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Kevin Michael Richardson

    Planet Hulk

    4 stars

    Planet Hulk is a great film especially on Blu-ray bought this off Amazon because Australia never released it and its also Region B not just Region A. Though the image of the Blu-ray is a bit deceptive I thought I was getting a green Blu-ray case cause of the green bit up top of slick also it says digital copy and special edition but the one i got didn't come with a digital copy and it only said special edition up top. Other than that its a great animated film, cant wait to read the comics of planet hulk.

    Planet Hulk
to sum: This product is hulk The score is 4.2, very good, and the quality of the product is also very good.This is a very good product. The number of people participating in the evaluation is 446. This is a very important reference data. SEE ON AMAZON

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