blue baby toy
  1. polyester blend
  2. Imported
  3. Precious soft baby doll with realistic & life-like vinyl head, arms, and legs - looks exactly like a real baby
  4. Lightweight body for easy holding - just 16” inches long - safety tested and approved for children age 2+.
  5. Easy to clean - simply spot Wash the body with warm water and mild soap after removing the cute blue one piece and matching hat
  6. All JC Toys products are tested to meet and exceed USA and International safety guidelines. All products are lead and Phthalate free, as a family business we put the safety of our customers first.
  7. Made by JC Toys - the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years of experience with real-life baby dolls. Proud to be designed by Berenguer.
  8. After being inspired by the person that wrote about getting this dall for their mother with dementia (or alzheimers? I can't quite remember) I decided to buy this doll for myself, a 24 year old. I've struggled with depression and other issues since I was put in a life threatening situation and medication can only go so far. I've longed for a companion but I find I can't trust anymore and I'm in a situation where I simply can't have a pet. I always loved dolls as a child and I've never lost that enthusiasm for them. I know it's not real, duh, but this doll has helped me to feel less lonely and like I have something to care for besides myself. Even if it is just an elaborate game of imagination, I have found it helpful. I mostly just project my internal feelings of distress on the doll and I "comfort" him but really it's just an odd way I've found to comfort myself and talk things out. Sorry for the tangent, but this is a great doll. Be it for play or some kind of strange personal therapy, I'd highly recommend this doll to anyone.

    A real comfort, lovely doll! A real comfort, lovely doll!

    My grandmother has dementia and is pretty much nonverbal. I saw a video on Facebook about a charity getting similar dolls for dementia patients in nursing homes. I ordered this one because it was smaller. I thought it'd be easier for her to hold.
    She loved the doll! She cuddles with it and kisses it. Her face just lit up when she saw it.

    Great for dementia patients!

    very cute

    4 stars

    My son loves this doll. I wish the eyes closed though and it wasn't made from vinyl.
    I added pictures since it seems like a lot of people want to see what the baby’s head looks like. My son took his clothes off and drags him around so his body has some piling. We have the “blue baby.”

    very cute very cute very cute very cute very cute very cute very cute very cute

    Sweet doll

    5 stars

    This little boy doll is a lot cuter in person. He is about the size of a preemie, would probably fit in preemie clothes. He's average doll size. He's good quality, well made, and really cute. His eyes have such detail for a toy. My son wanted a boy doll, and he is thoroughly pleased with his new baby. I would buy again, and recommend.

    Sweet doll Sweet doll

    We bought this for our son because we are currently expecting another baby in May and wanted him to get a feel for having another baby around. This way we could help model behaviors while letting him get to play. It's a great size and he loves playing with the cap and pacifier on the baby doll. I also purchased it used and although the box that it came in was very much destroyed the doll was still in wonderful condition and it has made for a wonderful gift.

    Sizable doll for a toddler

    This doll is perfect!!! LOOK NO FARTHER!!! My daughter is 13 months and loves it!!! It came in nice packaging so it would make a perfect gift or just because. I love that it has a binki as well as a bottle!! I also like that it’s washable and has a soft body! Just what I was looking for!! WORTH EVERY PENNY AND GOOD FOR YOUR CHILD’s FIRST DOLL!!!

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I give 10 stars? PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I give 10 stars?

    It isn’t as cute as it appears in the picture. The “skin” is very very pink. We have other baby dolls and this ones face is bright pink compared to the others. The skin is a completely different tone than it appears in the picture.

    Looks different than advertised

    I think this is a really good baby doll!
    After reading some of the other reviews, I decided to get this doll, and I was not disappointed! First of all, this little baby is absolutely adorable. I’m very impressed with the detail in this doll compared to its lower price. Some reviews complained that it looked different than the picture, or had unnaturally pink skin. I can’t say I’ve experienced the same. It is a smaller doll, only 14-16in, so maybe I can’t recommend it to everyone, but I am very happy with my purchase!

    Well worth the money! Well worth the money! Well worth the money! Well worth the money!

    I looked at four stores trying to find a sweet soft bodied doll, & was willing to pay more, but couldn’t find anything this sweet. For the price, & sweet look this is a 5 star doll. Cuddly and adorable.

    Curly & adorable Curly & adorable

    I picked this doll out for my 2 year old sons birthday, and he absolutely loves it (and named him Bob). He loves cradling and “feeding” it. While the 20 inch dolls are probably closer to the size of an actual newborn, I’m glad I went with this size, it’s perfect for a toddler. I also like that the binkie is attached and stays in the mouth.

    Perfect size for toddlers


    1 stars

    Box has something on it and was smashed

    Shipping Shipping
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blue baby toy
  1. So much to Love! Large 20 happy baby doll for lots of squeezing, holding, and cuddling - comes with pretend bottle & pacifier
  2. Life-like face, hands, and feet, complete with realistic wrinkles and dimples that makes pretend playtime realistic and lots of fun!
  3. Easy to clean - simply spot Wash the body with warm water and light soap after removing the machine washable cupcake one piece with matching hat
  4. Extra soft & cuddly body encourages holding, nurturing, and special care for developing social skills in children ages 2 and older. Safety tested and approved.
  5. Safety Tested and approved for children age 24 months and up. Made by JC Toys - the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years experience with real-life baby dolls. Proud to be designed by Beranger
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blue baby toy
  1. 100% Cotton
  2. Imported
  3. Machine Wash
  4. Four pairs of pants in baby-soft cotton
  5. Covered elasticized waistbands
  6. Ribbed cuffs
  7. Trusted Carter’s quality, everyday low prices, and hassle-free packaging
  8. **Update: another week has passed and all 4 pants now have holes in the knees.

    I ordered these pants about a month ago for my crawling 13 month old for use at home only, where we have wood floors, and where I know he’s the most active. After every day use and rotating all pants, one of the pants have ripped (see pic) which means the other 3 pairs will soon follow. They served their purpose and for a fair price however I was hoping they’d last longer than one month. Ps. When you put on the pants initially they fit snug but after a few hours of wear they give in and loosen quite a bit.

    Run slightly large, rips easily. Run slightly large, rips easily.


    5 stars

    They are exactly what I was looking for. I have a very fussy sleeper and if he's not wearing comfortable enough pajamas, he constantly wakes up. These are comfortable and the size is just perfect.

    Update: these don't shrink either! I ordered similar ones from another seller (different brand) and they shrank three whole inches. They don

    Comfy!! Comfy!!

    So I like the variety of colors/patterns. This seemed like a good value. However, one of the pants came with a tiny hole in it. Now I’m not going to return the entire set for a tiny hole in one of the pants because it is in a spot that hopefully won’t get bigger, but I am disappointed that there was a hole.

    Good price, but inspect for defects/holes


    5 stars

    soft material. what you expect from the picture. perfect for a baby shower gift. ADORABLE!


    Love these!

    5 stars

    We have used these pants more times than i can count now. I love them! They fit my newborn great. I plan on buying more sizes for when he is bigger.

    Love these! Love these!

    Quality of the fabric is good, thin enough for cool summer nights.

    I attached a photo to show how oddly the batch shrank after 1 washing on gentle wash & low heat drying, as I do with all my baby clothes. These are 24 months and laundered together. The top pair came out shorter by an inch! So strange...

    They are still decent and good enough to wear, but the shrinkage reduces how long my child can wear these.

    Quality of the fabric is good, thin enough for cool summer nights

    Wrong size

    2 stars

    Wrong size

    Wrong size

    Too small

    1 stars

    I ordered 0-3 months and I received newborns, not sure why when I picked 0-3 months, I saw on the order it had newborns, but that is not what I chose

    Too small

    Soft and cute

    5 stars

    This jogger pants are so soft and of good quality I like these very much. Got these after 4 days of purchase.

    Soft and cute Soft and cute Soft and cute Soft and cute
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blue baby toy
  1. NA
  2. Imported
  3. The innovative bath cup features interior fins that channel a steady flow of water to ensure quick cry-free rinses.
  4. A soft rubber lip fits snuggly to the forehead, acting as a baby bath visor, preventing water from getting in eyes.
  5. The easy grip handle allows you to hold the waterfall rinser in one hand and baby in the other.
  6. Moby baby bath cup is dishwasher-safe and mold- and mildew-resistant
  7. BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free shampoo rinse cup for baby
  8. We are waiting for second child and decided to buy this rinse cup because of good reviews, we were not disappointed. Our 3 years old loves this bath rinser! So easy to use, and so large! It holds a ton of water . It's great for rinsing off baby's head. You can set the plastic rim against baby's forehead and dump it and rinse away. It's so soft it's completely safe and comfortable

    I highly recommend this! I highly recommend this! I highly recommend this! I highly recommend this!

    Item & size purchased: Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

    Honest Survey gives this item: 4 STARS – I love drinking bath water with this says Belley

    Pros: Cute Design, Straight Forward Product, Sturdy/Durable, Gift Idea
    Cons: No Separate Storage Option, Small & Narrow Pouring Lip

    Would I recommend this product to a family or friend? Yes.

    Packaging: The product popped right out of the box with no additional ties or strings. No tools needed to open the packaging. No damage to outer box, packaging recyclable.

    Shipping: As usual ordered through Amazon with Prime. Ordered, shipped and delivered within 2 days.

    Product: One blue Moby rinser with a yellow rubber pouring lip attached to the top.

    Why I gave this 4 stars: This item was nothing over the top, but does the job well. The inside of the rinser has ridges which make for even water pouring and distribution. The yellow rubber lip makes it easy to rinse without getting water in the child’s eye. The rubber lip was not left any marks or indentations while using. The product is made extremely sturdy which I can see lasting for years to come; durability goes a long way with young children in the home. The tail of Moby is curved upward and back making that the handle. The buttom portion is positioned where the rinser could be stood up for storage on a flat surface. The rinser holds a lot of water making it easy to rinse the body fairly quickly. It’s easy to hold Moby in one hand while rinsing or shampooing with the other. One of the things I dislike about this product is that it does not allow for other storage options, such as suction cups or other handles. I have used the pouring spout to hang on hooks but this could be pretty cumbersome. Also, the yellow lip is rather small. Currently it does not cover the surface of my daughter’s forehead so I position the rubber lip toward the top of her head instead. This item does a good job keeping water out of the eyes and top portion of the face however depending on the mobility and moving position of the child water still could get in their mouth and in front of the nose.

    Personal note: I purchased this product because my 20 month old daughter has come to dislike water flowing over her from the top. This product has certainly helped. She has started to use the rinser as a drinking device, in which she drinks bathwater. She also uses this as a bath toy transportation device and even tries to dump water on her own head.

    No more water in the eyes! No more water in the eyes! No more water in the eyes! No more water in the eyes! No more water in the eyes!

    [[VIDEOID:99314ac1ec62e193585510f751cf0884]] This is excellent for washing my little guys hair. He's 3 and has hated washing his hair as long as I can remember. I had something similar to this for my older child, but I never could find one for my son. I was thrilled to come across this on Amazon!

    This works to keep water out of kids' eyes. It has a yellow rubber part that fits to the top of the forehead and then water is held out of their eyes as their hair is rinsed. It works perfectly. My son still whines a smidge about washing his hair, probably because for years it entailed water in his eyes. He is slowly trusting the whale and how it keeps water out of his eyes. It also doubles as a toy, my son loves filling it and dumping it. We have no complaints at all, I only wish I found it sooner!

    This works great and saves a lot of tears. This works great and saves a lot of tears. This works great and saves a lot of tears.

    My daughter was born with A LOT of hair. One day I was rinsing my newborn baby's shampoo out, using a large plastic cup, listening to her wail, and thinking there has got to be a better way. I wasn't impressed with Munchkin's cup, at all. Then I found this bad boy & it has changed bath time completely. Fast forward to my baby being 7.5 months, and this cup is still loved everyday.

    .Very durable, sturdy & thick plastic.
    .Plastic has a matte texture, so it's not slippery.
    .Cup stands on it's own perfectly (some have complained that it doesn't..those cups must be defective).
    .Has a silicone lip (yellow). No other rinsing cup has this style of lip
    .Silicone lip (yellow) is very soft and gentile on baby's head. Leaves no marks.
    .Silicone lip is pretty large. Easily covers my 7.5 month old baby's forehead.
    .Keeps baby's face dry. Which is amazing because ALL babies hate water in their face.
    .Grooves along the inside bottom of cup evenly distributes water as you pour. Like a waterfall.
    .Holds a large amount of water. Two cups can thoroughly rinse out shampoo.
    .Great price. It's even lower now than when I purchased it.
    .Adorable, modern design.
    .Doubles as a fun toy for baby to play with.


    This cup is honestly amazing. It's a necessity for anyone that has a baby or toddler.

    Finally. Tear-Free Bath Time. Finally. Tear-Free Bath Time. Finally. Tear-Free Bath Time.

    Received item today. Came from China. It is a knock off version. The packaging was in Chinese and the quality is very poor! Definitely NOT the Skip Hop brand as advertised. Misleading seller! Will be returning this item!

    Item is NOT Skip Hop! Item is NOT Skip Hop!

    This was much bigger than I was originally expecting, which is not a bad thing at all! Very cute design and yellow lip feels nice and soft for baby. Pictures is it compared to an iPhone 6 (not plus).

    which is not a bad thing at all which is not a bad thing at all which is not a bad thing at all

    Perfect size

    5 stars

    This is the perfect size for rinsing a baby or toddler. The design is super cute and my son loves to play with it. The rubber lip is great for making sure the water goes down the back of the head and doesn’t get in the eyes. Handle is great to make sure you do not accidentally drop it on your little one.

    Perfect size

    My baby deliver on April. So I haven't try yet. All I know they use low cost product to sale here as Skip Hop Products. I guess if you not use this brand , you will get better review. Because it won't make customers to feel cheated !

    Take off SkipHop Brand Take off SkipHop Brand Take off SkipHop Brand

    Cute design

    5 stars

    Perfect for keeping water out of baby’s eyes during bath time. Easy to clean and I also use it to store her temperature duck. The design also allows the water to come out easily without having to turn the whole cup over.

    Cute design Cute design

    Received an imitation item from China and took a month and a half to arrive!

    Not the Skip Hop brand!
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blue baby toy
  1. 85% Cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Spandex
  2. Imported
  3. Pull On closure
  4. Machine washable
  5. Set includes eight pairs of terry socks
  6. Made with cotton, polyester and spandex
  7. Soft, gentle and comfortable on baby's skin
  8. Optimal for everyday use
  9. Affordable, high quality value pack
  10. I’ve bought this brand at target and loved the quality - thick, good material, more importantly, I was excited to finally find a sock that didn’t slide off my babies feet. When I found them here less expensive, even better! But the socks I received looked cheaper, felt cheaper, and would not stay on my babies feet at all. I had to constantly keep putting the socks back on because they would just slide off - very annoying! I took a picture of the great quality (left) versus what I received. Same brand, same color sock so you can see. Horrible.

    Poor quality. Knock offs?

    Do not buy

    1 stars

    These are dangerous for babies! Could cut off circulation on their toes as the threading is so poorly done. The quality is terrible. See photo - this was after the first wash!

    Do not buy

    I love these socks, they are super cute, bright and colorful. It's nice to have a variety of colors and designs for every outfit.
    They are stretchy and don't fall off easily like lots of baby socks.
    They wash well and don't bleed.

    Perfect baby socks!

    These are so cute and stay on his fidgety little feet, but I wouldn't recommend them. :( They quickly fell apart in the washing machine and there are many threads on the inside of the sock which can be dangerous if it wraps around a toe. For $1 per pair, I'd spend it on some other brand.

    Cute, but not recommended Cute, but not recommended

    I love these socks! They are literally the only socks I have found that will stay on my baby’s feet no matter what she is doing or how long she is wearing them. They are literally the best. But holy crap, they are horrible, and I mean absolutely horrible to open. Each sock has about three of those little plastic connector pieces that are used to hold items of clothing together but the length of it is maybe a quarter cm so you have to pull the pair of socks apart And try to snip it or else you’re going to have to pull it through the sock and it pulls the fabric and winds up leaving a hole. There is literally no reason for there to be so many of them and it’s just plain awful.

    I seriously considered just returning them after I had gotten through abouut 3 of the socks and still had nine of them to go. It had already taken me 10 minutes to get just those three socks out. But nevertheless, I persisted and wound up getting them all out although it took me about a good 20 to 30 minutes more.

    These socks definitely deserve five stars for the socks themselves but I am deducting a star because it literally was the worst day of my life having to unpackage them. Pictures included to see the bane of my existence.

    Amazing socks! Huge PITA to open though! Amazing socks! Huge PITA to open though! Amazing socks! Huge PITA to open though!

    1. I have ordered these socks as it was written that its fabric content is: 85% cotton, 13% Nylon and 2% Spandex. Reality (picture is attached) : 75% cotton, 22%polyester, 3%nylon, 2%spandex.
    Luvable Friends, pls stop cheating!!!

    2. The quality of socks is not the best, in many places lots of threads are out. I am curious if it is in new state, what will be after washing.
    Definitely returning and not recommending.

    Beware! Fabric content is wrong! Beware! Fabric content is wrong! Beware! Fabric content is wrong!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    excellent quality, satisfied with the purchase

    Five Stars

    One Star

    1 stars

    The socks looked cheap and did not last even for a month.

    One Star

    These socks are super cute, especially the anchor design, which is why I wanted them for my son. I only took off one star because when I opened the package to wash them before my baby came, I noticed that one of the pairs had a yellow stain on one of the socks. They were packaged in a way that hid the stain between the two socks so it almost seems like it was hidden on purpose. Seems kind of shady. ???? Also, since this is for a baby I’m a bit concerned about what chemical or substance is on the sock. I tried washing it with my favorite stain remover that works great on organically based stains, but as you can see from my last photo the stain didn’t come out after washing. Anyway, otherwise these socks are great, and our favorite ones for our baby boy.

    Mystery stain strategically hidden? Mystery stain strategically hidden? Mystery stain strategically hidden?

    Not safe

    1 stars

    As soon as I washed them some of them started to fall apart. There are lots of loose strings which is VERY UNSAFE. As someone who has had a scary incident with an infant and "toe tourniquet" (look it up if you're not sure what it is) I highly recommend not buying these socks.

    I'm really bummed because they are super cute socks and I wasted money on them.

    Not safe Not safe

    My daughter is 4 months and has long but slender feet. I’ve had a really hard time finding socks that would fit her until I found these. They’re stretchy and thick which is perfect for the upcoming cold months to come. I got her size 6-12 months because most socks are too small for her and they fit great, especially since you can fold them over for a perfect fit. I recommend air drying them as they will shrink in the dryer.

    Best socks I’ve found!

    Overall the socks are nice and soft. The only thing I did not like was the size. I ordered 0-6 and in reality they are Newborn size (see pics for details) They are small compared to my other 0-6 months size socks I bough from another company. But I can use them while the baby is still little. They are soft and thick enough to keep baby's little feet warm.

    Warm little socks Warm little socks Warm little socks Warm little socks

    Kind of small

    4 stars

    I purchased size 6-12 months for my 2 month old. They are extremely small for him

    Kind of small

    I've loved these as they had a snug fit and the material was a little thicker to keep my babies feet warm. They're also stretchy and cute. After I used them a lot some of the cotton unravels at the top elastic part after washing but it hasn't affected their function and I think it's so be expected other than that they still look great no pulls. The picture is after a lot of use and they are only just getting too small at 9 months old.

    Soft thick socks for warm baby feet!

    We had the smaller size of these for our son when he was younger, then ordered larger size last week. They aren’t the same product. See photo - small size has a properly finished top (grey sock) that held up well for about 100 washes. The larger size (orange) is finished by a few threads holding the weave together. Disappointed and don’t expect them to hold up very well.

    Larger size not the same quality as smaller

    Just perfect

    5 stars

    These are the only socks my baby has worn since she was born. I always put them on her like high socks so they never rolled off and they never did! When she was a newborn they fit her kind of big but never came off easy now she’s nearing 3 months and they’re still hanging strong. I doubt she will be able to wear them up to 6 months. But I would gladly buy the next size up of this same brand. The designs are also really cute.

    Just perfect Just perfect Just perfect Just perfect

    Great variety

    3 stars

    New review 3 stars: my baby is 7m old and I bought 6-12 size. They run extremely small.. pics included. Basically 6-12 runs as the prior ones I bought 0-3m. I’ll be returning and would consider a larger size since I like the quality. Hope it works out.
    Old review earlier in 2019, 5 stars: Good quality and love the variety. Expecting my baby soon, so I can’t comment on the fit

    Great variety

    Socks slip off easy look like the picture disappointed there were so many plastic tag pieces a lot of the socks snagged when I cut the plastic off at least 2 pieces of plastic per sock

    5/10 right fit but slide off 5/10 right fit but slide off


    3 stars

    Edit: We were able to get them clean for the most part. What dirt remained can only be seen if I look for it.

    Super sucks. We got these and I tore into the plastic a millisecond before seeing how dirty they are. Ridiculous. We’ll attempt to wash them, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to stain.

    Dirty Dirty

    My son is a week old! & I wish I ordered more packs but it’s ok & I know where to go now living on this island I’m limited to things & everything from amazon came just in a Knick of time & fit perfectly nice thick material I even used a pair for mittens .

    Perfect socks for newborn bby

    Thicker Socks

    5 stars

    Super cute socks! I’ve bought these over and over again as she grows. Perfect for babies and just right in thickness. They are a little bit thicker than normal.

    Thicker Socks

    It’s my first time buying the bigger sizes (6-12 moths) I particularly like the cute little designs but most of all, they do not leave indentation on my baby’s feet. They aren’t knitted very tight so it depends on your preference in that department.

    Does not cause indentation Marks.

    Loved them.

    5 stars

    Fit amazing! They’re so soft and small and smell new, really love them. For a 8 pack it’s perfect.

    Loved them. Loved them.

    I washed them right away after we received these socks. The quality is very very poor! The photo is what it looks like after you washed them. I won’t buy them again! So disappointed!! We even haven’t used it once!!!!

    Very Poor quality

    The sizing says 0-6 but I have been looking EVERYWHERE for newborn socks to fit my baby and these are the PERFECT size for a newborn ???????? patterns are sooo cute !!

    Perfect Newborn Socks ???? Perfect Newborn Socks ????

    Keeps falling off my baby's feet. I bought 2 packs of different designs and it's the same, they fall off easily. I've been using them since my boy was 0-4 months, but I've finally given up and am going to buy better socks elsewhere.

    Keeps falling off

    Good for price

    5 stars

    Decent quality. Used for decoration with clothing pegs during baby shower.

    Good for price Good for price


    5 stars

    Really cute socks and good for newborn. There was one pair that seemed to be bigger than the others cos they kept falling off but all the others are good and stay on well!


    Bad quality

    1 stars

    Color and look is good at first but after one use they became fussy. I think instead of buying 8 pairs of poor quality socks buy some branded socks which can last longer. I dont think it will last upto 6 months

    Bad quality Bad quality

    Though it says 6-12 months but most of the socks can fit for max 3-4 months baby. Only 1or 2 can be used for 6-8 months baby. Material is really poor. I could see threads coming off in a single day even without washing. After one wash they look like She have been using it since months.

    Coming off in a single wash

    Perfect Fit

    5 stars

    My little one just made 6 months and the socks fit perfect! They are soft and babies cant take them off.

    Perfect Fit Perfect Fit

    My niece had these socks on her baby gift registry. They are so cute, and I even used several of them in my bow for her package!

    Cute little baby socks!


    1 stars

    Many of the socks are broken and ready to fall apart and I just took them out of the box.....

    Disappointed Disappointed Disappointed

    we used these on the diaper cake and my baby wore them the first few weeks but they quickly became too tight around her little fat ankles.

    super cute, but only good for newborn

    My daughter is 3 months old. They are too small. The heel is in the middle of foot. The slide off all day long.

    Too small for 3mo old

    Good buy...

    4 stars

    These we're bought for my unborn grand baby, just preparing for the arrival. I love them, the socks looks great they feel nice.. No complaints. Worth every penny

    Good buy...

    The ONLY socks that stay on my newborn. I do wish they sold a set of just white or grey, but we've been able to use all of the colors with his colorful wardrobe.

    They stay put and haven't stretched out yet!

    I bought a 6-12 pack and it's almost tight on 8 weeks baby.

    Small but beautiful

    Cheap material

    2 stars

    These socks make it look like my baby walks around all day long. The threads fringe very easily.

    Cheap material


    5 stars

    This exceeds expectation. Very soft and stretchy


    These are actually really cute and the perfect size for a newborn. They do come off easily, which is kind of annoying, and they're definitely not a high quality sock, but they're good enough.

    Cute, perfect size for newborn Cute, perfect size for newborn Cute, perfect size for newborn Cute, perfect size for newborn Cute, perfect size for newborn

    We used the socks for handle bars on the motorcycle diaper cake we worked perfectly. Bonus: the baby boy was able to get use out of the rest of pairs!

    Soft, good size for baby and fun colors!!

    Preciosas, cómodas y no se deforman, ni pierden el color al lavarlas.
    Realmente es una buena adquisición y un valioso regalo!

    Magníficas y muy bonitas!

    So cute and soft! Completely worth buying, I'll probably end up buying more!

    Perfect little girl socks Perfect little girl socks

    I love these socks. They fit my newborn so perfectly! He was 6 pounds 3 ounces and the fit was phenomenal. They rarely ever fall off!!!!!

    ORDER THESE!! They’re great!

    Son hermosas y la tela es buena

    Perfectas las ame

    Newborn size

    2 stars

    These socks are nice and not thin, yet they are for newborns. My baby is 3 months and is a pretty small baby for 3 months. As you can see in the picture, her feet are bigger than the socks

    Newborn size

    after one light tumble wash the threading unraveled in most of the socks. Poor quality.

    Poor quality, threading unravels after first light tumble wash

    Low quality

    2 stars

    I was planning to wash these socks as I am due in just a few weeks. I noticed that the thread on the socks were already loose and the socks are poorly made. They’re not even out of the package yet and the socks look used!

    Low quality Low quality Low quality

    Super cute!

    4 stars

    Super cute socks. They look tiny but you can defiantly stretch them out. And look very comfy and soft.

    Super cute! Super cute!

    My 5 week old has large feet for his age. These fit great and look great! Quality product for the price.

    Great fit for 5wk Bigfoot


    1 stars

    Threads coming out all over the sock after wearing it once (see photo). Had not even washed it yet.
    Have not wore the whole pack yet 2 white pairs had this issue so far.


    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and I bought these for my little love of course, the colors are very bright and pretty & they're also very soft. About to wash them and will update when baby gets here and uses them :)

    Update: they are awesome!!

    Very cute & soft.

    Stains on Socks

    2 stars

    When I unboxed the socks,it was as pictured with some stains and dirt on it.
    I like the design but returning it because of the above reason

    Stains on Socks

    Super cute tiny girl socks! I love it! Soft, warm, and thick for babies.

    Cute little girl socks!

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    the colors are very beautiful, it's a good sock. just the stuff that could be a little better..

    Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars


    1 stars

    Nearly every pair was damaged! Each one had holes and pilling!


    This was a bad purchase. I would not recommend buying these socks. They were basically garbage after the first wash.

    Fray and fall apart after one wear and wash.


    5 stars

    Thick socks, perfect fit for my 2 month old!



    5 stars

    Perfect for my newborn


    Nice socks

    5 stars

    Very cute thick quality socks

    Nice socks

    Fast delivery and exactly what I wanted

    Love the colors and fast delivery

    Prefect little socks for the cold weather.

    Perfect for the cold

    Considero que estuvo bien el producto

    Medias para bebé Medias para bebé

    Good pick for socks.

    Comfortable and stretchy

    Buena calidad

    5 stars

    Muy lindos y de buena calidad

    Buena calidad

    One Star

    1 stars

    These socks are not really good.

    One Star One Star One Star

    Soft great fit

    5 stars

    Perfect fit for my newborn

    Soft great fit

    Exactly as pictured. Material is stretchy and soft. Hope they are last..

    What you see is what you get

    Great quality

    5 stars


    Great quality

    These are soft durable and adorable ! Best socks for baby that we've used

    Best socks for Baby

    Five Stars

    5 stars


    Five Stars Five Stars

    Love these socks they are super soft and look great on my little one! They even can stretch to become knee highs comfortably If desired. They wash up great and look amazing! Highly recommended

    Love these socks they are super soft and look great ...

    Great little socks. These were the first set of socks we bought for our son. I was very please after they arrived.

    * Soft
    * Warm yet breathable
    * Adorable
    * Affordable
    * They actually stay on baby's feet!
    * Roll them up or down
    * Lots of different choices to go with most outfits
    * They're stretchy, and fit hour son for quite a while

    * They start to fray a little after too many washings

    I was happy with almost everything about these socks. I've included a couple of photos of my son wearing a different pairs.
    He was less then 2 weeks old in these pictures, just so you can get an idea of the sock sizes.


    Great little socks Great little socks

    Absolutely love these socks they are sp soft and thick fits my baby perfectly :)

    Absolutely love these socks they are sp soft and thick fits ... Absolutely love these socks they are sp soft and thick fits ...

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Five Stars Five Stars

    Opened the package and there were multiple yellow stains on one pair of socks and another pair of socks looked to be unraveling on the bottom. Very disappointed as This was supposed to be part of a gift.

    Product came stained in package and with other factory defects Product came stained in package and with other factory defects Product came stained in package and with other factory defects

    There was a hole in one of the socks right out of the box. The stitching is really poorly made.

    Broken out of the box

    Well received

    4 stars

    Products look good
    Luv them

    Well received Well received

    Very poor quality cloth. After first wash, threads has come out ( see the pic below). It looks like very old and wore so many time . My suggestion is not buy this product again .

    Low quality socks Low quality socks
to sum: This product brand is Luvable Friends The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON

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