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  1. GET A TREMENDOUS VALUE TOOTHPICK SET of full 1000 bamboo toothpicks in 2 sets of 500, safely stored in a clear plastic lidded storage box! Save money on your wooden toothpicks purchase with a GREAT VALUE set of round wood toothpicks for countless purposes!
  2. THE PERFECT SET FOR YOUR DENTAL CARE! Quality-made from natural bamboo wood, these double-sided, splinter-free toothpicks will ensure your teeth are clean at all times, to save you visits to the dentist’s. Sturdy and durable, they are all you need for premium dental health.
  3. USE THEM IN 1000+1 PURPOSES! MontoPack round wooden toothpicks make a precious party accessory for all festive occasions. Use them as your cute cocktail or fancy party toothpicks, as your appetizer toothpicks, your olive toothpicks or the fruit toothpicks for the kids’ party!
  4. YOUR RELIABLE TRAVEL BUDDY! Safely stored in the toothpick holder with the lid, thesebamboo toothpicks are easily carried everywhere. Toss them into your backpack and take them with you on the refreshing day on the beach or the family picnic or the camping weekend!
  5. GET A QUALITY SET FOR HOME & PROFESSIONAL USE! You deserve a pack of natural, safe, durable toothpicks that do not break easily. And we are offering you the ultimate set of bamboo toothpicks in a plastic holder box for all your home, restaurant, café or hotel!
  6. Recently got back from Israel and forgot to replenish my toothpick supply since Israel's are the best I've ever used. Came back to the states, looked in King Sooper's, Sproutes, Wallgreens.. nothing that has both a double edges pick, AND is of high quality. Boo. So naturally I went looking on Amazon. I mostly found a single edged pick, the fancy brand, but that is so inefficient and haughty to me.. and FINALLY I found THIS product.
    It doesn't say it is Israeli, the photos are of a blank plastic case, BUT it IS the Israeli brand I wanted to buy and missed out on!
    HANAMAL toothpicks, highest of qualities.

    ... to replenish my toothpick supply since Israel's are the best I've ever used

    For a real bamboo toothpick, you can split it by bending it (the RH side in photo), and that is why I purchased bamboo toothpicks because my teeth space is small. But this product are not 100% bamboo, it mixed, after I used the whole box, I found only 30% are bamboo toothpicks, the others are the cheapest one , when you bend it, you broke it in half (as the LH side in photo).

    Not 100% banboo made

    After searching around, these seemed like the best value for toothpicks on amazon. They are okay quality, but do seem to have a slight chemical taste.. maybe it’s just the type of wood used. Also, the label is not in English, not that it bothered me. I would try a different brand next.

    They’re okay, I’d try another brand next

    This toothpick is not that good...

    There is weird sour flavor,taste and smell from the toothpicks. It is very annoying and disturbing whenever I open a bottle.
    Also the plastic bottle is very fragile they were broken already when I received the product and toothpicks were all over the place.

    Also the product photo is not exactly same as actual product. Actual product that I received had red label where as product photo is showing them clear plastic bottle without any labels.

    Be Aware!

    This toothpick is not that good.. This toothpick is not that good.. This toothpick is not that good..

    I'm a somewhat fidgety individual and so I use toothpicks in order to quell my constant movement. I had been buying grocery store bought toothpicks and would be done breaking them a part in less than a minute. My wife decided to order me a set. She was originally looking for a price point better than the grocery store in terms of quantity per unit.

    I have to say, I LOVE these picks. They last a good 10-15 minutes just chewing them normally and they have a solid quality build. For the price point, they are amazing. For food picking between teeth, they stay together for a good number of teeth. I would recommend them and I will continue to buy such a great set of picks.

    Solid toothpicks

    Liked the product but the fact that the holder was broken caused it to spill all over

    Good product but must be better packed

    Five Stars

    5 stars

    Perfect for cupcake toppers! All were a nice color and none had splinters

    Five Stars

    Oreo pokers

    5 stars

    We use these for dipping oreos! Lol Container comes with a hole up top to dole out one smooth durable toothpick that you can poke your oreos with. Enjoy.

    Oreo pokers
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