The 25 Best barba For 2020

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  1. COMMAND ATTENTION WHEREVER YOU GO - A perfect groomed beard will make you stand out from the crowd! The confidence you will get can make you conquer every goal. This kit perfect for all type of beards or mustaches, Long, short, thick, thin,coarse, name it!
  2. STOP SEEKING, THE BEST IS RIGHT HERE - Why still looking around, when everyone is saying this is the best Beard Care Kit to suit them the most. These unscented beard oil and beard balm both have organic ingredients to keep your facial hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, silky soft, healthy and groomed during a long day.
  3. SEIZE ALL HER EYES AND THOUGHTS - With a perfect groomed beard she will soon know that you are the lion king of the Serengeti Prairie, ‘just don’t let other beard man knows’. The 100% Boar Bristle Brush is great to distribute oil, improve hair texture and styling.
  4. GREAT GIFT CHOICE - This Beard Kit is a perfect present for a beard man on Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Fathers Day, Christmas Day or any other special occasion. The stainless steel scissors and the wooden comb make your Grooming was never easier.
  5. INSTANTLY FALLING LOVE WITH OUR BEARD KIT - Add this to your Cart, bring it back, you will find this is a brilliant choice you have ever made. We will provide you with the finest products and the best customer service. Your are protected by our 100% Hassle Free Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee!
  6. This kit is absolutely fantastic and would make a great gift for yourself or any man who wants their beard grow faster,thicker and stronger. I regularly purchase beard oil and have tried beard balm, they are good for daily maintenance but not for beard growth. after almost 45 days waiting, I can confidently say that this works. check the picture below It really helped my beard to grow. and not to mention , the oil smells nice, the packaging is very nice, and I'll be buying this kit again & again.  Believe me when I tell you anything from this kit is so much worth trying, you will not be disappointed.

    This kit is absolutely fantastic!  i can confidently say that this works!

    This kit comes with everything. It contains beard balm beard oil a brush or comb scissors and everything is of quality. The beard balm has a nice subtle citrusy fragrance to it. After using the complete kit you are left with a soft smooth and manageable beard.

    Best beard kit available Best beard kit available Best beard kit available

    Love love love

    5 stars

    I picked this up for my husband after he run out of his usual beard oil. I absolutely love this set and so does he!
    The product claims to be unscented but it has a very slight citrus smell. It is not too strong yet very soothing.
    I love the fact that it is complete with EVERYTHING you need !
    The balm is very light and not too greasy. Definitely a repurchase

    Love love love Love love love

    Great kit. I already use beard oil, but I've been looking for balm that isn't clumpy. This one is very smooth. Smells great, blends well. And overall very happy with it. The brush is kinda cool never thought id use a brush but it's actually pretty rad. The oil doesn't have a smell, and I love that. Comb is kinda big. Wish it included a smaller comb, but for the price and what you get it's great.

    Great kit. I already use beard oil Great kit. I already use beard oil

    Let me start off by saying I wish I would have purchased this years ago! I've had a beard for the past 10 years of so but I didn't really start growing it out long until about 2 years ago.

    In those 2 years I've had to trim my beard many times (especially on the sides) because of rogue hairs that would not stay put. After my first application of the beard oil I could tell this was the product for me. My beard felt instantly softer, the straggling hairs laid down and the smell smelt' manly but not overpowering. After about a week of use I've noticed my beard looks thicker, not because it magically make it thicker but because it allows your straggling hair to lay flat and not stick out wildly, it's also conditioning the hair and I think the added nutrients promote a richer and thicker look. My beard dander has greatly reduced and so has the itching which was driving me crazy and was the leading factor in me buying this kit.

    As for the quality of the kit everything seems great, the wood comb is light-years better than my old plastic comb (doesn't pull) and the brush helps get stubborn hairs fall in place after applying the product. The scissors seem to be good quality but I've only used them 2 times to try them out before my girlfriend snagged them for herself. Looks like I'll have to track them down any time I want to trim my mustache from now on.

    All in all if you're on the fence about getting it for yourself or as a gift for someone else I'd say get it! Everything I've experienced has been all pros and not a single con. 10/10 will buy again!

    A must have for any beard owner! A must have for any beard owner!

    The first thing greeting me upon opening the product was the card shown in the picture, which discusses their selection of quality ingredients and to contact the dude in the e-mail if you're not satisfied. While this attempts to provide a heartwarming experience for the consumer, I can't quite help shake the feeling that perhaps their product isn't of as high caliber as they suggest, seeing as there is a typo right in their opening statement; fairly characteristic of knock-offs (which may not follow the best health and safety practices when producing their product).

    That being said, I decided to take the risk and apply the product anyways, and it's a fairly decent product to use. The "directions" on some of the products are more descriptions of "why" it's in the kit instead of being directions, but a more verbose set of directions is included in a pamphlet inside the kit as well. The primary thing that sold me on purchasing this product over others was the addition of the beard ornaments as part of a seasonal promotion. They're little clip-ons, and depending on how long your beard is, may be a little heavy and hurt after some time.

    All-in-all, this product is nice and may be perfect for some, but I can't quite say this is the product I will be running back to when everything runs out.

    Fairly nice, but production quality drawn into question

    Definitely makes your beard hairs softer. It is a bit greasy though and that doesn't go away any time soon so I use it very sparingly. Will update if it makes my beard thicker or more full. It's a nicely packaged kit. The accessories are good quality. The only issue I had when I 1st put it on was a slight warm feeling like I was coming down with something. ???? I thought I might be allergic so I wiped it off. Even after I wiped it off my beard was still soft feeling. Will update.

    Nicely Packaged Kit Nicely Packaged Kit Nicely Packaged Kit Nicely Packaged Kit Nicely Packaged Kit

    Great set!

    5 stars

    I bought this to go along with my husbands valentines gift. He loves this set. The oil smells amazing and makes his beard softer. His favorite part of the kit is the beard brush. For the price (I paid $19) you can’t beat it considering most beard oils alone cost $12 and up! If you’re looking for a gift for someone or just a nice set for yourself, this is well worth the money!

    Great set!

    The contents of the box are nice the keychains are just too cute to pass up! Unfortunately my box came damaged on the corners. Seems like it needed some bubble wrap to make through shipping. Nevertheless I will still gift this to my fiancé for Valentine’s Day.

    Good Kit. Box Damaged. Good Kit. Box Damaged. Good Kit. Box Damaged. Good Kit. Box Damaged.

    Good quality

    5 stars

    Can’t write a complete review until I use it for at least a month or two. Everything is in the box and in good condition. Used the brush, comb and beard oil. Seems good so far and the scissors is sharp.

    Good quality Good quality
to sum: This product brand is Comfy Mate The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 761. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. ★ BETTER BEARD GUARANTEE - It’s that simple - better beard or your money back!
  2. ★ MANLIER, FULLER, HEALTHIER HAIR - You’ve taken the first step towards irresistibly luscious facial flow. We’re on your side and Prime Beard is just what you need to achieve the full, healthy and manly beard they’ll remember you for. Beard up, brothers. It’s prime time.
  3. ★ DESIGNED FOR ALL HAIR TYPES - Perfectly styled for the hair growing needs of men — regardless of ethnicity or beard type. No matter who you are and how you rock it, we’ve got you covered. Thick, straight, fine, wavy, coarse or curly — from peach fuzz to lumberjack, Prime Beard is the secret sauce for your beard growth kit.
  4. ★ ADDRESS THE ROOT ISSUE FROM WITHIN - Prime Beard fills the gaps that are missing from your diet to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to cultivate a legendary beard. Beard growth oils and creams can help you from the outside, but the root issue comes down to an internal nutrient deficiency. Now, we mustache you a question… you ready for prime time?
  5. ★ PREMIUM FORMULA, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Prime Beard is a scientifically designed hair growth supplement that helps you achieve the beard of your dreams. Crafted for all beards, mustaches, goatees, sideburns, and hair on the head, Prime Beard is styled for you. With 20 essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and herbs for beard & hair health, you’ll be going prime in no time.
  6. contento

    4 stars

    me salieron mas fuertes y mas en una zona que estaba con hartos espacios


    Must use

    5 stars

    It’s good. It works slowly but definitely works.

    Must use

    This is what the safety seal looked like after I removed the plastic and the lid.... I sent it back and said no thank you.

    Burnt safety seal with awful smell
to sum: This product brand is NutraChamps The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 507. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. AUTHENTICATE YOUR ARSENAL with our fully equipped and easily portable mens beard grooming combo that includes a genuine organic bamboo boar bristle brush, a dual-action mustache and beard comb, conditioning beard oil, jojoba shaping wax, pristine stainless steel trimming scissors, and our specially designed beard shaping template tool for the sharpest look on Amazon. The best in beard care is here.
  2. MEET YOUR MATCH: Finally, a grooming set that can keep up with the high demands of the true beardsman. This travel sized six-piece grooming kit lets you be ready and armed for every call to adventure. We take preparation to the next level with our pocket size natural bamboo comb that detangles your beard and moustache, acting as a natural straightener to give your facial hair that smooth, polished groove. It's small enough to fit nicely into your wallet or jeans pocket so you can keep out unwant
  3. STRENGTHEN YOUR STYLE, STYLIZE YOUR STRENGTH: Perfect for beards of all sizes, our long, soft boar bristles massage your face as you groom. Excellent at cleaning out residue, serving as a natural detangler, and stimulating natural sebum oil production to condition, strengthen, and soften your manly mane. It's wood handle feels comfortable in your hands, so you can spread and distribute our beard wax, oil, or balm of your choice with ease, giving your hair the healthy volume it deserves while str
  4. HAVE A BEARD AS SHARP AS YOURSELF: Maintain an artistically chiseled finish by lining up our unique shaping template tool and shaving along the beveled guide edge using your razor, trimmer, clippers, or tool of choice with full confidence. Our high quality stainless steel scissors can trim effortlessly so you won't have a hair out of place when it matters. Their slick, smooth finish stops hair clusters from getting stuck between the blades, unlike cheap brands you'll find elsewhere.
  5. PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY BEARDSMAN: Show him you've got his back with the best gift for his passion. Shipped in our elegant GrowABeard packaging, the box will continue to serve as a holder for all the grooming tools, making this an easy gift to wrap for Fathers Day, Christmas, his birthday, or any other special occasion. Whether he's looking for that cleaner contemporary urban finish or the bold lumberjack tone, every beardsman deserves a slice of heaven to craft his style anytime, anywhere.
  6. This is the most complete Beard Kit I’ve ever owned. It’s all very convenient and perfect for traveling as it comes with a travel pouch. The comb is the right size, the brush’s bristles are not too hard and not too soft they are perfect. The beard balm is my favorite because of the masculine scent (other balms I’ve tried smell weird). The scissors are perfect for the little hairs that stand out. And the beard liner tool closed the deal for me, sturdy yet manageable. This is absolutely all you need for your beard. I fully recommend it. I already purchased kits for my close friends.

    The MOST COMPLETE Beard Kit

    I’ve spent months growing a beard, but have really struggled to find a good mixture of “beard tools” and product. After spending over $150 on different products from over a dozen beard companies and still never finding the “secret formula”, I found myself praying to the beard gods for their mercy on my unmaintained facial hair. On March 2nd, 2018 my life was forever changed. The Beard Gods decided to rain their blessings upon me in the form of the “Grow A Beard” grooming kit. After a week of gazing in awe at the majesty of my newly acquired badass-ery, I decided it was time to ease the minds of the skeptics who may have reservations about buying an all-in-one beard kit.

    The first thing you’ll notice when you receive your loot-box of bearded glory is how much stuff you are actually getting for the criminally low price of $29. The majority of these other beard companies are charging half of that just for a decent pair of grooming scissors. I’l admit I had my reservations about this purchase, but as soon as I opened the box I knew I had finally found the last beard kit I would ever need.

    The Comb: It's a dual-sided wooden comb that definitely has some weight to it. Not an uncomfortable amount of weight, but just enough to let you know he’s not playing around. Its built to last. Most of the other kits I ordered didn’t have the dual-sided teeth, so this was a major win.

    The Brush of The Gods: Sweet mother of God this thing. I don’t even know how to put into words how awesome this brush is. The bristles offer the perfect amount of “stiffness” without giving that “scratchy” feel that most other beard brushes do. This brush has worked wonders for straightening my curly beard. Absolutely blown away. I have a $24 beard brush that now resides under my sink thanks to this beauty.

    Scissors: This is where I really started shouting expletives at myself in the mirror. I have big fingers and these are by far the most comfortable scissors I’ve used for grooming. They feel incredibly solid and well-built. I’ve never been a big fan of scissors for grooming, but these are so fluid and sharp that they just might be my favorite part of the entire kit.

    Balm & Oil: Both the balm and the oil do exactly what they should do. I think a lot of companies try to get too fancy with the scents and forget the main purpose of the products. They both have minimal scent (I assume because they are organic) and I love that about them. I hate walking around smelling like a mixture of peppermints and cooking oil. Another hell yes!

    Shaper tool: This tool changed everything for me. Its so user-friendly its almost impossible to screw up your beard. This all-in-one template allows to to round put your neckline and create straight-edge or curved cheek-lines. 10/10!

    Overall, you aren’t going to find more bang for your buck than this grooming kit. If the guys selling this decided to hike the price up another $10 I’d still feel like I got a great value. The fact that you get an incredible brush, a durable comb, indestructible scissors, beard oil, beard balm, the shaper tool, and a carrying case for under $30 is insanity. I have received so many comments on how much fuller, cleaner, and overall better my beard looks over the past week. Do yourself (and your beard) a huge favor, and order this kit.

    The Beard Gods Answered My Prayers The Beard Gods Answered My Prayers The Beard Gods Answered My Prayers The Beard Gods Answered My Prayers The Beard Gods Answered My Prayers

    I was very hesitant. This was a b_day present to myself. I first have supper sensitive skin and will break out so easy it's not funny. But I've been wanting to grow a nice fumanchu or chew lol not to crazy but something I've always had a beard just well manicured pretty country boy lol so I bought this to start. The oil and balm smell like a man thank God as well did not break me out or irritate my skin. It does however shine your beard as well as face if you get it on you. The boar brittle comb is hard to get use to again sensitive skin so this after using irritated my face from the ruffeness but I'm a hard head so keep using so I get the outcome I'm expecting. Since I bought it I've got slightly use to it now but still is hard so what I found to do to apply the molding wax cream stuff is apply very lite amount to the bristles and brush it into beard also don't brush the stash with it if you have sensitive skin you will be red for hours and as well had little blotches pop up all around thought it was from oil but found it was the brush so now I use my daughter's baby doll comb it's similar but allot softer call me a pussy that's fine!! You are what you eat I've always been told and said. Lol no offense women sorry if I did I do apologise I'm just a straight shooter with know filter and totally respect women and your equality now get my dinner...........Please j/k ok know more funnies now the scissors they are quality for sure like real deal not dollar store scissors good ones my friends also the little snapper tool is very odd and not 100% sure how to use directions for that as well as the oils and wax would have been great because how I'm doing I don't know if it's right. Then ol'lady has said she's noticed it getting Fuller thicker and (alot more white) straighter no this review is not for male enhancements well maybe but for you beard lol overall quick delivery and awesome product only thing direction directions directions still unsure what to do just beat to my own drum lol grow on y'all

    Awesome but....... Awesome but.......

    I was a Police Officer for 26 years and could not grow a beard while in the patrol division which I spent most of my career. After retirement I grew my beard and enjoy keeping it looking clean and neat. I have used many products but your product works awesome it keeps my beard soft and clean and the balm holds well with a pleasant smell. I used balms that smell oily or like ointment your balm smell good and my wife likes the smell which is a plus. Great Product with everything you need to keep a beard healthy and looking good.

    For the price this product works very well

    Had a few beard kits before nothing comes close to the quality of Grow A Beard. Outstanding products great value thank you Grow A Beard!

    High Quality product sweet packaging High Quality product sweet packaging

    Pretty okay

    3 stars

    It’s an average beard kit for an average price. The balm was dinged a little on the underside but nothing to big to complain about. The scissors are a lot smaller an expected. The oil doesn’t really have a smell. The balm smells more of a musk.

    Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay Pretty okay

    Really surprised by the quality, since it was a Prime item at $17. All inclusive in a nice box, and with soft pouches for the brush/comb, and for the beard guide. Just can’t go wrong for the value and the items.

    Very Nice Quality

    I really like the quality of this kit, the boar brush is my absolute favorite and best part of this combo.
    I have coarse hair and it really helps when using this a long with the balm and oil. The scissors are Stanley steel, and the comb works with both long or small beards.

    Amazing product!

    Two Stars

    2 stars

    My experience was not good.

    Two Stars Two Stars Two Stars Two Stars Two Stars

    Five Stars

    5 stars


    Five Stars
to sum: This product brand is Grow A Beard The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 270. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Jane Fonda The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 468. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Explore the world of medicine with Barbie
  2. Barbie's two baby patients come with their own exam table and tubs
  3. Give these babies a clean bill of health with the stethoscope, baby towels, bottle, and medical chart
  4. Spin the mobile, give babies a bath, or create your own imaginative stories
  5. Barbie is dressed as a real nurse with scrubs and professional white shoes
  6. Bought as a Christmas present for a 13 year old who still enjoys barbies. Love this! brought me back to my Barbie days!

    Can I play too?!

    I bought this for my 4 year old daughter and she was so thrilled that her Barbies could now have babies to take care of. The playset comes with a blonde Dr. Barbie in scrubs with a stethoscope and white detailed doctor shoes, 2 babies, a changing table with two removable baby beds, and a few small bottle accessories for the babies that are sure to get lost. She loves the babies, but I'm disappointed that they can't sit up - their arms are movable, but the legs don't budge, so they can only lay down. The changing table is made of cheap feeling plastic so I'm not sure how long that will last and the mobile over the changing table doesn't even spin. I also don't like that Barbie's legs don't bend at all and neither do her arms - she can't even hold the baby really because one arm sticks straight out.

    What I'm most disappointed about is that Barbie has a huge bald spot in the back of her head right out of the box (see attached photo). I can't believe that Mattel thinks that passes a quality control check. Barbie is in need of some Rogaine!! I've purchased many Barbies for my daughter over the last few years and just like all the others in recent years, the hair feels almost greasy and thin and gets frizzy very quickly. I always have to put their hair in a pony tail to try to prevent that. Mattel needs to bring back the high quality hair of the Barbies I had in the 1990s because what they are selling now is way overpriced for the lacking quality. $24 for the playset when all I really wanted was the babies is too much, especially when it comes with a BALDING Barbie.

    Love the Adorable Babies, Balding Barbie Needs Rogaine, Way Overpriced Love the Adorable Babies, Balding Barbie Needs Rogaine, Way Overpriced

    Great set!

    5 stars

    This is a great fun set! My kids love playing with this! They put the babies into the crib and high chair that came with their doll house.
    The babies are 2 inches long and are very cute. Their neck doesn't move but their arms move up and down and their legs move up and down but only a little.
    The barbies left arm stays bent to hold the babies and her right arm moves up and down, her legs move up and down, and her neck moves side to side.

    Great set! Great set! Great set! Great set!


    2 stars

    Not too happy with this specific barbie's quality. Her hair is that cheap bleached looking type that feels like fishing wire and it is not even covering her entire head. It looks like her hair is thinning lol. I'm including pictures of a 'bald' spot. Also the actual plastic for the baby holder thingy, looks cheap too. I haven't opened this for my daughter as of yet because I was kind of unsure about keeping or returning, but this has babies and the babies are okay. I actually bought this one at for $19.99 because it was almost $40 here on Amazon. I don't think it is worth more than $15 :/ honestly. Cute idea though.

    Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh. Meh.

    Great packaging

    5 stars

    Happily surprised that the box arrived undamaged as this is for a gift.
    All parts are intact

    Great packaging
to sum: This product brand is Barbie At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 23 pieces for all your trimming needs: a metal trimmer, a foil shaver, a detail metal trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, an extra-wide hair trimmer, 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, 2 body trimming guards, an eyebrow trimming guard, a storage bag and a cleaning brush
  2. DualCut technology for maximum precision
  3. Powerful Lithium-ion battery delivers 5hrs of runtime
  4. Fully washable trimmer can be easily rinsed under the tap
  5. Reinforced guards won't bend or buckle while trimming
  6. I have received the package in 5 days after placing the order. Really satisfied with the fast delivery and also with the quality of product. It has a full stainless steel body with IPX7 protection. A lot of beard protection head parts and many more. Recommend this product.

    Really satisfied with this trimmer. Really satisfied with this trimmer.

    Was opened on Christmas to reveal a trimmer with an Australian charging plug? Maybe Norelco is flying us to Sydney for new years :)

    Beware you may get a charger for somewhere other than North America

    Looks great.... if only I lived in Australia

    After using it for several days, I'm happy with this purchase. I've used it to trim my hair and shaved my bear. It cuts very well. I like that it has a lot of different pieces. About the battery, I can't tell anything now, will see how it will work after a couple of months.
    It came really fast and everything is working properly, so far so good.

    I'm really excited about this trimmer!

    The package was broken. It is so sad because, I get it like a present for my husband. But it work and it is a good news )

    The package was broken The package was broken

    A very high-class haircut machine! Elegant design. Rechargeable battery very fast and sufficient for a long time! I'm so pleased with this haircut machine! Recommend to everyone !!!

    The cheapest and highest quality product

    According to the manufacturer, the shortest trimming length without the guard is 0.5 mm, for both metal trimmers.
    Actually, the narrow one has a much shorter trimming length than the wide one (as can be seen in the image). So I have to shave my head with the very narrow trimmer. Disappointing.

    shortest trimming length with the wide metal trimmer is about 1 mm :(

    very powerful, feels solid it totally worth it i would add a travel button or something similar to avoid the machine turning on when inside luggage

    powerfull and good quality.

    Broken out of box. Would not charge.

    Brand new and won’t charge.

    Dont buy!

    1 stars

    Worst ever purchase! I havent even turned it on and wont do because as i opened the package, there were few hair on the trimmer! Ridiculous!

    Dont buy!
to sum: This product brand is Philips Norelco The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 【GREAT VALUE w/EXTRA BONUS】:These beard products are packed in a luxury GIFT BOX with all in one(Beard shampoo+Oil+Balm+Brush+Comb+Scissor+Storage Bag+E-Book) for beard growth,while other brands don't have shampoo,you save at least 10 dollars)!
  2. 【THE BEST TOP DEAL】:This is your best choice,as these are the finest kit w/lowest price on amazon so far w/BEARD SHAMPOO and w/so many beard products while other brands are with less products but priced over 22 dollars,we encourage you to compare.
  3. 【100% NATURAL & ORGANIC】:All the ingredients are formulated w/100% natural&organic to aid in healthy beard growth,smooth itching & irritation,hydrate,clean &soften/strengthens beard,keep beard soft &shiny give you the confidence to conquer the world.
  4. 【THE BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE】:The comb is made of wood &the 100% boar bristles brush is soft but firm yet to exfoliates skin &distributes oils &balms throughout beard,the extra sharp stainless steel scissor trims &shapes beard &mustache much easier.
  5. 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】:Don't hesitate,believe yourself it's your intelligent decision,If you find not that way,we'll refund you without hesitation,no question asked!Perfect gift for men on Birthday,Valentine's Day,Father's Day,Christmas Day.
  6. For the price of this set I give it five stars! I have bought other similar products for a whole lot more. In this kit you receive a wooden beard comb which seems very well-made and works wonderfully. Does not grab my hair or leave any static. Next there is a pair of scissors that also works very well. Cut those pesky hairs like butter. Next is a beard brush. This has a good feel in my hands and works very well on my beard. Bristles are stiff enough to comb through my beard but not so rough as to scratch up my face. To be honest I actually like it better than some of the other ones that I have paid $20 to $30 plus for just the brush. Last you have a container of beard oil and beard balm. The ingredient list on both of them are very clean and natural. (See picture of ingredient list) That is a huge plus for me. They both work fairly well. I have tried many different beard oils and balms over the past few years and I must say these are not my favorite but definitely good quality and works well. For the price you definitely cannot go wrong with this kit! Last but not least there’s also a small burlap bag to keep all your supplies then if you so choose. This kit comes very well boxed and sealed. Would make a great birthday or Christmas present! Great product.

    If you found this review helpful at all please hit the helpful button below. Have a great day!

    For the price of $18.99... this is an amazing set.

    Very impressed! The quality of the ingredients used and the thought put into the packaging reeled me in. This beard grooming kit turns the age old adage of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” on it’s proverbial head. Not only is it neatly packaged in a minimalistic, black, unassuming box that looks absolutely great; but, it is actually a delight and pleasure to use.

    A perfect blend of natural and organic oils that softened and straightened my previously unruly beard, but also added an inviting “woodsy” slightly fruity scent. After a quick reading of the ingredients I speculate that that fruity smell is the Hippophae fruit (listed in the ingredients). I can not confirm that, since I’ve never actually had that fruit.

    A beard brush made with 100% boar bristles came with the kit that was perfect for overall detangling of my stubborn facial hair. The wooden comb was useful for day to day use as well as to evenly distribute the oil and/or beard balm. For a thicker beard, the kit came with a beard balm with similar ingredients as the oil; mixed in a base of petrolatum (petroleum jelly) and beeswax.

    At the low price of around 20 bucks this beard grooming kit is a great gift to that special someone or yourself, come this upcoming Valentine's Day or Father's Day. Simple yet beautiful packaging, a comb and a beard brush, a balm and beard oil that soften, condition, and tame that manly mane.

    Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane! Tame that Manly Mane!

    Good stuff

    5 stars

    Great stuff smells amazing and really feels great. Really loved the beard soap. Worked great. Left the beard super soft and not all dry. Oils have a nice smell and work well.

    Good stuff Good stuff Good stuff Good stuff Good stuff Good stuff

    Purchased as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He uses it everyday and it smells amazing. He'll definitely be ordering again.

    Amazing & Very Cute! Amazing & Very Cute! Amazing & Very Cute! Amazing & Very Cute!

    bought this kit for my hubs and he loves it. he’s never had a kit before so he’s definitely feeling pampered. the kit came extremely well packaged and was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. he’s already combing and brushing his beloved. THANK YOU.

    Happy Beard, Happy Hubs!

    Man this produce is amazing and I love the oil

    Buy this it works

    My fiance loves it...i love the fact there is no smell to the oil or balm. It's a very handy kit for a man to carry with him on vacations and things. It came fast as well. And packaged lovely.


    Looks nice!

    4 stars

    Only 4 stars because I'm waiting to hear what my boyfriend thinks, but I'm sure he'll love it.

    Looks nice!

    Its okay

    4 stars

    The product came in the mail, the brush started shedding all over not good. No logo on the box like in the pictures
    But other thab that it looks good.

    Its okay Its okay


    4 stars

    bought it for my dads birthday, awesome purchase. oils seemed a bit strange though, so i had to throw those out.

to sum: This product brand is XIKEZAN The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 468. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. YOUR COMPLETE BEARD TREATMENT PACKAGE - Includes the Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner cream, the Jelly Beard Oil and the Relaxing Beard Balm. Makes a great gift set for bearded men. 4 scented selections.
  2. FORTIFY INTENSE BEARD CONDITIONER - For the shower 2x per week to replenish dry pores and facial hair. Helps stimulate beard growth with all natural moisturizer. Wash face and beard with shampoo and then apply the conditioner lotion directly to the beard and moustache for best results.
  3. JELLY BEARD OIL - To moisturize pores and soften facial hair. The Jelly Beard Oil is superior to conventional beard oils because of its increased viscosity and the gel’s ability to form a better bond with the hair follicles, pores and skin. Stops beard itch, dryness and brittleness.
  4. RELAXING BEARD BALM – A butter-like wax that traps moisture and essential vitamins and minerals into the facial hair for long term nourishment. Helps make your beard and mustache grow faster and look thicker—an essential part of your grooming kit.
  5. MAGIC SCENT - Warm and intoxicating blend of rich sandal wood and vanilla oils that creates a clean base intended to highlight the bergamont, patchouli and frankincense accents. It was the original Bossman Scent for a reason. This scent is perfect for close encounters, special occasions and the days when your beard needs to be as smooth as you are.
  6. My experience with Bossman Beard Kit – Beard Oil, Conditioner and Balm (Magic Scent)
    I initially ordered the Bossman Beard Kit on June 28, 2017 and expected it by July 1, 2017. On July 2, 2017, I received this partial email from Bossman:
    “Hi Robert, It's Stephen again from the Bossman Brands Amazon Web-Store . Amazon has confirmed the package as 'delivered', so I was dropping by to make sure that it arrived in excellent condition and functions as intended.
    If everything is OK, and you are able to take a few seconds to leave a product review, it would mean the world to me! Being a small company, we rely on your feedback and reviews to grow and compete with the larger companies online. I've included a direct link to the product review page below to keep things simple!"
    However, I was unable to do so since the product had not arrived. For the next several days I spent time emailing back and forth with customer service trying to find my order. Finally, on July 5, 2017 I received the order. My initial reaction was to blast Bossman in a review for delaying the shipping. However, after researching the situation myself, I discovered they were not at fault. My order left their location within 24 hrs. of the order and appears a delay happen in Atlanta, Ga., beyond their control.
    Now to the product, I have been using the beard kit since it arrived. I must say the only complaint I have is the bottles are too small. This stuff is very good. I have seen reviews about the scent not being very good. This is just a matter of preference (some like the taste of J.D. and some like Crown). I like the scent (and J.D.). I noticed after applying the conditioner, by waiting for it to soak in and do its work, I could swear I feel my pulse in my face. Very refreshed feeling. The first time I used the jelly, I applied too much and made my beard feel wet. I altered the amount I use since and it is nice and easily combed into my beard. I mainly use the balm around my sideburns and moustache.
    I recently (August 5) ordered another Bossman Beard Kit (same scent) and it arrived today (August 8). Packaging was good and no delays. I have used other products in the past, but I think this will be my product in the future. Since I like the “Magic Scent”, I doubt I try any other scents (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it). So, I am glad I did not over react and did a little research to find out why the shipping problem existed. The Bossman Beard Kit – Magic Scent is an outstanding pick for my beard needs.

    My experience with Bossman Beard Kit – Beard Oil, Conditioner and Balm (Magic Scent)

    Awesome awesome stuff. I've checked out the other scents, but I personally prefer the Magic scent, but like the gold too. Magic has more of a subdued vanilla scent, which I get nothing but compliments on.

    As far as performance goes: THIS STUFF LASTS. I've tried out some other balms and while I did really enjoy them, I've found this balm to stay in longer and actually relax my beard more, even while sweating. Quick hit of balm followed by a touch of jelly and you're set for the whole day.

    The jelly is the most unique thing in the set, this weird oil/balm hybrid. It's fantastic for getting a great shine, but not feeling too oily and leaving those weird oil marks on your shirt. Just make sure to not leave it in your car and have it melt; it can be tricky getting it to a consistency that comes out of the bottle well. You could just warm up water and leave the bottle in there for a few seconds though, and it tends to get back to normal.

    I haven't used the conditioner, but considering you'll see the jelly and balm for 15 bucks or so separately, you can't beat it for an extra buck.

    Overall, great value, great product.

    This stuff is all I'll buy as long as I have my beard.

    Best bang for your buck out there.

    I'm gonna be honest. When I read all of these 5 star reviews for these products I was still skeptical. Mainly because I worried my type of beard wouldn't show any results but I'm here to tell you...this is my favorite brand of beard care.

    First of all it makes my beard look and smell great! I tried it for literally one day and got a lot of attention from them! They hold all the hairs on my face together well and the scent lasts a pretty long time. It drives the ladies crazy! Trust me and buy it.

    And second, the email I got from the Bossman's "Bossman" was a great touch. He's confident in his products and treats his customers well with the lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to the items during delivery or if you're just not into them, the company will replace them or simply refund you which is dope. Personally I have no complaints and look forward to future purchases. I like this brand so much I follow them on every social media platform and watch the videos for grooming tips. It's that good.

    If you care about beard care like I do be sure to check this out. You won't be disappointed. BTW I bought the original "Magic" scent and love it but you may want to find a particular scent that's suitable for you.

    Best Beard Care Products Out There ✊ Best Beard Care Products Out There ✊

    -Beard Jelly: Coats my beard well and has a nice yet subtle vanilla/sandalwood scent that quickly fades. Tames my beard after a shower and keeps it looking good throughout the day. I use the beard oil twice a day or as needed. This beard jelly is like an oil and light balm combined.

    -Beard Balm: Looks and feels more like a beard wax to me. I like it but I rarely need it. I only use it if my beard needs a little more taming. I would definitely classify this as a wax not a balm.

    -Beard Conditioner: Great conditioner. Bear is soft and hydrated out of the shower. I do however prefer a beard wash over a conditioner. A beard wash gives a more thorough cleaning then a conditioner. But I can live with this conditioner.

    The four stars is for personal preference. Would prefer the vanilla scent to be a little stronger and would like it to last longer.

    Most will be happy with this beard kit.  Price is great Most will be happy with this beard kit.  Price is great

    Package arrived today and I decided to give it a shot. First time using beard oil ever so I can’t compare it with other products. One thing that caught my eye about this brand was the jelly oil, instead of having thinner oil. Before using the jelly, I used the conditioner which did a great job at making my beard soft. The jelly oil was exactly how i expected it to be, thick and easy to use. My face feels moisturized and my hair is also the same due to wiping the excess oil in it. Finally I used the balm, which wasn’t a strong hold, but definitely provided a nice shine and scent. It helped a little with shaping, but I want to grow my beard a little longer before I make a decision on that. Right now this set is perfect for what I needed and overall a good first step into the world of beard care for me. I’m excited to see and share how this affects growth, texture, and shape. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who is stuck with a rough beard and your wifes conditioner isn’t cutting it.

    Amazing Scent, quality product

    Great product here! Definelty impressed with the smell and quality of product. These is a great beard kit. Leaves my beard looking and feeling great. The fortified conditioner is bomb! I also went back and purchased the Mud stache! Keep up the good work Bossman Brands!

    Great Beard Kit!

    This is some great stuff . Been making my own for a year now but wanted to see what this new brand bring to the table . This is an amazing kit. Love it. Not overly greasy and does exactly what it's suppose to do

    Perfect. Not too oily . Works amazing

    MY BEARD IS LOOKING FULLER SOFTER AND THICKER. Im giving it 5 stars beacuse i have tried almost every product there is out there and this one, is just BY FAR the best, i do have to contact the provider because i never got the balm, i know is gonna sound stupid but when i bought it i was so excited and i didnt even notice i didnt get the balm, how do i contact the provider?

    is just BY FAR the best, i do have to contact the provider because ...

    Good Stuff!

    5 stars

    I've been extremely pleased with the beard jelly in the past. Figured the whole package would be worth a shot. I really enjoy the scent of the blue label, the Jelly is awesome. The balm is nice as well. The conditioner may not be my favorite yet, but i've only got to use it a few times. No beefs by any means, it seems to do the trick. Beard is much more manageable, does what I tell it to do :)

    Hightly recommended!

    Good Stuff!

    When I opened the package... this is how it came... product is fine. But the packaging is very upsetting

    product is fine. But the packaging is very
to sum: This product brand is Bossman The score is 4.7, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 468. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 1--This oil is enriched with multiple natural nourishing ingredients that infiltrate into the hair follicle roots, repair & activate the dormant hair follicles, in-crease nutrient absorption and accelerate hair growth.
  2. 2--Made of good quality natural material, safe to use. Small size and portable, suitable for traveling.
  3. 3--Effectively make your beard growth fast, can draw the lines of your beard as you like.
  4. 4--Working as a softener and conditioner at the same time, this great beard oil offers deep moisturizing, curing your brittle, weak and scratchy beard. Even after the first use your beard will be more manageable and way softer.
  5. 5--Perfect as gift to your boyfriend, husband, father and friends
  6. I ordered the beard oil.This product has helped my beard grow while using it in a consistent basis! On top of that, it has no synthetic ingredients in it! It can softens the beard for a more manageable beard and that's true as well so I'll keep using it as a conditioner even when I'm happy with my beard growth.
    I have been using it for more than a month and can feel my beard is growing with this Pei Mei beard oil, I will order more for my friends.

    Pretty awesome beard oil. Pretty awesome beard oil. Pretty awesome beard oil.

    This moisturizing cream has been amazing. I purchased it because the saying is after 30 you should start using a face moisturizer. I have always been hesitant because I suffer from horrible acne problems and assumed this would make it worse. I have tried many treatments to keep my acne under control (to a point where it can be concealed) with no success. The first day after using this product I saw a dramatic change in my face. I love the packaging and bottle. It is not a squeeze or squirt bottle. You press down on the top of the container and it comes out in small amounts. I feel this keeps from wasting the product. I will not only be buying this again when I run out but I will also give it as gifts. Great product. #NewYorkBiology

    Already Seeing a Change Already Seeing a Change Already Seeing a Change Already Seeing a Change

    + Reduces acne swelling overnight
    + Non greasy, matte finish
    + Short list of natural ingredients
    + No synthetic fragrance
    + No retinyl palmitate
    + 1.7 ounces at an affordable price
    - The vertical pump dispenser is a little awkward
    New York Biology’s retinol cream contains powerful retinol 2.5% instead of the weaker derivative retinyl palmitate. The vertical pump is clumsy, but prevents air exposure which should keep this 1.7 ounce bottle from oxidizing and losing its punch over time. A twice daily dose of this moisturizer has made a significant impact on my adult acne in just a few days, and the price per ounce is about 50% less than the competition.
    ~Seller provided a free sample of this product for evaluation and review

    Clears acne without causing dry, red flaky skin Clears acne without causing dry, red flaky skin Clears acne without causing dry, red flaky skin

    Love this stuff beyond words! Because it's a bit thick I use it under my eyes rather than the whole face.

    The packaging is attractive but the coolest part is the pump on the top. It squirts out the perfect amount!

    The product itself is excellent and tightening. It replenishes the skin with moisture so it's perfect for the fine lines. As I'm still somewhat young I only really have lines on the corners of my eyes from smiling, but this decreases them noticeably.

    Overall I'm a huge fan of all of their products. This is the second one they have sent me for free to review and this is equally as awesome as the other. I've recommended this to several friends and will keep doing so!

    Tightens and moisturized! Tightens and moisturized! Tightens and moisturized!

    I am all about any products that promise anti-aging benefits so I jumped on this as soon as I saw it. I received it in a well-packaged box with bubble wrap around each product (I ordered this + an eye gel by the same company). No cracks or leaks. I love the way the product feels on my skin. It is very smooth and soft. I apply it all over my face & neck daily as the product directions suggest. It has a strange pump device, which requires you push the entire top panel down & the product will come out of the center. It worked fine, I just hadn't ever seen anything like it before. I have very sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin and this did not give me any issues with breaking out after use. I haven't used it long enough to notice any before and after results, but I will continue to use it on a regular basis and hope for the best! I highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for anti-aging products that work!

    *I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

    Soft and Smooth Anti-Aging Facial Cream! Soft and Smooth Anti-Aging Facial Cream!

    I was fortunate enough to receive these products complimentary for testing purposes from New York Biology.

    I received their: Eyelash serum, Eye gel, and Retinol moisturizer with hyaluronic. I really enjoy the fact that these products are made in the USA and are cruelty-free!

    Their retinol moisturizer with hyaluronic.
    I swear, I really believe this has begun to help particularly with some little smile lines I’m beginning to have creep up! And I think my face looks brighter, as well.
    It's only been two weeks so I hope this continues to improve my skin!

    Helps skin look brighter! Helps skin look brighter!

    The Retinol Moisturizer doesn't have a heavy scent, which is nice; its light and barely noticeable. It only takes a little bit for each application, and my skin feel smooth and hydrated. I really appreciated that after applying, my face did not feel greasy or oily- huge win! The container is nice, I don't mind it sitting on my vanity.

    New York Biology comes out with some great products!

    I did receive this item complementary for testing and review purposes; however, all opinions are completely my own.

    Lovely moisturizer

    I try everything to reduce the lines on my face and the bags under my eyes. As both a photographer and a blogger it is difficult to look fresh all the time, this is one of the things I love though, it makes me feel fresh and definitely does what it says it will.

    looking for a way to look younger

    [[VIDEOID:8464d9cd9d7ba30eeda01d5e911fcb4d]] I received the New York Biology Retinol Cream by Flawless Naturals. Comes in a nice easy to dispense jar. You press on the white round plastic piece on top and the cream comes out the hole in the middle, nice. The cream goes on without feeling greasy once rubbed into the skin. I purchased this for my 87 year old father who uses it for his wrinkles. He has used this product before. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. [...]

    Nice and easy to appy !! Nice and easy to appy !!

    I was so excited to receive this product because I LOVVVVEDDDD their Super Vitamin C Serum! This moisturizer has Retinol and Hyaluronic acid which is great for anti aging/adding moisture into the skin. However, I don't think this product would be great acne because it has Palm Oil (second ingredient listed.) Palm Oil has a comedogenic rating of 4 out of 5 which means it's one of the worst oils to put on your face because it is highly pore-clogging and I have combo skin that is acne prone! My skin felt smoother but my pores were super clogged when I went to get my monthly facial, which hasn't happened to me before. I even got a lot of clogged pores on my forehead (btw I started eating VERY healthy over 2 months ago so it isn't what I'm eating.)

    I gave it a 3 star instead of 1 or 2 because I'm a believer of the fact that just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean that it won't work for you. I'm just sharing my personal experience with the product received with a discount from Vendor. I love the vitamin C serum so much , I'm on my second bottle xoxo


    I wish this would've worked for me.
to sum: This product brand is Pei Mei The score is 3.9, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 311. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. TAME YOUR BEARD: Even the burliest of beards can be controlled with our organic beard oil conditioner. Restore softness and shine for a smooth and frizz-free beard or mustache in seconds.
  2. NO ITCHING OR SCRATCHING: Get rid of the dreaded beardruff! Add a few drops of beard oil treatment and your beard will feel excellent as well as look great all day long!
  3. TWO SCENT CLASH: We’ve included one beard grooming oil scent-free to avoid overwhelming fragrance mixes with cologne or face washes and one sandalwood scented beard oil to give you the confidence to conquer the world, like a Viking!
  4. 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC: We've put together the perfect beard conditioner blend of Organic Argan Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil to give you the badass beard you deserve.
  5. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will love this Beard Oil, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money!
  6. The Viking Beard Oil seems to do its job. I have noticed less beard dandruff. I usually apply it right after the shower and follow it with a boar hair brush. I don't have long facial hairs so sometimes they can stick out from my face. This does not lay the hairs flat if you have wired hair. Look into a balm product to help with that issue. I usually follow it up with a balm product if my hairs are out of control.

    Biggest Positives are no scent and less dandruff
    Negative- Stop bombarding customers with emails asking for reviews

    Dandruff Conqueror

    Great product for the price. The scent is manly but not over bearing. I put it on twice a day and it helps with the itchy dry part of having a beard. I have recommended this proxy to multiple friends at work and social media. My entire bathroom is filled with Viking Revolution products and more to come

    Manly scent, but not over bearing. Solid beard oil

    Original product arrived and when I removed the bottle from the box, it was very very oily. My only guess was that the top wasn't completely secured and maybe the oil leaked a bit. The company emailed me to check on my satisfaction, I notified them of this, and within a few days I had a brand new bottle at my door! Excellent customer service, oil makes my beard shimmer and is softer than if not used. Would definitely buy again!

    Excellent quality, customer service and usage! Excellent quality, customer service and usage! Excellent quality, customer service and usage!

    Recommend this beard oil is easy, as long as you don't care about the smell, as I couldn't really smell anything coming from it, however the oil it self is has a really good feel on my hands and really isn't that bad on the beard.

    Good oil, can't smell the fragrance.

    Works great.

    5 stars

    This is the first beard oil I have tried but from the first usage I noticed a difference. I have been using it about two weeks now and I am getting regular complements.

    Works great.

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Affordable product works great on my beard.

    Five Stars

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Its perfect

    Five Stars

    Normally take a month to notice any length change in my beard. Wife noticed a change 1.5 weeks of using this oil.

    Freakin love it.

    Viking Revolution Beard oil is awesome. I actually hate my beard without it. My beard is so soft and easy to fix with this beard oil. It’s night and day difference if you don’t use it! This oil is also given the ability to not have to use beard balm all the time. I get a nice shine and beard is soft for the most part of the whole day. I highly recommend this and it the ingredients are also very good in this oil.

    Viking Revolution Beard oil is awesome. I actually hate my beard without it

    The product is nothing like what is pictured in the listing. The product is supposed to be Viking Revolution branded beard oil in a bottle with a droplet. In actuality the product is a generic brand lotion in a suntan lotion bottle within a ziploc bag. Please see photo.

    Product looks nothing like the photo.
to sum: This product brand is Viking Revolution The score is 4.6, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 311. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. POCKET SIZE: Pocket-size beard brush and moustache comb combo fits perfectly in your jeans’ pocket or bag pocket, so you can groom your facial hair anytime, anywhere.
  2. KEEPS BEARD SHINY AND SMOOTH: The boar bristle beard brush bamboo and wood comb set massages your facial hair, stimulates oil production, and removes dirt, thereby keeping your facial hair and skin healthy. Anti static wood comb detangles wet and dry beards with ease
  3. IDEAL PRESENT FOR MEN: This comb and brush set is made from premium quality materials and comes in a cute package, which makes it a perfect present for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary, or any special event.
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from long lasting and durable bamboo. Durable design helps to reduce plastic wastes.
  5. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not happy with your purchase, return the item to us, and we’ll refund your money.
  6. I ordered this set for my husband. He's been growing his beard for a few months now and needed some specific tools to care for it.

    The product arrived on time and was left in my mailbox which is much more preferable than leaving it outside at the door.

    The first thing my husband loved was the look of this set. The woodwork is spectacular and extremely masculine which was very satisfying for my man's man husband. The brush was the perfect blend of firm and soft and the comb glides deep and smooth through his beard, even with no extra product applied. This comb is a perfect beard detangler. Definitely worth the price and we are very satisfied customers.

    Great beard tools!

    Beard on

    5 stars

    I freaking love this set especially the comb feels so good running through my beard great excellent product

    Beard on

    Very cool set

    5 stars

    Very cool set. The comb and the brush came in a nice box with a small travel bag. Excellent value.

    Very cool set

    Great customer service. Little travel bag is perfect for keeping the set together and clean. It’s my new toy while relaxing on the couch watching TV. Being wood - feels great on my beard.

    5 Star Customer Service

    I got this set for my husband. It is a really good quality set. He loves the boar hair brush. It makes his beard softer and straighter. It appears to be genuine boars hair. The wood and bristles are a nice quality. There has been some shedding of the boar brush but it's not that big of a deal. The product is misleading in advertising the comb as a two sided. Like many other customers, we recieved the one-sided larger wood comb. It's a beautiful comb but my husband couldn't use it because his beard is not that long. We ended up spending another $15.00 to get a sandalwood double sided comb which he really enjoys. All in all, it's a great set for the price but the comb may mislead you. If I had noticed the difference when I received it in march I would have contacted the seller. However, I just noticed this issue while looking to order for my dad. If it came with the advertised comb. We would rate it 5 stars and be ordering another one. However, I feel like it's false advertising. As a customer that drives me away from an otherwise satisfactory product. I will be reordering the sandalwood comb for my dad.

    Nice set but misleading...

    I was really excited to get and use this product, but should of read the reviews more in depth. Both products arrived today. Brush is very course and the numerous bristles fell out first use. Used comb and it pulled out multiple beard hairs. Looked closer at the comb and it had many rough edges with many burs. Wish I could return the item and the one I bought as a gift for my brother, but sadly no return policy. I will have to sand down the comb to smooth it up and will probably just use the brush on my dog.

    Product arrived quickly.
    Nice carrying bag.
    Nice wood stain.
    Brush hairs course and fall out.
    Comb has rough edges with multiple burs
    No return policy

    Few uses later get stabbed in the face.

    Low quality! I guess you get what you pay for.

    This is a great combo. As my beard grows.....combining the comb and brush with some oils and balms. Has my beard looking great and presentable, which is great being in corporate.

    Fantastic.......THANK YOU!!!

    The quality of the brush and the comb are top notch, the presentation and packaging is wonderful, even somewhat extravagant (The "Carrying Bag" is not something I would ever use but is a nice packaging touch).

    Unfortunately as some others have also commented - the brush is too soft to penetrate anything but the thinnest of facial hair. I keep my beard short, about a 4 clipper size (shown in pic), and the brush cannot penetrate my beard to the skin, especially when it is wet or damp. Another item to note is that the fibers in the brush have an aroma which is a little off-putting, and it does not go away with washing or cleaning the brush, and is not something I have experienced with other boar hair brushes. I would not like that smell transferred to the hair under my nose :-)

    The comb is nice and works well if your beard is at or longer than about 3/8" (A Clipper Length #3) - but any shorter than that and the thickness of the comb itself would keep it from performing well - it is a thick, solid device. I use it for combing in beard oil, and it works well in that regard.

    In Summary, if your have thinner and longer beard hair, or your skin gets irritated by coarse bristles - this would likely work well for you. If you have normal to coarse hair - you would probably be happier with a coarser brush, something similar to the [[ASIN:B0019Z64C8 Diane Palm Brush, Extra Firm Reinforced Boar Bristles]] which has firmer bristles in between the boar hair to help penetrate deeper.

    Great for sensitive skin, but not a performer for normal to coarse beard hair

    Very disappointed with his product you can easily buy a double sided brush with a firm brush on one side and a soft brush on another and get a better product this is more of a gimmick for people who are just growing a beard nothing new or great about this product, the disappointment for me was the amount of bristles that came off every time you brushed your beard. Well since I am stuck with it this is my bad and I will make sure to never buy products from Amazon that can't be returned for unsatisfactory reasons.

    Not amazed any good double sided brush will do

    I originally bought this in 2017 and it was fine. I wanted a set for travel so I went through my Amazon orders and found my order from 2017 and re-ordered the exact same item. Well the one I just got in 2019 is not good. Their were tons of bristles in the packaging as the brush was already coming apart before used and the comb is significantly more flimsy, doesn't even look like the picture, very light weight, not finished as well and just cheap feeling. I would not trust any older reviews of this item since the product has suffered a severe downgrade in quality in the last two years.

    Pics included. Original product on top, present inferior product below.

    Product changed in the last two years. Product changed in the last two years.
to sum: This product brand is GROW ALPHA BEARD The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 311. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Augustin Ungureanu The score is 2.4, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The rating is 8 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 🕒TIME SAVING - The Official Beard Bib - Beard Hair Catcher Apron, catches ALL your Beard, Mustache, Sideburns, Goatee and hair trimmings to allow an easy disposal. No Mess, No Clogged Drains, NO MORE CLEANING. Works with any beard trimmer.
  2. ✈️ TRAVEL - Designed with a sleek self-packing pouch to easily stow away or brought on the go when traveling. You can even use as a dopp bag for your grooming and beard accessories making it the perfect beard kit for ultimate beard growth and beard maintenance multi tool.
  3. 🚫BUYER BEWARE - Beware of cheap knockoffs! AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK, our handmade Beard Bib is designed in the USA and assembled overseas using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. These counterfeit products cut corners by using cheap materials and poor design functions that simply do not work. If it doesn't have the BEARD KING logo it's a fake! AS SEEN ON: Shark Tank Products, ABC, Forbes, Rachael Ray, INSIDER, Unilad, The Doctors, Details, Product Hunt, and more.
  4. ✅EASY TO USE - Attach the neck straps and secure to mirror. Begin with your normal grooming regimen. If you need to stop and step away during grooming you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups. Once complete lower over the trash can and gently shake. The built in Tray Table holds your grooming and beard accessories. You can even use it to One Size Fits All.
  5. 🎁PERFECT GIFT FOR HIM, and HER - Whether it's a Father's Day, Birthday, Holiday Gift, or even one to yourself the Beard Bib makes for the perfect gift for bearded men, gift for dad, gift for husband, gift for son, gift for Woman also love to use it for cutting their own hair.
  6. love it!

    5 stars

    I absolutely love this product. I was so sick of finding the little hairs in the drain when my boyfriend shaved. No matter how well her cleaned I always found them. I bought him a cheaper knock off version of this product and it was worthless -- spend the extra money and buy this one, otherwise you'll find yourself spending more because the other ones don't work as well.

    The material is thick and it's very well made. The neck is wide enough to fit different size necks (adjustable with Velcro). And the whole product folds into itself for easy travel.

    I love it! I even cut my own bangs using this too!

    love it! love it! love it! love it! love it!

    Captured all those little tiny beard trimmings that would have been all around my skin and on the counter top. Works really well. I will buy some more for Christmas gifts.

    Captured all those little tiny beard trimmings that would have ...

    For years, the thought of trimming my beard frightened me. Not because of an unsteady hand, or lack of styling knowledge, but because of the disastrous mess that would be left in the trimming's wake. I tried everything from towels around my neck, to plastic bags covering my sink, but the hair would disregard my barriers and make it's way into every crevice it could sneak into. The cleanup was relentless and tiring to the point I would consider allowing my beard to overtake my face.
    Fast forward a few years and I stumbled upon an article for the Beard King. Immediately my interest was peaked and I ordered it that day. When it arrived I could not contain my excitement, and hurried to the bathroom like a child running downstairs on Christmas morning. The directions were simple and set up easy; in minuted my trimmer began to cut away the dark wooded forest of hair that lay on my face. When I was done, the left over hairs had no where to hide besides in a ball contained within the Beard King. I simply removed his highness from my mirror, and tipped him over my trash bin, where the trimmings fell to never be heard from again.
    The Beard King is a must have for any gentleman who displays his natural gruff proudly on his face. It will make his trimming experience much more pleasant and all around provide him with the satisfaction of a good shave.

    The Most Useful Beard Accessory Since Shaving Cream The Most Useful Beard Accessory Since Shaving Cream The Most Useful Beard Accessory Since Shaving Cream

    My girlfriend bought this for me as a present. At first I was skeptical to use, but once I got my hands out it there was no going back. I use my Beard Bib anywhere 2-4 times a week and cannot live without it. Not only does this serve a big purpose in my trimming routine but now I no longer have to argue with my girlfriend about all the mess that I USED to create. Also, we ordered a beard oil recently and reached out to customer support about the different scents they offer, they were super helpful! Overall it has been an awesome experience and they’ve truly made me feel like a King!

    Awesome product!! Awesome product!! Awesome product!! Awesome product!!

    Enjoyed using this product for the last few months to prevent making a mess when trimming my beard. Used it today and while putting it back, the suction cups ripped a hole in the cloth, breaking it. After three months, I can no longer use this product which I paid $30 for.

    Low Quality Material - Don't Buy!

    The most wonderful invention I know of yet! I knew watching Shark Tank always brings me to these amazing purchases! I no longer have to have a bathroom (and rug) full of my beard trimmings. I don't have a girlfriend or wife yet but I do have some roommates that would constantly make fun of me for being the messy one. I don't leave reviews very often but I needed to on the Beard Bib since it has saved a lot of my time on cleaning my mess up! Thank you so much BEARD KING!

    P.S. I love the pouch it came in!

    LOVING the Beard Bib!!! LOVING the Beard Bib!!!

    Mine came with some torn material tied to neckstrap and was missing the Velcro that holds it together. Pretty disappointed. Will be sending it back and probably going with another brand.

    Pretty disappointed. Will be sending it back and probably ... Pretty disappointed. Will be sending it back and probably ...

    Great product - Exactly what I was looking for!

    I don't often write reviews, however I felt compelled to do so here. Product quality means a lot to me and I was very impressed with the quality of this beard bib. I tried one of the knock off brands and quality just wasn't the same. Great stitching, suction cups work well and clean up is a breeze. My fiance is a big fan as our sink is now cleaner and my beard shave time has decreased.

    Thanks to Beard King for making something that is both aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to travel with.

    Great product - Exactly what I was looking for Great product - Exactly what I was looking for
to sum: This product brand is BEARD KING The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 282. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. FINALLY! THE FIRST BEARD-GROWTH GUMMIES ON AMAZON! No more nasty-tasting horse pills. Now you can chew your way to an epic beard with great tasting cherry gummies.
  2. DON'T FAIL YOUR FACE. The root issue of any weak beard or mustache is likely a lack of key nutrients. ThickGrow contains what your facial hair wants and needs to thrive. Scientifically formulated with Biotin, Folic Acid, B12 and Zinc and other nutrients to encourage hair growth, thickness, and strength.
  3. ELITE INGREDIENTS = YOUR BEST BEARD. Formulated with 10+ Beard-Building Super Nutrients. ThickGrow is packed full of proven supplements like, Biotin, Folic Acid, B12 and Zinc.
  4. THICKER, FULLER, A MANLY MASTERPIECE. ThickGrow is made for the bearded, by the bearded. We're US owned, US made, which is rare to find these days. At Beardperfect we care about facial hair more than we'd like to admit. We've been tinkering for years to create exactly the right formula to unleash your inner beard demon.
  5. FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. Coarse or Fine, Curly or Straight, the nutrients in ThickGrow benefit all hair types. We hold this truth to be self-evident: Every man deserves great facial hair.
  6. THICK GROW BIG BEARD Gummies taste great and have really worked well for me.... My Beard has grown in thicker and healthier. I take the recommended dosage in the morning while getting ready for my day. I don't know if its because I take the THICKGROW BIGBEARD Gummies consistently at about the same time each morning but I do know they produce noticeable results. Yesterday my girlfriend commented about the thickness of my beard and how much she liked it. Therefore, I am writing this review to say thank you for making a product that really works....

    THICK GROW BIG BEARD Gummies taste great and have resulted in a much thicker healthy beared
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  1. Color: Black
  2. Size: Elastic band is included, One size fits most people
  3. Material: Flannelette + fiber.
  4. Fashion, role play, or just for fun
  5. Ideal for Halloween/Party Costumes and for Bachelor Parties
to sum: This product brand is A-cool The score is 3, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The evaluation number of this product has already been 38, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Cremas para hacer crecer la barba y vello facial 100% natural
  2. Acondiciona y ayuda a el crecimiento nuevo de la barba
  3. Se hace con los mejores ingredientes orgánicos disponibles
  4. Ayuda a suavizar, acondicionar, reparar pelos secos, y nutrir el nuevo crecimiento de la barba
  5. Dale a tu barbe la ayuda que necesita para crecer rapido y saludablemente - Ordenalo Ya!
to sum: This product brand is Crecer La Barba The score is 3.7, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The rating is 4 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
  1. #1 Beard Grow Support Vitamin Formula In the World for faster and thicker facial hair growth
  2. Formulated to be 100% Vegan and Vegetarian - No other formulas like it
  3. Special One of a kind MEN only blend
  4. Completely natural non-hormonal formula
  5. Powerful Beard Support Formula that is Proudly Made in the USA
  6. I've wanted a good beard for so long but it never grew in right. I had some areas on my face where the hair wouldn't grow as well as others and the result was too splotchy and I always end up shaving it off. Very annoying and I had given up even attempting a beard again but when I bought this Beard Grow XL on a lark I decided to try it again. I'm not looking for a ZZ Top beard, just a regular one because I like the look and I don't like shaving my face. So, I started growing at the same time I started using the supplement and it's coming in perfectly! I have a beard now I'm not ashamed of and will keep growing it out to see if I can produce some real fullness. I'm so excited that this product works, definitely give it a try if you're thinking about it.

    Wasn't sure at first, but this product works!

    I am middle aged man and was looking for a more natural product that would help with growing a healthier, thicker looking beard. I took a chance on Beard Grow XL even though I felt it was a bit pricey at $60 for a month supply. The pills are taken 3 per day and are an easy to swallow size (notice picture). Some nutritional facts which swayed me to try this product (see battle label pic) are as follows: BEARD GROW XL contains a plethora of vitamins besides the Beard Grow XL blend. Take the following examples: Biotin or B9 is useful for the prevention of hair loss and hair thinning. Pantothenic acid helps the adrenal gland, production of red blood cells. Folic acid helps the body produce and maintain new cells. Vitamins A helps the immune system and ones organs work properly. Vitamin C is great for lowering blood pressure, is an antioxidant, good for white blood cells, and memory among other things. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant and known to slow the aging process. MSM has multiple benefits including hair growth yet will take anywhere from a week to couple months to notice a big difference as your body needs time to absorb. Saw palmetto is known to prevent hair loss. Horsetail extract is known to treat brittle bones, hair, teeth, and nails. Choline is known to help maintain cells. Inositol is know to promote hair growth. PABA also called Bx is used for treating skin issues and also male infertility. Put these all together in an easy to swallow pill and it works!!! It took a couple weeks to start seeing a noticeable difference but the patchiness is all but gone and both my beard and facial skin feel softer. I would recommend the $2/day price tag if you are looking for noticeable improvements with your beard.

    A bit pricey but it works! A bit pricey but it works!

    So I’ve been looking for something to help with my facial hair... It’s embarrassing but mine grows in uneven patches and seemingly at different rates. Given the other reviews and popping up in “amazon’s choice”, I decided to give this product a try (fingers crossed).

    90 pills are suppose to last a month, so I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling the results in another 3-4 weeks. ????

    Follow Instructions > Expect Results

    Are you sick and tired of having a barren face without a speck of hair? Are you tired of having shallow amounts of hair where your sideburns and chin are? Want to sport a beard that makes you feel more masculine? Guess what? Your troubles are over because of a Delta Genesis product called Beard Grow XL.

    Beard Grow XL combines these 11 supplements that not only support hair growth, but they are also beneficial to your health
    --Vitamin A (supports bone health)
    --Vitamin C (good for your immune system)
    --Vitamin E (eye health)
    --Vitamin B1 (helps prevent complications in the brain)
    --Ribolflavin (breaks down carbs)
    --Niacin (good for the skin)
    --Vitamin B6 (good for combatting rheumatoid arthritis)
    --Folic acid (helps with the formation of red blood cells)
    --Vitamin B12 (helps with energy levels)
    --Biotin (benefits hair health)
    --Pantothenic acid (good for the heart)

    On the back of the bottle is a warning that this product is for adults only. And this cannot be stressed enough, please keep this product out of the reach of children.

    One of the key elements of masculinity is having a beard. So, get up and order a 90-capsule bottle of Beard Grow XL today. Your face will thank you for this purchase.

    Beard Grow XL is your answer to growing that beard you always wanted. Beard Grow XL is your answer to growing that beard you always wanted.

    Beard Grow XL --I thought I'd try it, and if it didn't work I have to return it --no sweat--
    but after a couple of weeks if taking these pills 3 (per day everyday) they're not going anywhere and I think I might get another bottle...
    my beard feels quite soft, smooth, and vital.. I think it's working and I'm pretty happy !!
    + the hair on my head, which I keep very short/shaved, is showing some extra life I think maybe this stuff works very well but I'm going to keep on taking it because it's made with a few vitamins, and that can't be bad !????
    Actually, quite a phenomenon, as I didn't think pills would have any effect --my grey beard may even be darkening a bit; I just knew that this stuff is doing something and these capsules are easy to take everyday..
    wonders never cease, so as I'm almost out of Beard Grow XL, I'm going to dive in and order another bottle because I'm thinking that there's going to be some more changes in the facial hair situation---
    thanks Amazon !

    Simple to take daily- watch out, Im getting results !

    My husband has wanted a beard for a while now he says it's the "in thing" .lol what he didnt know was how long And hard it would take to get a full-on beard. So after months of trying naturally with no success, we moved on to trying some other things for example, oils. And well those may or may it have helped. After that he was quite discouraged.( think he was expecting it to grow over night).lol It wasn't until i stumbled upon Beard Grow XL, that within 4 weeks his discouragement turned into excitement and he is hopeful again. It may be different depending on the person but for him we started seeing results within just 2 1/2 weeks! Excited to see the growth over time. Thank you beard growth! Your product is a working success for my husband just like promised.

    Really does WoRk!!

    These are the best vitamins for anyone out there who's looking to grow a thicker, longer beard or just improve their overall skin/hair health. I've noticed that my beard hair, and the hair on top of my head both seem fuller and healthier after using these supplements every morning. I didn't expect to notice any difference in my skin, since this is a beard growth supplement, but it seems to be getting clearer and less congested. That was a surprising plus!

    I think every appearance-conscious guy out there should give these vitamins a shot. There are no questionable ingredients or magical claims. This product simply provides an extra boost of those nutrients our bodies need to produce a healthy, thick, and good looking beard.


    I like my beard, I don't like how thin and dry it is. Because there's no mention of this being "the final solution," I assume that the user must continually take it and NEVER stop or else the product will stop working. I'm a simple guy, and I don't like to groom too much.

    I've read may positive reviews online about this product, so I'm genuinely optimistic about the outcome.

    The printing on the label is poor, which made me second guess the validity of the product, so I looked up reviews online, because a majority of them were glowing, I consumed the product. The company needs to produce a better logo and printing, to build the confidence of the consumer.

    It's expensive - 30 capsules in a container, 3x a day, is a bottle only for ten days, at $60 per container, you need to purchase 3 containers, that's $180 PM! ...times 12 months in a yr, $2160! PY! You're better care a lot about your beard! I'm on day two of using the product.

    This Might Work, but...

    Awesome product

    5 stars

    This product is essentially a multi-vitamin designed to help you grow out your man mane. If you are yearning to grow a fuller, thicker and manlier beard then look no further than this amazing product. I have been using it for the last 3 months and I have noticed nothing but stellar results. I have no side effects, only a nice thick mop on my face which helps attract the ladies. If you are lacking in this department, I highly recommend that you get this product. You will not be let down. The ladies will be glad you did. Thanks for reading.

    Awesome product Awesome product

    I've always been pretty ok in the facial hair department but have had one issue. It's always come in patchy and thin on my cheeks. Chin? Fine. Mustache? Great. Sideburns? Cool. But my cheeks? Like my 5 year old smeared dirt on my face. That is until I tried this stuff. Just a look at the ingredients list made me want to take it because it'd work pretty well just as a daily multivitamin but the results I got are even better than I thought. I can actually grow the man's beard I've been trying to since highschool and the timing couldn't be better because beards are in right now and women love the rugged look.

    Got a baseball beard? You know, 9 on each side? Check this out
to sum: This product brand is Delta Genesis The score is 4.3, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The rating is 4 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Nick Nolte The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 354. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Claudia Barba The score is 4.9, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 18, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. 8 in 1 MULTI-LINER TOOL - The Proprietary and innovative design of this Beard Shaping Tool gives the ability to draw MULTIPLE BEARD STYLES such as Curve or Straight cheek lines, extra clean Neck lines, Curve or Straight Goatee lines and perfect Sideburns. This Beard Liner also features a FULL SIZE BEARD COMB necessary to straighten your beard before starting to shave
  2. 1 MILLIMITER EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Beardclass Shaper Comb features a SUPER THIN 1 MILLIMETER EDGE all around. This innovative design allows to shape your beard lines more precisely and accurately than other shaping tools on the market. With this technology any razor, trimmer or clipper is able to easily slide along the edges
  3. FULLY TRANSPARENT - Beardclass Line Up Tool is fully transparent and allows to clearly see the hair underneath the tool while using it. This way there won't be any more room for mistakes, ZERO!
  4. 100% FREE GIFTS INCLUDED - Beardclass Shaper Template comes with awesome bonus gifts that complete the whole experience of use of the shaper: 1. BEARD SCISSORS to define your beard and get rid of those sturdy hair that sometimes seem to be impossible to control 2) MUSTACHE COMB very useful to organize also the hair of your beloved mustache 3) Beardclass KEY CHAIN. The Beard Scissors and the Mustache Comb have a combined Amazon value of 14.99$ and you're getting the, for FREE!!!
  5. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! - BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool is USA designed and combines all the features of similar shapers on the market. With only one tool you are able to fully take care of your beard. We use High Impact Quality PC Plastic. Our proprietary design includes a full size beard comb. No need to buy an extra one. We guarantee this product will last for a long, long time. However if for any reason, you are not happy with it, we will REFUND 100% of your money!!!
  6. I’m currently using this as a travel set. It has all the tools needed to shape and fine tune my beard, minus the conditioner/balm and trimmer. A must-have for anyone that understands the importance of accuracy when shaping a beard... and it even comes with a nifty little plastic bag that the smaller pieces can fit into!

    Good purchase... great set!

    I received the Beard Class Beard Shaping Tool on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 and I opened it and used it that night after work. I have tried to trim and shape my beard without anything and it never turned out quite right. With this amazing beard tool from Beard Class and sold by Leatherphill, my beard turned out amazing. I would highly recommend this product to beard men everywhere. It works very well and will make your beard look amazing. Thanks for an amazing product.

    Amazing Beard Shaping Tool Amazing Beard Shaping Tool

    I ordered this as a daily deal over the Holidays for my husband based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews and boy was I scammed. When it came in I laughed at how small the scissors and comb are, literally wallet sized. (Please see my photos. Yes that is a quarter). The comb is on a key chain!! My husband's fingers don't fit into the scissor holes but I tried to use them to help him trim his mustache and it won't even cut hair. The measuring tool is also very difficult to use, small and doesn't work for "every man's" face. Totally useless product. Waist of money, not worth the shipping costs to return. Please don't waist your money. Learn from my mistakes.
    Pro: good gag/joke gift??
    Con: Tool too small, design (tool difficult to handle), scissors too small and dont cut hair, comb too small, cost per value
    I do NOT recommend this product. Buy a ruler.

    What a joke!!! Save your money.

    This is a great product. For a first time use, it was very easy to use. I would recommend this %100!

    Very easy to use

    In a pinch, and due to the barber being booked, I needed to trim my beard and have it shaped nicely. This is a great product for those circumstances.

    It's a little awkward to hold with your non-dominant shaving hand, though my thoughts are that it will become easier as time goes on.

    Unfortunately, I have one drawback. While using the trimmer, it became unbalanced on the sink and fell onto our stone tiled bathroom floor. When the tool hit the floor, half of the trimmer broke off an shattered. Thank goodness it's not the shaping side I use.
    My only suggestion moving forward would be to use a composite rubber instead of a brittle plastic.
    The rubber would increase grip and conform to the face a bit better. A consistency that is rigid, yet pliable.

    Other than that. I love it. I use the product at least 2x week. It has saved me time and money in the long run!

    Great Accessory!

    My boyfriend uses this way more than I expected him to! I got it as a little gag gift for Christmas bc he’s always having trouble getting his beard even on both sides but to my surprise, he loves it and uses it all the time!

    Surprisingly super useful Surprisingly super useful

    I was talking with my wife while she was outlining her eyebrows and she was telling me how they actually have tools for doing that to speed up the time. I told her they need something like that for me to shape my beard not realizing that there is really something out there. The beard shaper comb is exactly what I was looking for and it delivered. For a reasonable price I have many flexible options from curve to a straight cheek lime or goatee line helps on my neck line and sideburns and back of the beard. I wish I would’ve came up with this idea and went on Shark Tank. I even got a little bonus with my beard shaper cone. Thank you beard shaper very smart and unique and classy way to shape my beard

    What a great Shark Tank idea

    Mi borther
    Found very helpful on his daily routine to look a good beard.

    ... very helpful on his daily routine to look a good beard.

    Received this product for my birthday. My wife knows how much I struggle all the time that I have to line up my beard on my own without going to the barber. Must say: this thing works!
    I loved the ease of use and the transparency of the tool that allows to see the skin underneath. Highly recommended!

    I loved the ease of use and the transparency of the ... I loved the ease of use and the transparency of the ... I loved the ease of use and the transparency of the ... I loved the ease of use and the transparency of the ...

    This is what you need to know!!!
    First point was nr 2 beard class my favorite angle.
    3 different beard shaping tools. 3 different angle:

    1 dr beard. close angle
    2 beard class. medium angle
    3 mane code. open angle

    This is what you need to know This is what you need to know
to sum: This product brand is BEARDCLASS The score is 4.5, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.The evaluation number of this product has already been 18, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Jaime Durán Barba The score is 3.8, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The evaluation number of this product has already been 27, and the reference value is very high. SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is O Boticario At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON
to sum: This product brand is Reyli The score is 2.5, it seems that the quality needs to be improved.The rating is 2 people, the heat is not high SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Shape and Groom your beard perfectly! Get a professional barber quality trim and shave using this grooming tool and your favorite razor or trimmer.
  2. Perfect symmetry: Using this shaping tool, you can get a perfectly symmetrical beard shape. No more double/triple checking in the mirror every time to adjust, now get the perfect clean shape every time easily.
  3. Multiple Styles and Shapes: The tool is designed to allow you to shape your cheek line, neck line, jaw line, moustache, goatee, sideburns and more.
  4. Beard Comb: The built in beard comb helps align the beard properly to shave/shape it correctly.
  5. Ideal gift for a man who loves his beard.
  6. Got this for my husband as an early father's day gift.
    He loves it!
    He loves he can use the pencil and follow the lines.
    Would buy for my dad and father in law too.
    Came in a hidden package so no one knows what your getting.
    Shipped fast
    Great price too

    Shipped fast Great price
to sum: This product brand is K-Beauty The score is 4.4, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 116. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON
  1. Aceite Para La Barba Natural Y Organico - Aceite Para Hacer Crecer La Barba Y El Vello Facial Mas Rapido - Tratamiento - 2 Onzas
to sum: This product brand is Aceite Para La Barba At present, there is no evaluation, can not make a product quality judgment SEE ON AMAZON

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