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  1. Color Coding
  2. Prioritization
  3. Autosave Option
  4. Read Notes Out Loud
  5. Take notes on your Android easily
  6. Jot down lists or reminders quickly
  7. Back-up and restore notes via SD Card
  8. List of diet meals and so much more!

    Item to remember!


    4 stars

    Work as expected


    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Banging is what this supplement is.

    Five Stars

    Been very helpful. Had a habit of making many notes of things-to-do but ALWAYS was forgetting the paper or lost it. Now I make list/notes & also share the famous "Honey Do List" for our weekend projects! Win Win & less Home Depot trips!

    Just a Quick Note!

    Take notes that automatically upload to your other devices. I often use this to jot down notes (grocery lists, books to get from the library, etc...) on my Mac laptop and then those same lists appear on my iPhone, ready to be referenced when I make an unexpected stop at the supermarket or the library.

    This app is very handy, even though I do find the formatting to be quite annoying, so it's not a good replacement for a Word-type of program if you want to write anything more formal than a list or some quick notes. Sometimes, bullet-point formatting is messy as well. This is my only gripe.

    Convenient for quick note-taking that will upload through wifi on multiple devices
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