lights battery power is that ...

    Love them!

    5 stars

    Bought these for my Thanksgiving centerpiece but I have actually been leaving them on the table and just changing the ornaments according to the season. Love them!

    Love them!

    I made this horseshoe Christmas tree for my wife to put in her office. After putting the ornaments on the tree, she thought it could also use some lights. After reviewing a lot of other models, these seem to fit the bill. The wires are thin enough that they are not distracting.

    She had it in her office for most of December and had it on all day. Batteries lasted the whole time.

    Great string of lights - especially for small projects

    I got these lights to string around a mirror on a vanity I bought for my little niece and she loved it!! The lights worked out PERFECT for it. The color was exactly how i wanted it and the coil wire was great for shaping. I bought some Velcro pieces and stuck the battery pack on the back of the desk part for easy access to change the batteries or turn the light switch on and off. SO happy with my purchase!!

    Perfect and just what i wanted!

    These worked perfect. We have an older house with few electrical outlets. Just wanted a little pop of light on our mantle for the holidays. My kids had fun putting the lights on. I hope the batteries last....

    Perfect for our mantle

    One out of the three lights sets I bought short circuited the second I put in batteries and started to make an awful smell. When I took out the batteries they were burning hot and it was so hot it melted the plastic.

    Short circuited and melted Short circuited and melted

    [[VIDEOID:b0a2d32549de1e5f67f3a287a0bd9493]] Five stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ It is very beautiful, beyond my expectation. It can be used in many occasions. For birthday party, wedding, Christmas Day, etc. I used it for Christmas tree. A perfect match! High quality, I think it can be used for several years! Highly recommended!

    Beautiful led strings! Strongly recommended! Beautiful led strings! Strongly recommended!

    Copper Wiring which is perfect for manipulating the cords
    They light up my car very bright but dont last long without lithium batteries if they are on all night.
    Perfect for lighting up a small room.
    I recommend this to anyone living in their car that is looking for a roomy approach without killing their car Battery.
    They take 3 AA batteries

    Copper Wiring which is perfect for manipulating the cords They light up my car ...
to sum: This product brand is Sanniu The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 140. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. Waterproof & Portable: With the small IP67 waterproof battery box(2*2.7inches), you can easily carry and place the led moon lights anywhere you like(batteries not included,(NON PLUG-IN)).
  2. Timing Function: To avoid forgetting to turn off the lights, you can set timer, the fire lights will be 6 hours on and 18 hours off per day. This function help you do a control
  3. Easy Operation: With 13 keys Remote Control and 1 button on the battery box, you can adjust the Brightness or switch to in wave/sequential/slo glo/ flash/slow fade/ twinkle/steady
  4. Wide Application for Indoor /Outdoor: These fairy lights are waterproof and perfect for spicing-up your d¨¦cor or setting the mood for Christmas,Thanks Giving Day,Halloween Parties. Great for use in a restaurant or small business.
  5. 1Year Warranty Customer Service:GDEALER offers 1 year warranty for all string lights sold by Global Dealer. Contact us via Amazon message box or if you meet some issues or have some advice.
  6. UPDATE: The company contacted me after my review. The provided me 4 new units free of charge. They shipped it out immediately and I received it shortly after I posted this review. I tested all units, and call four work great. All units are fully put together. All remotes also work, and the new remotes work on the 2 old units that do work. Great customer service and it was easy to speak with them, explain what went wrong, and for them to fix the errors. I would recommend because these are a no-risk product; if they don't work, the company will back you up!

    ORIGINAL:One did not work at all because it did not have all the parts in the battery box--SEE PHOTOS. One of them keeps shutting off and acting weird; it randomly just shuts off sometimes. I have tried switching batteries and nothing appears to affect it. The other two WORK GREAT. Excellent patterns and options, I really like them.

    But given that one was inoperable from the start, and the other does not stay on--HALF of my order is defective and I cannot recommend this product. I purchased this as a "lightening deal" and I am wondering if, given the high volume of product being sold and made, that the quality was affected because other people seem to not be having problems with theirs like I am!

    COMPANY FIXED MY PROBLEMS--Originally I had 2 non-working units, they sent me 4 New Ones that all Work! COMPANY FIXED MY PROBLEMS--Originally I had 2 non-working units, they sent me 4 New Ones that all Work!

    I originally wanted outdoor pillar candles for three lanterns but I wasn't satisfied with the fake Halloween-orange color they all seem to have. I bought these as a replacement and I am very happy with the result!

    Even if I only get one season out of them, the price cannot be beat. I don't love every setting (some flashing options are way too fast for me) but the steady on and twinkling options are nice. The remote is convenient and easy to use, and I'm hoping the gasket in the battery pack will keep the batteries dry. We actually had a major downpour before and the lights worked just fine.

    I think they look even better in person than in my pictures, but you can get an idea of how they look during different times of the evening. They are a pretty warm color and are a little less yellow than my pictures show.

    Beautiful and soothing!

    We used these to decorate our van for a Ragnar overnight relay. They were perfect! Lightweight, so easy to attach to the outside of the van using small strips of duct tape. We kept the battery compartments in the van and ran the lights though the window to the outside.

    They were cheerful, bright, and after being on for more than 24 hours, they were still going strong at the end of the relay. They didn't seem to mind the rain on the way home. Can speak to long-term durability yet, but they worked great for us.

    Perfect for decorating a van for a Ragnar overnight relay

    These are really neat lights. I've never seen lights on copper wire before and they worked perfectly for what I wanted. I put them on a 3-foot tall, artificial evergreens for the front of our home. I've attached a picture. I do have two complaints: 1) they come with a remote, but there is no instructions on pairing the remotes (there are 4 remotes - one for each string of lights), but I have no idea how to pair them and when one works, it only works for a little bit and then the remote doesn't work any more. 2) in order to get the lights to stay on vs. blinking, you have to click the button 8 times. It's just a bit of a pain. If you put these lights in a place where the control box isn't easy to access, the remote is critical. Mine are easily accessible, so the remotes aren't needed. By the way, the remotes come with their own batteries, but the control boxes require 3 AA each (for each string).

    Good little lights overall, but needs some improvement

    I will use these along with [[ASIN:B00UUSC7YY Stainless Steel Laundry Clothesline Hanging Rack - Compact Round Model Will Dry Clothing Anywhere and Includes Set of 18 Clothespins by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools]] For over the table at our camping property. I only used one string may use more depending on how it looks at camp.

    I will use these along with For over the table ... I will use these along with For over the table ...

    Nice Lights

    5 stars

    I love the lights I wanted to use them as table centerpieces I wasn't sure wether I would use these or the cheaper ones with the button batteries so I got both. While the battery pack is bigger and a little harder to bury in the glass pieces (see pic) I wrapped the pack with the lights and then burryied it so it makes it difficult to see the pack. I got a little larger vase at the dollar store and I think that is a little better. The lights in the right hand vase and in the flowers are the one with the button batteries (these seemed a little wonky when I moved them around so I was worried if they would last as long as I needed them to, so I left them on overnight and they were still working the next day)
    I opted to go with the more expensive lights that use the remote control, which will control more than one light set at a time and have different settings #2 has a nice little twinkle to it. I think that I will use these more after the centerpieces. I will use behind pictures, the TV and on bookshelves. My Daughter has already said that she wants some to take to her dorm room. It will be cheaper and easier to replace with the AA batteries and reuse. And really the being able to turn of and on with the remote is so useful.

    Nice Lights Nice Lights

    Used these lights inside of Mason jars for my daughter's wedding. They were beautiful!!! I originally planned to buy the ones that run on button batteries, but found through research that these which run on 3 AA batteries have a much longer glow life. I bought 36 strings of these lights and every one was just a bright and functioned just as well. Each comes with it's own remote, but one remote can control them all which was great for us because we needed all 36 strings to come on at once. In the photo, it is showing one string of lights per jar.

    Beautiful fairy lights were everything I hoped for!!

    Great lights!

    5 stars

    I purchase these lights all the time for my Rapunzel wigs that I sell. I’ve only ever had one problem with them where one light in the pack had the wires cut, so I couldn’t use them.
    But other than that, these lights are perfect! Would and have bought again.

    Great lights!

    I was using these for art on the wall, I had intended to keep the lights on at all times and drain the battery then change them again but I saw these had an option for a remote. I was not thrilled with the idea of using a different remote for all 3 picture frames but it turns out that you can use one remote for all light strands they turn on and off in sync or you can aim the remote at each one if you wanted to alter the settings on just one. The light is the perfect shade of yellow and the wire is thin and barely noticeable. So far after 3 weeks the lights are still as bright as the first day. if I had to make one suggestion it would be that the battery box is a bit large, maybe around 4x3 inches and 2 inches thick which made it harder to hide but overall a great purchase

    the remote is such a convenient feature I am so glad i decided to go this route


    5 stars

    OMG I LOVE THESE LIGHTS!!! I am a new home owner and wanted the lights for some DIY projects to make my home more enchanting. The 4 pack was not only reasonably price but shipping was quick and the lights were packaged securely. Each light comes with its own remote (batteries for the remote are included and already in the remote so all you have to do is pull out the little plastic tab to use) and has so many different options from flickering to slow on/off to solid to dancing. I’ve bought lights that were waaaaay more expensive and had none of these options. Also it has a dimmer and brightness buttons!!! I can’t say enough how great they are!!! If your thinking about buying them, DO IT! I’ve attached pictures of some of my uses for them. 1000000000% Recommend!!


    Great Buy

    5 stars

    I purchased these lights to make "nightlights" for a camping trip with my girl scout troop. The areas we camp in have heavy tree canopy, and we don't always camp during a full moon, so every little bit of light helps. We put the lights into mason jars covered with tissue paper, and they were perfect - the girls could see to move around in the tents without using flashlights, and it was easy for us to identify which tents were our troop's. We received 4 sets of lights and 4 remotes, but each remote worked with all four sets, so bonus. I can definitely see us purchasing more of these for additional projects (and for decorating the tree at Christmas).

    Great Buy

    These lights make me so, so happy.

    First, the product. The lights are perfect. They come with a very sturdy battery case, super easy to add three AAs, no complicated instructions. They have a little remote that works perfectly to change the lights from solid “on” to many different twinkling settings. Love it, so convenient.

    I put them up on my patio outside (don’t have a photo), and then put some on the windows of my bedroom (see photo). I’ve been trying to create a feeling of an oasis of calm and escape in my bedroom, and these lights have completed the picture for me. I put them on when I’m getting ready for bed, and by the time I’m ready to get in and go to sleep, I’m relaxed and feel like I’m at the spa. Or a wine bar in Brooklyn.

    Now, the other great part...the customer service. The first set of lights I ordered was a 4-pack. When they came, one of the four strings or lights had a damaged wire so only half the lights lit up. Because the other three strings were more than enough to cover my patio railing, I wasn’t going to bother to try to get a replacement. For the inexpensive price, three strings seemed more than fair.

    But then I got one of those “how is the product you just bought?” emails from the company. It was very sweetly worded, so I told the truth: I love the product, but one of the four strings didn’t work because of a cut in the wire.

    Nearly immediately, the company wrote to ask me to send a photo of the damaged light string, which I did. They said they had no individual shorter light strings to send me, so would a much longer string be OK? I answered yes, and two days later, a box with a super long, 30-foot string of sweet little lights appeared at my door.

    I could not be more pleased with my lights and the responsiveness of this company. Highly recommend!!!

    Perfect lights, amazing customer service

    We purchased the tree cutout wall hanging at a local hobby store. I wanted to light it from behind, so I searched Amazon for remote control led lights. I found these fairy lights. We hot glued them to the back of the wall hanging and hung it high on our wall, in the peak (we have cathedral ceiling). The lights are perfect to subtly light the tree cutout against our log walls. I love the timer feature!
    The only difficulty is I have to hold the remote in just the right position against the wall for it to work. Make sure you have a line of sight for the remote to the battery box before you finish installation. I do not count that against the product, since most remotes need line of sight.
    And I still have 3 more fairy lights for future projects!

    They are very versatile.

    These were exactly the type of lights I wanted for my entrance to my apartment. I love the remote control for changing the effect, such as the speed they flicker and to turn them on or off. These pictures do not show how awesome they really are. Everyone comments on them since the elevator is right across from my door. I highly recommend them! They do operate with 3 Double A batteries, but seem to last a long time since I have them on all day till about 9 or 10 at night. Just buy a big package to have on hand, since you would not want them to be off for any period of time.

    Pretty, Sparkly and Functional Pretty, Sparkly and Functional Pretty, Sparkly and Functional

    These fairies lights are great! Very delicate yet strong. Plus when we put them on we didn’t need all 4 remotes, we used one and it worked for all, since I wanted them all to do the same thing.
    I will say out of the 4 different lines one set went through the batteries pretty quickly.

    This is only 3 sets, I didn’t put the last one on yet!

    Love the remote! No cords/plugs to worry about. Was worried about the length. Fits my window garland perfectly! Bought the warm white. Not as warm as I thought they would be. A little brighter than my current white lights that I was trying to match. Not a fan of the copper color wire. Wish it came in clear or silver. Steady on is the best option out of the 8. Overall, worth the $. Glad I found these.

    Love the remote!


    5 stars

    Got these lights today...the thing I like best besides them being the warm white matches regular white lights perfectly! Last time I got LED lights they were a total different color than regular lights. The lights on the hutch in the background are regular white Xmas lights with the Fairy lights on the arrangement!! So happy...easy setup!! Love the choices of modes!! Just be aware to stock up on batteries as each string takes 3 AA batteries!!


    Definitely not "warm white" like I wanted, the color looks nothing like the advertisement picture. When you think of "warm white" you think of traditional Xmas lights....I would not place these next to any traditional lights as they look nothing alike in color

    Color not as advertised.

    [[VIDEOID:62b331e782dca6274071106811973eda]] I got these to replace the lights inside of failing solar lanterns. They were easy to install and operate. The timer function works great and hasn't failed to turn off/on yet. They must be waterproof because it's done nothing but rain for a week here and they are still working. I love them and I'm thinking about where I can put more of them.

    The best I've found

    It's nice to know there can be found some A products out there and this is one. Purchased one order (quantity of two)P and two weeks later made another purchase (quantity of four). Very surprised with the exceptional quality of the micro led lights, the build of the overall light string, packaging. The lightstring is paralled with a thin copper string to be able to wrap it around almost anything. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again or other lights/products from this seller. Thank you!

    Excellent product

    Perfect! Only one set of lights needed on 3 white birch logs. For less than $5, my fireplace looks great! The copper wire is nice & looks elegant when the lights are off, too.

    Fireplace Solution Fireplace Solution

    I love, love

    5 stars

    I love, love , love these lights. There are many settings for the light. They can be constant or flashing. Whatever you choose. I will definately be buying more for other rooms of my home.

    I love, love

    Initially I loved these lights and even bought a second set right after I got the first. The reason I'm giving 2 stars is due to the fact that in less then two weeks of use they stop working. I assumed the batteries were dead and when I go to change them I find the batteries corroded and the whole thing is broken at that point because the battery pack is corroded as well. I tried using different brands of batteries in the lights I hadn't used yet to see if that would make a difference but the same thing happened. I Contacted the company and they were great and placed two of the lights but the battery pack in those corroded as well. I only used my lights inside where they were not in contact with any water. Even so the lights are advertised as waterproof. Just hoping for a refund at this point.

    Lights stop working because battery pack corrodes

    These lights are tiny but powerful. I love the remote and option for a timer although I wish there was a 12 hour timer option considering it gets dark by 4:30 where I live. I also wish the colors were bolder and more "Christmasy" instead of the light pastels. Overall I would definitely recommend them.

    I love the remote and option for a timer although I ...

    Bought these to turn large vases into mood lighting. Was looking for strand lights with a remote and this works great. They came in a 4 pack and the strands were long enough that one strand was enough to fill a large vase. I have two extra now that I can use out door since the battery pack is waterproof. It also cane with a remote controller fir each strand that works for all so if/when I miss place the remote I will have back up! Great price too!

    Was looking for strand lights with a remote and this works great. They came in a 4 pack and the ...

    Excellent product and very easy to use remote turn on and off I like fairlight looks great day and night time

    Beautyful fairlight

    PERFECT for adding light effect to my Rapunzel wig! Pic is poor quality but you can see the lights. I love that the strings all work on one remote, because I can turn the lights on for the whole braid and once with minimal effort. And the remote being so small makes it easy to hide to add to the magic! So much fun! I will try to get better pics to upload

    Love that they all work on one remote!

    Love these lights! Very enchanted, fairy ambience added to our balcony. Not harsh and not too bright. Highly recommend. Also, the copper wire is easy to maneuver and camouflage so that it is not very visible during the daytime.

    Perfect Ambience Lighting for the Balcony!

    so EASY

    5 stars

    3x AA batteries and some thumbtacks and you can just put these anywhere and they have a REMOTE that works within about 6-8 feet of distance (so you're not reaching for the little box with the switches on it, and it's also pretty waterproof looking!).
    It has 8 modes, and while I prefer just "on", you can adjust the dimness from 1-8 (think 8 is top bright, and it's pretty bright!)
    Realized the Christmas lights moved out with some old roommates, saw these and bought them Weds evening, and they arrived Friday evening before their slated time of 5pm.

    so EASY

    We put these out on the home made reindeer in our yard. We turned them on at 4PM and they turn themself off. The next day they automatically turned on at 4PM and off at 10PM. We had 1.5 inches of rain in 48 hours and they continue to work without a problem. We are very pleased.

    Weather resistant.

    These lights look so lovely and are so perfect for our trees near the porch (sorry my bad photography doesn’t do them justice) but sadly one of the packs has died after about a month of use.

    We tried putting fresh batteries in to see if that was the problem but no luck. The other three packs are still working perfectly so I think the one might have just failed.

    Lights are beautiful but one pack failed after a month

    So far I am very happy with these lights. I have them set on a timer and each night they come on. I have put them in a barrel that I have filled with ornamental grass and flowers. So pretty at night. I hope they continue to work and I am hoping that even with rain and moisture they will continue to work. I have sent a picture of the way that I have incorporated them in my barrel filled with flowers.

    Very disappointed.  After 4 nights of lighting one set no longer works.  Bummer I want my money back.

    I bought lights prior to this for a fern/plant arrangement that was put inside a fireplace. I was disappointed as they were more of a blueish/whiteish hue--not what I was looking for. I had purchased these lights for my outside plants and loved them. I ordered them again to try in that fireplace arrangement and they were perfect! Love the warmer look it adds to the arrangement!

    Love these lights! Love these lights!

    Bright Lights

    5 stars

    Initially when I opened the box the lights looked a bit small. I intended to use them outside so I was concerned that they weren't going to be bright enough, but they actually have a "brightness" setting. This was impressive, they ended up being bright enough for outside use.

    Bright Lights

    After receiving our first set of four strands we liked them so much we ordered another four strands. They are bright, cheerful and easy to setup. The batteries appear to be holding up. It is nice that the wire hardly shows. We have put then in wreaths and above our windows.

    A great little Christmas decoration.

    How beautiful!!

    5 stars

    These are great for deck decor and ambiance. I used them to wrap around the 6 x 6 posts on my deck. Everyone loves them and at night when I get my kids tucked in for the five millionth time and I can sit down on my deck and relax, they're beautiful and calming!! I love these!!

    How beautiful!! How beautiful!! How beautiful!! How beautiful!!

    These lights are amazing and go a long way. I bought the 4 pack thinking we would need them all but one whole one was enough for the circlet above our bed and one to backlight the lanterns on the wall tapestry.
    Also I can assure you that these things won't hurt your pets or kids because our kitten chewed through the copper wire was lit while I was digging for batteries <_< he was completely fine and the now much shorter strand still lit up.

    Gorgeous for bedroom Gorgeous for bedroom

    Have not finished project. I am making a night light globe that will be on a wood base. Love that the lights have multiple modes. Worked perfectly after placing 3 AAA batteries in them. Very good value. Love them and highly recommend.

    Will make beautiful night light globe.

    Beautiful lights! But wow they drain batteries FAST. Each set of lights needs 3 AA batteries, and they don't last longer than about 3 days of use (for me) But I love the different settings options

    Gorgeous, but stock up on batteries Gorgeous, but stock up on batteries

    I LOVE these lights!!! I put them all over my room and i want more! You need a tiiiiny bit of patience undoing them from their packing but its definitely worth it. The lights are about the size of a grain of rice and the wire is super thin which is great. The only downfall i had with them is that if the remote isnt close enough to the battery pack, the remote wont work- hence the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. But overall, great purchase!

    Great purchase, but had a remote issue Great purchase, but had a remote issue Great purchase, but had a remote issue Great purchase, but had a remote issue

    I love these lights!!! I purchased a second set because I use them everywhere. They have different settings and you can set a timer so they turn on the same time each day. There’s a remote so it makes it easy to change the light patterns.

    Favorite decorative lights

    These fairy lights are great. I’m using them in some bird cages around pumpkin decorations and flameless candles. Having a remote to change the lights and set timers is fantastic. I highly recommend these lights.

    Love These Lights Love These Lights Love These Lights

    Perfect for decorating centerpieces and mantels where electric sockets aren't ready nearby. Look great in glass vases, wire bird houses, lanterns and terrariums.

    Work great, easy to use Work great, easy to use

    I used these on my Christmas tree! The remote is so convenient and one remote takes care of all the lights though they each come with an individual remote. Great variety of settings, dimmability and quite vibrant for the size. love them. I have another set on my gate at the end of my driveway and they've been working flawlessly in the battle ground rain since October 31.

    Awesome value & quality

    Love these!

    5 stars

    Love these lights! We used them for our daughters new bed. She loves having the lights when going to bed and I love the remote so I can turn them off and not disturb her. I only needed 2 of the strands to give enough light and I have two more to use with Christmas decorations.

    Love these!


    5 stars

    The lights worked beautifully!! We used them for a special night on a lake where my daughter's best friend asked her to be his girlfriend. The lights were so nice that all the siblings each took one hole for their rooms!



    5 stars

    I got the lights for inside my lamp they work very well I love them and the look good there bright enof and not to bright if they are I can lower how bright they are it's good buy



    5 stars

    They worked perfect for my project. It comes with 4 remotes but one will control them all if you like. There is a screw spot on the back of the battery pack if you want to mount it to something.


    Great product, arrived quickly, easy to put your own 3 AAbatteries into the little box. Love the remote control to turn on, off, produce light movement. Also has a button on the batteries box. Would by again, very festive!

    Festive and easy to set up. Festive and easy to set up.

    These are the best fairy lights! I had a wreath whose lights went out so I ordered these to decorate and used 2 of the 4 lights to decorate. There is a remote control and timer which makes this so easy to use. Highly recommend!

    Great lights for decorating! Great lights for decorating!

    I’m impressed by these lights. All of them worked.

    Can’t find these in stores. Can’t find these in stores.

    I actually love these little lights & currently have 2 of the 4 as fun lighting in master closet. Very decorative & quite functional in preventing need to turn overhead on every time I go into closet. They do require 3 AA batteries for each unit Remote contains battery

    Efficient & decorative Efficient & decorative

    Used them in centerpieces for a graduation party. All four strings can work from one remote. Perfect for our event!

    Love these lights!

    Put lights in mason jar. and another string as a back drop for their shelf with some of their collections. they love it


    Great value...Very nice to have a remote for each strand of lights! The only thing would be that these lights are not really Amber… They are more like warm white… I was looking for Amber, almost yellow lights and these would not have worked for that… But, I’ve used the lights in other places and think they’re great!

    Great value... nice to have remotes!

    Extremely delighted with this purchase!
    Rapid delivery. Fine quality.
    I used three light sets to illuminate a curio cabinet with amazing results.


    This is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to miniature lights. I actually love the color of the copper wire and it seems very durable. The fact that there is a remote and has 8 different speeds/patterns is great!

    I would buy more of these!

    Great lights!

    5 stars

    They are great! Using the remote makes it 10 times easier. I used it on mason jars to do mini lanterns outside and I’ve gotten many compliments on them. Definitely recommend.

    Great lights!

    These lights are adoreable! Exactly what I wanted. I hunh them outside under my favorite tree where my chair swing is. They look great and give off just the right amount of light. Each strand has its own remote and there are several different patterns you can choose from. They are delicate but very durable. I will be ordering more to decorate other areas of my yard. Highly recommend!

    Great for outdoor use

    These lights are amazing!! Very beautiful and since they are made or wire it allows you to really mold the lights anyway you like. I also love the 8 different modes very cool option. My only complaint is the remote range is a little annoying and won’t communicate with lights other than that I highly recommend these and shipping was very fast.

    Beautiful lights

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Works great at a cheap price

    Five Stars

    Great Lights

    5 stars

    LOVE these lights! I bought 8 strands for our Christmas tree and liked them so much I bought a few strands for my mom's miniature trees.

    Great Lights

    I've been slowly getting supplies to repurpose and make some indoor light-up clouds (picture to show what I'm talking about, I haven't had a chance to make one, yet) and these lights are for the inside of the cloud. I tested them all out with batteries (not included) and the remotes that came with the lights and hey all worked great! I'm looking forward to using them in my little DIY craft! :D

    I tested them all out with batteries (not included) and the remotes that came with the lights and hey all worked great! I'm looking forward to using them in my ...

    Absolutely LOVE the lights! Had some areas that needed Easter lights with no plug nearby and these are PERFECT.

    Lights are awesome!

    These worked perfectly for what I wanted them for! So pretty and I love having a remote control to change the modes and turn them on and off.

    So pretty and I love having a remote control to change ...

    Great purchase!

    5 stars

    These are fantastic! We use in our outside Gazebo. They are the perfect amount of light - not too bright so you have some privacy. They were super easy to install and the remotes are amazing! Definitely recommend

    Great purchase!

    They’re perfect! I got a new apartment and I wrapped the lights around the ceiling and bar of almost every room! I will recommend it to everyone!!! Using the clear commando hooks are the best to hang these lights with!

    They’re perfect! I got a new apartment and I wrapped ...

    The box seems its really sturdy and the clamps for it really keep it locked with no rattling inside. Bright lights for the size of the light bulb. Just a heads up I had to use two 16.4ft for an average garage door and one for your regular entrance door.

    Loving this lights! Loving this lights! Loving this lights! Loving this lights!

    [[VIDEOID:dd3ef25a2c6b7e1bf86d5389b0772b79]] Great little lights that look amazing! I wasn't expecting them to made of wire but that actually makes it easier when hanging or adding them to your decor. The remote with timer and 8 setting options is very handy and gives variety. Definitely worth the purchase and I can't wait to use them more during the holidays!

    Better than I expected!

    We used these to light up our Eiffel Tower at prom. They were amazing!

    They were amazing!


    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:6467c4b72e24fc345eb02c38344a8ca2]] Definitely recommend! You get your money worth.


    Love these! Each remote is designed to operate up to two strings. All eight strings that I ordered work great. I only opened four of the remotes and they all work well. These lights offer a lot of holiday decorating options. I will also use a couple of the strings year round.

    Absolutely love these and the remotes are great. Absolutely love these and the remotes are great. Absolutely love these and the remotes are great. Absolutely love these and the remotes are great.

    Love it!

    5 stars

    Amazing lights!

    Love it!

    Pretty lights

    5 stars

    These lights are awesome! Battery pack so no need to run extension cords! Pretty copper wire blends nicely with the wood posts.

    Pretty lights Pretty lights

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Five Stars

    These are awesome! We had a solar lamp whose light was inoperable. I just strung the lights inside the shade and set the timer. It goes on at 9 and stays lit for 6 hrs perfectly.

    So much brighter than you imagine they’d be!

    Good deal

    5 stars

    Good deal! Love the colors and the different functions.

    Good deal

    Exactly as expected in fact I’m ordering more????

    So happy with these lights!

    I ordered these for Christmas, but the colors are more Mardi Gras themed. But I love fairy lights, so I’m definitely keeping them.

    Mardi Gras colors

    These worked great for lighting up letter for the marching band

    Lighted up letters

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:e7d0e56785879a52b73916838d74cbd3]] Best price online! 16.5' is the perfect size for small projects!

    Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars

    Fairy lights

    5 stars

    Loved the lights and loved that I could use one remote to control the lights

    Fairy lights

    Great buy

    5 stars

    I was so happy with this product. I cant wait to use them at my wedding!

    Great buy

    I love these! There battery operated and they last forever! They come with little remotes that I don't have to program and they have 8 twinkle settings. I feel like I might decorate everything with them????

    I love these! There battery operated and they last forever

    I haven't had these long, but they have been on continuously for 5 days and counting. I have yet to change the batteries - started with new generic AA's (Wegman's store brand). I used these lights to wrap around a wreath and also along some evergreen garland. The size of the lights and the twinkle effect are perfect. They are amazingly small - it looks just like copper wire with drops of hot glue along it at about 6" intervals. The wreath that I am using them on is outside in Buffalo, NY weather and no issues so far in the rainy, yet unusually warm weather. The set comes with 4 remotes, and we are not using them all because all four sets are in the same area of the house. If you have the 4 strands spread out around your house the extra remotes would come in handy.

    Charming little lights Charming little lights Charming little lights Charming little lights

    I really love these little lights, they are great for DIY projects and outdoor use. I especially like the great features such as remote control because it allows me to use the lights in hard to reach places that I previously had to put on a timer for a preset amount of time or climb up and turn them on/off. I think people will love the eight settings that allow the user to customize the light settings.

    Love all the features of these lights.

    These are amazing, I didn't know until I received them that they were just on a copper wire. That doesn't change anything. Such superb quality I will repurchase over and over again. My son wanted to use on his wall for his initials and it looks great. This is one string per letter and we could've used less!

    Amazing quality!

    I used these to fill globe lights, I found them to have the right amount of lights and good intensity. The very cheap strings that run of wafer batteries do not glow as bright. The battery pack is large and water resistant. In my use it required a pretty bit hole to be routed. The remote is a nice touch for On and Off. If the battery pack isn't enclosed it works from about 15 feet. In my application I built it into the base and it needs to be next to the base to work. It might work better if I drilled an extra hole in the base by the control unit. This is not an issue with the unit its my application. I only like one or two of the settings some of the others are just cheesey flashing lights, but its nice to have a remote and not have to use the switch on the battery pack.

    Nice Light big battery pack

    [[VIDEOID:e09cbf74437aacc81b479d9dddf7d958]] Just opened these up and places on my staircase garland. Remote works to turn on and off, doesn’t come with instructions on how to use timer. I will update the review for timer with that once I figure how to use. So far works for what I needed.

    Perfect touch to brighten up my garland

    I ordered these in white last year and really LIKE them--In WHITE, so I decided to order the MULTICOLORED.
    Wow! These are NOT Christmas colors whatsoever, PINK ????
    happy with the quality of the lights but the COLOR is super disappointing NOT CHRISTMAS colors!????????????????

    These are PASTEL Colors NOT Christmas!  keep looking! DISAPPOINTED


    5 stars

    Got this for Christmas light decorations. Used them in our windows. Works great and their super bright. Love the colors. Timer is off by a few minutes but still come on so I’m happy!



    5 stars

    These lights are great! I made the Christmas wall hanging and thought some lights would finish it off nicely...they did! Then I put them in my flameless candle hurricane! I can't believe how bright they are!

    Love! Love!

    The batteries lasted FOREEEEEVER in these lights, so I assume they consume a tiny amount of energy. We use these as the nightlight in our nursery and they were literally on almost the entire first month and a half of my daughters life. We LOVE them! My older daughter got a little jealous and requested some of her own! They don’t get hot, there’s variety in the patterns, multiple remotes but all can be controlled by just one.

    These are perfect in the nursery! These are perfect in the nursery!

    I bought these for costume usage. They are great and with the many lighting modes I can see a lot of other potential uses for them. However, be warned that these are very, very bright and that every lighting mode uses them at their fullest capacity. If you're buying them for use in dark outdoor conditions, they'll be painful to look at directly if not partially blocked by another medium. These are so bright they still show up well during broad daylight, so you can use them in almost any project to add some flair!

    very, very bright

    Great color and brightness. I ran them along the bars of my gazebo. They fit really well across the ceiling of a 10' x12' gazebo. Came with 4 remotes. The remotes are universal, so you can just point at whichever set you want to control and any of them will work. They aren't extremely bright but create a very nice ambiance at night. They are just LEDs on a wire with a control pack. Don't expect extreme durability, but they are by no means fragile. Each box does require 3 AA batteries, so make sure you have 12 AA batteries on hand. I've left them on overnight and for a couple days and none have died yet. Great item!

    Great deal for some great lights.

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    These little lights awesome!!! We wanted to light up our latis’ and they were perfect. We purchased 4.

    Five Stars Five Stars

    I purchased this 4 pack of lights and used 3 of them. One was on a wreath for my door, one for a wreath to hang on the outside of my house and a third which was on some artificial garland inside my house. Initially, I was really happy with these. The delicate wiring makes it really easy to wrap around the garland and wreaths and for such tiny lights they put out quite a bit of light. However, within about two weeks of having them on (the two outside were on the 6 hour timer), the yellow lights started fading, then purple, then blue until finally only the green was shining bright. Odd enough, the string on the wreath that was most exposed to the weather had lights that lasted the longest. They are convenient because of it being wireless and the remote is nice but pretty worthless if I have to buy a new set and restring them every year.

    Lovely Lights But They Don't Last Long Lovely Lights But They Don't Last Long

    Looks amazing!

    5 stars

    Absolutely love these so far! I have them on my porch and it looks amazing at night and during the day you can’t see them; of which I love! I love the idea that it’s ran off of batteries so it doesn’t feed into my electric bill and they are surprisingly bright. I haven’t had them with it raining yet but fingers crossed they still work afterwards. Planning to buy more to put all the way around my porch. I would highly recommend!

    Looks amazing!

    Okay, when I got these lights and I noticed that there were not one but four remotes controllers, I thought... man I'm going to have to turn them on one by one aren't I?!
    For my surprise, there are four remote controls. But I could use one for all four of the light strings!!! I was so happy to find that out!

    I bought this set of fairy lights to put on my little boy's teepee. It was so easy to wrap the strings around the teepee poles. As the strings are metal it stayed in place so I could place the poles in place and the strings stayed in place. They shine so bright through the canvas. They're operated by batteries, which I love because it's safe for my two year old. I love them and I will purchase it again!

    I love this fairy lights set! I love this fairy lights set!

    I needed something to decorate the windows for Christmas and I found this 4 pack of battery operated lights. They arrived quickly, well packaged with clear instructions. I like that the battery pack needs 3 batteries, it provides longer life for the lights. The battery pack also has the listing of the lights modes, which comes in handy. The lights came with 4 remotes, but they all work with just one remote. I like that you can dim the lights- I need them for atmosphere not to read or light up the street. I have not tried the timer feature yet, so I can't say how well that works. I have had these lights for about a week, lit them up every day for about 5 hours and the batteries seem to last very well. I didn't read the description very well and got the cold white lights which have a serious blue tint. But now I ordered another set in warm white to go with my other decor. I'm really happy with this purchase.

    Great decorative lights

    Usually I get the battery operated tea lights but have to buy so many because of all the decorations. This was a great find because four came to the package. They had remote controls and the illumination was so bright - much brighter than the tea lights. Next year I will be buying many many more to go everywhere. A funny aside, we have a 65" flat screen TV over our fireplace and the led lights were on the mantle. Every time we turned the volume down the lights would either come on or flash in a different pattern. It was quite funny as it worked without the provided remote and our TV remote instead. This photo is from a luncheon I had and the lights were so festive on the pool table we decorated to fit everyone. Nice job GDEALER!

    Best Find of the Year

    I kept these out of necessity; most of last year’s LED strings didn’t work. I had to tape the battery pack to the door behind the small wreath or it would have fallen. I didn’t like the silvery coil and blue-ish cast. I would have preferred a warm candlelight effect. There are way too many choices for effects, most will bring on a migraine for those so inclined. I didn’t use the timer but shut the tabletop tree and front door wreath off during the day, using the remote. 1 remote stopped working but the good news is they’re interchangeable so it didn’t matter. I’m replacing these next year. They’re just not my taste. I apologize for not submitting better photos.

    “Cool White” = Blue-ish

    I do craft shows in the fall and the majority of my items are ornaments. I have had other lights on my little display trees, but wanted something a little smaller that would show off the ornaments, not overpower them. I think these will be perfect. It is nice that one remote will control all the lights, however as one of the previous reviews mentioned, don't plan to be able to control them from any great distance. This isn't a factor for me and I love them.

    Just what I wanted

    These little lights go perfectly in floral arrangements, glass vases, intertwined with garland, etc. The various modes that you can set the lights to are fun. There are times when I want a more subdued and quiet lighting as opposed to the busier flashing lights and with the remote control, I can easily change the different settings. The remote make it so much easier to turn off and on the lights as opposed to disturbing the arrangement to reach the battery pack switch. I am definitely going to buy more of these for my patio this summer. These are a great buy!

    Cool little lights for ambiance Cool little lights for ambiance

    I got bright white light that worked great the whole holiday season. The battery case is so sturdy, so much better then any other fairy lights I’ve owned in the past. It comes with remote for each and every set of lights (one remote can control all lights as well ;)
    I’m very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it.

    Best fairy lights I’ve owned!!! Best fairy lights I’ve owned!!! Best fairy lights I’ve owned!!!

    Though they provide a very white light, (too bright for my taste) I found them to be beautifully defused by putting them in a basket making them beautiful and delicate. I'm still trying to figure out the timing mechanism since the instructions were not included. Still, highly suggested based on the options: flashing, solid light, dimmer and timer. I'm currently using them for indoor holiday displays, but will move them into the garden come spring. Happy with the purchase.

    Adding sparkle without spending $$$ Adding sparkle without spending $$$

    Wow these lights are super bright!! However they don't drain the battery any faster than other battery operated lights I have tried in the past.
    I purchased these specifically to use outdoors and the battery case is perfectly weather proof! I am a OTR team truck driver with my husband and I like decorating our trucks grill for the holidays. These lights are just fantastic!

    Weather proof and bright, bright, bright!

    Not warm white!

    4 stars

    They work good but they aren't warm white. I did t see anything in the description saying what they were, so that would have been nice to know. Also I feel like batteries for the remotes should be provided since they're not ones you normally have on hand. Since I don't have batteries for the remotes yet I wasn't able to test them out yet.

    Not warm white! Not warm white!

    I wrapped the lights around some floral garland that I had and I really like the way they look. The remote is very convenient since the garland is above my reach. I like not having to get a stool to turn them off and on. I have had them for a couple of weeks now and am very happy with them.

    There is also a dimness selector which is helps customize the look even more (I turned it up for the pictures).

    Very nice lights and work well for what I wanted them for. Very nice lights and work well for what I wanted them for.

    These lights are so pretty and a lot of fun to decorate with. I LOVE the remote function! I use them in hard-to-reach places to add a touch of light at Christmas time. The only problem I have with them is the wire makes them difficult to straighten and shape.

    Remote lights make it easy to decorate hard-to-reach spots

    These are perfect! Just long enough and the fact that I can adjust brightness is fantastic. The lights are outside and have stood up to watering and rain showers(I did put into additional waterproof bag). The options are fun, the timer works as described. I will be purchasing more in the future...

    Yes!!! I LOVE these lights!!!

    These lights are awesome, worked perfectly for what I bought them from. Remote function works great and the look awesome!

    These lights are awesome, worked perfectly for what I bought them from

    I would never buy these fairy lights again. They get so tangled even when handled with care.
    We spent at least an hour trying to untangle them and finally decided they would be our touch of humor.
    That is one big glob of fairy lights in the photo.

    Be prepared for a tangled mess

    Awesome Product

    5 stars

    Great product, great quality. Bought these to make the outline on letters for our group Halloween costume... I was afraid when bending and gluing (hot glue) I'd ruin the lights somehow. They withstood the heat, bending, and pulling to complete my project. The different settings and brightness of the lights where perfect.

    Awesome Product

    I am in love with these lights! They were exactly what I needed for a project in my granddaughter's room. I purchased a 4 pack of these and it was just the right amount. I thought my shooting star chandelier would make a great night light for my granddaughter since she doesn't want to fall asleep without the lights on. This picture shows the stars with all 4 sets. The best part is the remote control, as all 4 strands light with just one remote since they're all together rather than having to use 4 different remotes. Although if you wanted to use these in different areas, there is a separate remote for each strand.

    I am in love with these lights

    Very dependable. The remote control made everything so easy. Looked so beautiful on my mantle and in the lanterns on my front porch.

    The remote control makes it nice The remote control makes it nice

    They are a lot of fun and a bright light. So tried outside and used lithium batteries. Timer worked well, but these lights EAT batteries so be aware in your planning. Having to replace batteries about once every 10 days on timer for six hours a day.

    Love fairy lights - tried on blue spruce outside

    Love these. Still kind of playing around with how I want them on the beams of my porch but they look awesome. The timer works perfectly and one remote works on all 4 strings.

    Fairy lights❤️

    I love these little lights, all the different settings are great, there dimable and the timer function works well with my schedule. Perfect for my projects. And they will work good when we go camping.

    Best bang for your buck!

    Gave to a friend who saw the lights I was using instead of candles. It looked beautiful.

    Love these lights

    The lights are very pretty but the large battery pack is sometimes difficult to conceal.

    Pretty lights, large battery pack Pretty lights, large battery pack Pretty lights, large battery pack

    Great value

    5 stars

    Bought these for on top of my kitchen cabinets. Love them! Work great as a sort of night light. The remote makes it easy to turn on & off and save on battery usage.

    Great value Great value

    I love these new Led Fairy Lights (battery Operated) with a remote. I make beautiful vases (with glass vases and napkins) that require lighting inside to show the detail.

    Remote lighting makes displaying beauty of vase without having to manually turn On/Off.

    Super cute!

    5 stars

    Super cute!! I added them to a silk plant that I bought my mom for mother’s day! A lighted Plant like this on qvc for Bethlehem lights was almost $80!!!! So I made one myself!! . I just hid the boxes inside the plant and one remote controls 2 boxes at the same time! Highly recommend!!

    Super cute! Super cute!

    Love these lights! They work and look great in whatever you want to use them for!! The remotes work fabulous as well! You can use 1 remote for all sets or use all remotes one for each set! I put them in my grapevine spheres on my fireplace mantel! They look so nice at nite time!

    Very functional! Works great!!
to sum: This product brand is GDEALER The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 140. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. 【Terrific Decorations】- These fairy string lights are made of high quality flexible and thin copper wire£¬which can be easily bended and shaped around trunks,bottles, furniture and almost anywhere you like
  2. 【Easy Operation 】- These micro fairy lights are powered by mini size batteries(included), each strand is 7.2ft/2m long flexible copper wire with 20pcs shining leds,which is portable,you can carry it easily and decorate anywhere you like
  3. 【Long Lasting Batteries】- Drived by two very low voltage batteries makes the lights are safe to touch it will not get overheated,the batteries could reach three days' constant use,and will be longer if use with breaks
  4. 【Waterproof (Except Battery Holder)】- The led fairy lights copper wire parts are IP67 rated ,which are possible to immerse into water to achieve a great lighting effect
  5. 【Wide Application】- The starry string lights illuminate a cool white light, which create a romantic atmosphere and are perfect to decorate your Wedding centerpiece,Party, Christmas tree,garden,patio, festival,put it into a bottle or Mason jars,or wrap it around your bike wheels and anywhere you like to decorate
  6. Gorgeous!!!

    5 stars

    These lights are absolutely stunning!
    I bought these for the wedding centerpieces I was making and they turned out to be way more than I expected. The lights in the picture show more of a yellow hue but they glow white. Comes with a good amount of length too. 10/10 would buy again.

    Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous!!!

    Loved these!

    5 stars

    I bought these for my daughter's slumber party and am really pleased with them. I used one set on the dessert table (see photo) and the rest were strung from each of their sleeping tents (which I forgot to get a photo of lit up). They were lightweight and easy enough to bend and thread through the tents. The light quality is warm and bright. The power source is small and easy to hide. I have a few of these from other stores such as PB and the battery pack is huge and hard to hide. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of use. They were durable enough to stand up to 7 eight year olds playing with and twisting them all night during the sleep over.

    Loved these! Loved these!

    These small, very bright fairy lights are exactly as described. They worked wonderfully in my Christmas Jar project I made for our ladies craft-swap. I wanted to conceal the power source and make it easy to turn on and off. I was hoping the battery pack was small enough so it could be glued in place inside the mason jar lid. It fit perfectly! The ladies all loved their jars.

    I would buy these again from this seller. They shipped fast and arrived exactly when expected. They were in perfect condition and they all worked when turned on. And, they are beautiful, delicate, and bright.

    They worked wonderfully in my Christmas Jar project I made for our ...

    I really like how small the battery enclosures are. It makes it easier for them to be hidden. The lights are very bright. The only thing I wished (and this was purely my mistake) is I wish I would have ordered the regular color as this cool white is just a tad more blue than I was wanting. The girlfriend was extremely happy that there was 12 in the pack.

    Big Things In Small Packages

    Seriously these are gorgeous they made my baby shower center pieces look absolutely beautiful i love love love them ????????❤️❤️ They look great w the lights on soni know once it gets darker out they are going to still glow beautifully thanks this is the second time i buy these ✨✨

    Perfect for any project

    Could not find these types of lights for my shadow jars at any of the craft stores in my area. These are exactly what I needed and they look great in my jars.

    Just what I needed.

    Worth it

    5 stars

    I love them, they worked perfectly and I’m ordering more.

    Worth it Worth it

    My lighted lamp

    5 stars

    Love. When power goes out these are wounderful.

    My lighted lamp

    I love these delicate little lights! They are perfect to turn everyday objects into night lights. There are 12 strings of lights so I can use them on Christmas decor and crafts, too.

    Pretty fairy lights!

    These are for my daughter's wedding, bonus even comes with a mini screw drive in case you need to change batteries which is awesome!!! Fast shipping

    Exactly as described

    I was skeptical when I bought these lights. But WOW! They’re the best! So easy, so much cheaper that regular lights, so bright!
    I’m already thinking about using them at Christmas! And for crafting! And for accent lighting! Yikes. I think I have a new addiction!!

    Too good to be true!!! Too good to be true!!!

    Used these for baby shower favors and they worked perfect. Had them on for hours and the guests loved them and fought over who would take them home

    These were perfect

    [[VIDEOID:329ccae00af6ccf33427535d847c257d]] These light are fantastic. Small but bright and effective bulbs and long enough wire in between to work with. I use them in a different way than most. I make custom light up Mickey ears and I have to be able to twist these lights into unusual situations.

    Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights Perfect little lights

    What a beauty!

    5 stars

    Love these lights! Will be getting more for my balcony once the spring comes around.

    What a beauty!

    Love them

    5 stars

    Love them. This is one string worth of lights in a quart sized mason jar.

    Love them

    Bright and cute

    5 stars

    Very cute and bright. Perfect for a baby shower centerpiece.

    Bright and cute Bright and cute

    I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve bought. They look awesome in mercury glass

    Keep ordering more and more Keep ordering more and more


    5 stars

    I was shocked at how bright yhese little lights were. I love them!

    Bright!!! Bright!!!

    These lights are really cute, and they work well! I'm using them in craft a craft project to make gifts this year for Christmas.

    Cute fairy lights. Cute fairy lights.


    5 stars

    Perfect for centerpieces! Love the fact that they are battery powered so I can reuse them for other occasions


    I really like these lights. They are very easy to use. However two of them were damaged or had a short in them.

    I love the cool white light!

    Perfect lights

    5 stars

    Compliments from many guest. Perfect for centerpieces because they made the place look beautiful and gave a nice glow.

    Perfect lights

    Love these lights! I especially love the tiny battery holder. I was able to stick them underneath the lids of the jars. Made these cute lanterns with them!

    Perfect for my project! Nice and bright! Perfect for my project! Nice and bright! Perfect for my project! Nice and bright!

    Muy bonito alusan muy bien y de muy buen tamaño

    Centro de mesa para fiesta

    Awesome price

    5 stars

    Made my centerpieces look so awesome with the added lights

    Awesome price

    Great product!

    5 stars

    I used the lights for the Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars themed centerpieces at a baby shower. They looked great!

    Great product!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Excellent. Very bright. Perfect

    Five Stars

    Nice lights

    5 stars

    Worked great for my project.

    Nice lights

    Easy to use

    5 stars

    So beautiful

    Easy to use Easy to use

    These were perfect!!

    Cute little lights for a project
to sum: This product brand is LEDIKON The score is 4.8, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 346. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. Must-have Festival Decorative Lighting: Set the mood for all festivals and joyful moments, such as Christmas, holiday, party, wedding, restaurant, shops, etc.
  2. Safe to Touch: Strong copper wire string lights, 4.5V low voltage battery-operated with low heat emission, safe and fun touch, eyes candy.
  3. Remote Control Christmas Lights: Brightness dimmable, timing function, 8 vibrant modes (combination, in waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, steady on) to lighten up all the mood.
  4. DIY & Be Your Own Designer: The copper wire can be in any shape or design, or match with anything at your home, spend some fun creative DIY time with your family or friends.
  5. Waterproof & Portable: IP65 Fairy Lights, mini(2.5*3inches) and waterproof battery box make it safe and portable to spice up all indoors and outdoors occasions. PATENT & CE, FCC and RoHS Certified: IP advocator, reliable and safe warranty.
  6. [[VIDEOID:5d85d6ccdb607dd5b70d433177f96b8f]] Battery operated so I can set it up anywhere.
    Different modes available.
    Very easy to put up and manipulate the wires.
    Love how it looks, sparkles, all ready for the holidays.

    Edit: set it up around my door now - added that video

    Beautiful Sparkles!

    Love it

    5 stars

    I absolutely LOVE these decoration lights. I spent weeks creating a little secret hiding space for my two girls and everyone that goes to their cave loves the feeling these lights create. It's bright enough to see things in the room but not too bright so it makes the room feel special. It adds nice warmth to the space. Girls are so happy with the results!

    Love it

    I purchased these to put them lining the outside of the front and back porch as well as the trees. These exceed my expectation in quality and price. The have multiple settings for bulb patterns as well as a remote that come with each bundle. You can operate each strand with just one remote.

    Meets and exceeds

    Recommend it

    5 stars

    Definitely love this one! Tested it at once when the night came. This string light needs 3 AA batteries. It can be controlled by the remote which I'm very satisfied with. There are 7 different models and 1 combination option. I took a video with my phone when I was testing it, but somehow I couldn't uploaded it. Overall, I do like this string light. I'm considering buying one more so I could not only let it shine in the living room, but also in the bedroom (I've seen people doing this, thought it was a great idea).

    Recommend it Recommend it Recommend it

    The lights look great!They're fairly bright, can be easily shaped and bend. Very easy to set up, and look lovely in the dark. Waterproof battery box is very portable for outdoor camping or BBQ. Kids can touch and play directly, 4.5V is very safe. Really happy with this string lights.

    Nice lights, outdoor portable

    I did not gave more star because it is small. Really small. My first feeling when I opened the box was a shock with the small size of the string. I would not mind if the pucture shown on the website was misleading. Really misleading!!! I’m including a real picture so you can understand what you will buy.
    That said. The color is nice. It looks very exquisite and modern.
    The remote works fine. The battery case has a rubber that works like a o-ring to prevent water to get inside.
    I will decide if I will Install it outside since it the brightness may be not enough. I will write back after.
    Echowho. Please. Next time make real picture with honest perception of size.
    REVISION AFTER WINTER: I installed this set outside in the small cabin where I store my stuff. It was real cool. I protected the battery box. Set the remote for the module 6 hours on. It worked flowlessly and would lit every night at 7 pm. The battery lasted until end of January. I uninstalled this week (Mid April) and it was in perfect shape. I recommend. Because of that I raised one star.

    Really Nice BUT size is not what is show and it much thinner and smaller Really Nice BUT size is not what is show and it much thinner and smaller

    I am a photography, so I use this light as a background light when I shoot some product photography. The effect is amazing. At other time, I use it to decorate my bedroom, really nice! I like the remote design, because if you hung it on the wall or in some corner, it is difficult to access the switch which on the battery box and the remote control become very useful!

    Really nice and useful decorate light!

    Battery vacuum

    3 stars

    Love the look of the lights. Love the warm glow they give. We never use the remote or multiple lighting modes. They work perfectly to illuminate our staircase at night without providing too much light. Things to consider in advance however -- 1) Invest in rechargeable AA batteries and a charger if you do not own one already. The lifespan for both sets we bought, if we're lucky, is only 2-3 days max. 2) Make sure your partnership / friendship is strong if you have someone help you with setup. Even after experience from putting up the first set, the second set was still difficult. The thin copper wiring twists like crazy. My husband came up with the brilliant idea of using a paper towel roll and wrapping the lights around it first, and then around our banister. It is the only reason we are still married. I'm very happy with how everything turned out but I would seriously reconsider this purchase and most likely choose lights powered by the magic of electricity if I could do it all over again.

    Battery vacuum Battery vacuum Battery vacuum

    These lights are absolutely beautiful! It's a more delicate light than you get from the traditional light strings that you plug in. These are battery operated (3AAA) and were very much dimmed by the end of a week. I just put new batteries in and it was fine.

    The copper wire is a bit more difficult to work with, but my husband is insisting that he doesn't want any other type of lights because these are so pretty.

    Buy extra batteries


    5 stars

    After lots and lots of searching, I finally decided on these lights for under my 4 year old's loft bed. They. Are. Fabulous. I used 3M command hooks to hang them and they're fabulous- tiny and clear. Very happy with this purchase so far. 66' was perfect for zig zagging every support beam and and a parameter. Thank you!

    Fabulous!! Fabulous!! Fabulous!! Fabulous!!

    [[VIDEOID:8c4ad653f6731d3960fc1129b9aeca50]] Light string comes with a remote with eight light settings which I will list at the end. On off timer and dimmer buttons. Copper wiring with interment small LED lights. The power source is three double A batteries in a tight clamping plastic box. Which means you could put them just about anywhere. Inside or out.

    Could be used at weddings, the bar, mailbox, even house numbers. Since the wiring is very flexible and could be molded to any shape.
    The settings are as follows:

    1. Combination
    2. In Wave
    3. Sequential
    4. Slo glo
    5. Chasing/Flash
    6. Slow fade
    7. Twinkle/Flash
    8. Steady On
    The video is going through each of the settings then hitting the dimmer to all the way low to full bright. Do not use this as sight lighting, 4.5v is not nearly enough to make 200 lights bring enough to help.

    Copper Light Led String

    With the holidays coming I wanted to add some “spirit of the season” to my office. This light string fits the bill perfectly. They’re battery operated and super easy to use. You click the button to cycle between 8 different patterns of light.

    The copper wire makes them easy to shape and form. And the wire is thin and light enough that you can use normal transparent office tape to stick it to windows, bookcases and furniture.

    They look great and I bet I’ll be leaving them up after holidays to add a little cheer throughout the year.

    Great string of lights for the holidays. Great string of lights for the holidays. Great string of lights for the holidays.

    Really excited to get this string lights. Just took a few minutes to wrap it aroung my christmas tree. The moment I turned it on with remote. Amazing! I felt such warm and glow. I thought if everyone has such lights in cold winter, that's would be great! Thank you for this lovely string lights.

    A must buy for Christmas season!

    I ordered a set that I put around my screened porch and absolutely love them. My mom saw them and wanted a set to put around her porch at the beach so I ordered her a set. Got them all put up and then found out that one of the lights in the strand doesn't work.

    Love these lights but.... Love these lights but....

    I love these lights I put them up on my patio and they are beautiful and I love that you can control the different speeds of what you want either still or blinking or strobe, they're beautiful

    Love these lights

    It’s battery powered so it’s very easy to put anywhere you like. I put them on for indoor Christmas tree decor and it works great. the remote give me an option to light it up anytime I like. Different pattern for you to choose too. Overall. It is a decent product

    Handy little decoration.

    The light is very nice, there are different flickering changes. They seemed fragile when I first opened the package but after handling them they seems to hold up to a lot of strain with in reason of course. The settings are fun and they can dim and brighten them, with the remote and battery box. Really good shopping time.

    Great for holiday


    5 stars

    Love it! Perfect length to wrap my daughters canopy bed. Don’t make the mistake of unraveling the wires before using them they get tangled super easy, unravel as you go if you’re doing something like this :)


    Excellent warm and energetic lighting. 8 different modes make it pleasing to watch.

    Runs on 3 AA batteries lasts about 30 hours of varied modes.

    Great value

    5 stars

    Love em! Using them as tree lights.

    Update...Bought two more!

    Great value


    5 stars

    pretty good string light. It has serveral kinds of mode and can flash with doffrent frequency. moreover, the brightness is controlable.



    5 stars

    Wonderful,I would buy a couple more.

    Perfect Perfect

    True Christmas Colors with Timers
    I got these to wrap around garlands and wreaths. Warm white is very soft and comfortable. There is a brightness setting on the remote, There's also a Timer-mode and 8-different blinking/fading/combo/steady settings. Yes, I'm happy!!

    Nice deco light!!

    Was perfect for illuminating a pallet board for my daughter’s wedding. One set of lights was enough to light it up to display photos. The remote control was perfect for turning everything on at the right time.

    Perfect for highlight lighting at wedding

    Great item great quality. I like it so much, just hang it under my curtain. It’s shiny and romantic

    Would like to buy again

    Work great

    5 stars

    Lights are perfect! I so appreciate a ROHS compliant set of lights.

    Work great

    Easy to use

    5 stars

    Came in like this in a little box, no instruction but it’s pretty straightforward. Need batteries to power. The effects are cool(total of 8 different types).

    Easy to use

    5 star

    5 stars

    It use aa batteries , I use it on outdoor , not outlet need

    5 star

    Great quality

    5 stars

    Are excellent & great quality ????????????????????????????????

    Great quality Great quality

    Great Product

    5 stars

    [[VIDEOID:40747baeec4e3d656d6bbd2e8bf92a9]] Great Value!

    Great Product

    Worth the buy!

    5 stars

    Unravel as you go and don’t pull it apart
    Definite cozy feel for my bedroom!

    Worth the buy!

    I love these lights They have many functions and they come with a remote. They have dim and bright settings.

    Love these lights Love these lights


    5 stars

    Great Product and Works great, got it for us dorm room and love the decision to get these. Remote works great and lights are bright!

    Excellent!! Excellent!! Excellent!!

    Love these, perfect for my entryway.

    Perfect for small area lighting

    Love it!

    5 stars

    It’s pretty and good quality. Gonna hang it on my Christmas tree.

    Love it!

    This is what I received. Not exactly lights.

    Did not receive what I ordered

    These lights are so cute! I used on a wooden tree made out of an old door... kinda hard to see in the picture but they are CUTE! Different settings and cute copper wire. PERFECT!

    Get these... they are cute! Get these... they are cute! Get these... they are cute!

    Cozy and Warm

    5 stars

    I LOVE these. Bought them for my husband because he loves ambiance in a room and he strung them up in our living room and it just looks so cozy and warm. We have a smaller living room so one pack of these covered the whole thing.

    Cozy and Warm

    They work perfect. They look cute!

    Very easy to use!

    Perfect addition to holiday decorations on a mantle or a higher shelf when you don’t want the mess of cords. The remote allows me to turn them on/off easily, or put them on a timer.

    Great lights for decorating Great lights for decorating

    Holiday deal

    4 stars

    Nice buy for holiday decor

    Holiday deal


    5 stars

    Easy to work with


    [[VIDEOID:7378466ec25f9d0002e78f6fb6bcfb40]] High quality product. My wife loved it! This product uses three batteries for its operation and the lights in the battery box must be activated. The control works perfectly even from medium distances, has several features and different lighting rates. The light is soft and very nice. The product is durable and waterproof allowing you to make beautiful decorations with these lights in pots with water for example. The control already comes with battery. The timer function is awesome when you turn it on the lights works for 6 hours and after that automatically turn off, then, after 18 hours turn the lights on again automatically. Every day!

    Timer feature really nice!

    [[VIDEOID:70d4d9eec9d9dcba682230942134371a]] I love that I can now put my tree anywhere in the house without having to plug it in. No extension cords and no having to deal with “did you unplug the tree?” The lights have several different strobes so if I want them to be upbeat you can do it and if you want something peaceful you can do that as well. This was the right length for my 7 ft tree with plenty of room to have the lights closer together.

    Cordless Christmas lights Cordless Christmas lights

    Quality product

    5 stars

    These fairy lights are super cute and sturdy! The remote/plug structure is quality and doesn’t seem like it’ll break anytime soon. It features eight different lighting modes which are amazing. I like that I can turn them off by remote. The lights are bright work great.

    Quality product Quality product

    [[VIDEOID:6eb83695cc16e6de7d81dbdb049b9e54]] Amazing little twinkle light. These will look perfect for the holidays. The different settings are attractive and easy to see. The copper wire is easy to bend and shape into different designs. This is a really nice light kit.

    Amazing little twinkle lights.  Definitely holiday lights!!! Amazing little twinkle lights.  Definitely holiday lights!!!


    5 stars

    Just received mine today am very impressed by these, battery operated so I can set it up anywhere. different modes available
    Very easy to put up and manipulate the wires. Love how it looks, sparkles, light's up my back porch. The seller was amazing also Fast responsed to emails and fast shipping
    I definitely will buy more. Very pleased

to sum: This product brand is ECOWHO The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 591. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
led string lights battery
  1. 【Terrific decorations】LEDIKON micro fairy lights are made of 7.2Ft silvery copper wire with 20pcs vibrant and high bright leds,which is bendable strong and durable; Natrual white color,no blue hue
  2. 【Super easy to use】The battery pack size is only 2*0.87inches and with a very small on off switch ,which is super easy to operate and hide£»
  3. 【Long life batteries】The battery operated mini string lights included long life batteries,which could continously run over three days and even weeks if use with breaks; Comes with a mini screw driver as bonus,very convenient for you to replace batteries
  4. 【Safe to touch】Powerd by incredible low voltage CR2032 batteries,low heat,no risks,you can touch and pleace any where you like
  5. 【Waterproof and wide applications】These firefly twinkle lights silver wire parts are submersible,which are perfect for your wedding centerpiece,mason jars,wine bottles,craft project,DIY and holiday table decorations;
  6. these were absolutly perfect to decorate our bridge for a fall wedding. We have no power over by this and needed something to light it on battery. These did a beautiful job. Every strand worked with no issues and lasted through the night and beyond on it's included battery pack. My bridge took a total of 12 strands to cover so i had plenty of spares if needed.

    beautiful lights beautiful lights beautiful lights

    So bright!

    5 stars

    These little lights are amazingly bright and seem to last forever! The wire is clear and easy to shape and bend. I was looking for a short string of lights small enough to fit in a small wreath or in a shadow box. These are exactly what I needed. I got the 26 pack so that I could use them in several crafts that I make and sell and the price for them was really affordable. I will be ordering these again!!

    So bright! So bright!

    Liked how bright they are. Using in mason jars that will be hanging on shepherd hooks for a walkway to a wedding reception . Bought the cool ones knowing they would be brighter.

    Amazingly bright

    I ordered these for an event perfect!

    Easy to use and packs alot of bang Easy to use and packs alot of bang

    Loved these

    5 stars


    Loved these Loved these


    5 stars

    Turned tgem into mason jar lights


    Very versatile

    5 stars

    Love this product!

    Very versatile

    Great product

    5 stars

    Perfect!!! Love the lights!!

    Great product

    I used them in my water fountain boxes, inside to light up the bottom.

    Easy to in stall in any thing Easy to in stall in any thing

    Loved the lights they did good !! I made centerpieces with them and they were a big hit !!

    Lights lights and more lights Lights lights and more lights

    We had a simple centerpiece but the lights gave it life. The batteries last throughout the entire time of the party. These were easy to use. I will buy more.

    Life to my centerpiece
to sum: This product brand is LEDIKON The score is 4.9, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 113. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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